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Myra, know that your experience was a real reaction to the toxins in aspartame, and they may have accumulated with other toxins added to your food, drink, and medications. We are definitely polluted from every which-a-way these days, and when toxins fill our water, air, landfills, food, medications, and inoculations, well - what's left???

We can minimize the number of chemicals humans are exposed to by removing them from food manufacturing and lessening our dependencies on permanent medications, but we have gone so far down the wrong road, I fear we can't turn back easily. We will have to make some serious changes one day, no doubt. But for now, changes can be made one person at a time. You have now adopted those changes and are more aware of the dangers you had not been previously informed about.

In our nation of tabloids, talk shows, and real-tv - this topic and the harm it causes people, not to mention the money, isn't splashed all over the networks and front pages?  What's wrong with this picture?

And most doctors glaze over when you mention the toxins in diet sweeteners. This is scary! Time to spread the word, as you are doing. Keep up the good work, and never hesitate to share your experience to help another.


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Hi Dr Hull,I have just found this great site and in just a short time your site has confirmed many symptoms I have experienced over the years. I do not have sweet tooth but now and again my body craved for sugar,maybe a couple of times a year,and I would buy a bar of chocolate, eat a little and my energy would return the next day. 6 months ago after such a situation I purchased a packet of chocolate coated biscuits "Arnotts Tim Tams" and woke up at 1.30am with severe night cramps and locked muscles in the calf of my left leg.I have never experienced pain like it before.I very seldom ever visit a GP although on this occassion I did after finding that I was unable to walk more than 50 metres before the muscles in that calf  hardened and created pain.after resting for a few minutes the pain subsided and I was able to continue for another short distance.Being an active person and regular cyclist I was alarmed to say the least. My GP checked me out and then after finding no underlying causes recommended Indian tonic water.Apparantly the ingredient quinine being the reason, and if I didn't like that idea a product named "Calmag" a calcium supplement.After consuming 1 litre a day of the Indian tonic for a week the swelling in my calf subsided and the cramps dissapeared. Last week I  accepted a couple of fruit slices from a packet of so called natural sweets free of sugar and preservatives and all the rest.That night the cramps returned and after reading your article I have identified the causes in both the chocolate biscuits and the sweets.phenylalaline and asparatime.Other side effects were zig zag multi coloured frames in my vision increasing in size over a few minutes until they reached the peripherals and then dissapearing.No pain was associated with them although my vision was a little cross eyed for a few seconds during this event. My eysight is good for someone in their 64th year.
Since I have since refrained from eating these items I have not experienced any of the symptoms since. My diet has always been very simple. Fresh meat, vegetables and fruit,with the exception of citrus and acid tomatoes. My weight is not a problem 11 stone (70 kilos)for pretty well all of my adult life.
Seafood is a little limited as cooked prawns(shrimps) and lobster also cause an allergic reaction causing swelling and tingling of the mouth and lips,even fromsefood cooked in the same oil due to the preservative in the brine the catch is placed to prevent blackspot forming affecting the appearance before market.Antihystimine is the only way to treat the symptoms. Green fresh prawns and lobster are fine without the brine immersion.
Thanks for an honest and informative site protecting us from the greed and   misinformation of some of these so called respectable corporations.

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I'm wondering what type of symptoms might relate to excess caffeine intake and aspertame in the system?  Any opinions?  Thanks!


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When you reflect back on your experience, and then combine that with your training as a nurse, and then put those aside and look at your gut intuition and common sense as a nurse, can't you see how you really knew better by instinct, but the system you worked in sucked you in to the dependency of drugs and meds to fix something that could not be fixed. The more meds you took, the sicker you got, The more diet products you used, the sicker you got. More meds and more aspartame.

Think of all the people who do not have your nursing background - they are sheep to the wolves, and getting sicker and sicker. You have the knowledge to not only recover from this, but to educate the people you come into contact with. The medical community is rapidly becoming as antiquated on this topic as they were when they used to bleed people thinking it would rid their bodies of disease.

Remember when doctors would X-ray pregnant women to "see" the baby? Hello!

Times are changing, and the medical influences that you were exposed to as a nurse, are way, way, way off track.

Take your experience and turn it to the aid of others. You know more than some of the doctors wielding a scalpel do. Scary. Very, very scary.

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Over five years ago and 3-4 years previous I stopped drinking regular soda and stated drinking diet Coke instead. I don't recall getting headaches or leg pain, but by the end of a work day, I noticed that my testicles hurt.

Not having much trust with the modern day doctor, I started to look back at the foods and drink I was consuming and wondered what it could be that I am putting into my body which would cause such pain to my testicles?

I decided that I would stop drinking diet Coke and see if anything changed. After three days, nothing had changed. On the fourth day, at the end of work, taking the same ride back into town, when I would begin to feel the pain in my testicles, I noticed that the pain had not arrived that day.

After several days of pain-free testicles, I thought I would test my findings and drink diet Coke to see if that was the root cause or if it was pure coincidence. After two days of drinking diet Coke, the pain in my testicles had come back. Needles to say, I stopped drinking diet Coke.

Although I only commenced drinking diet Coke two days earlier, it still took 3 days for the pain to go away.

Ever since I figured out that aspartame was the cause of my testicular pain, I have not consumed any products containing aspartame or any other artificial sweeteners.
I am one of the few people I know that doesn't chew gum, and it pains me to see everyone I know poison themselves one stick at a time.

Joel C.

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Babbs55 - the research proving aspartame causes cancer comes as early as the 1970s. American studies have fallen off due to lack of funding, which is due to pressure from the Big Pharma investments. Bottom-line, it's just taboo to research the dangers of aspartame in the USA. But In Europe, they do what good science calls for, and the research is coming in daily proving what good scientists knew 30+ years ago - aspartame is a carcinogen.

Italian studies have proven over and over again that aspartame causes lymphoma and leukemia. Research in Spain, Greecer and the UK have proven it causes brain issues, and cancer.

So, no question about it, the research is there to prove aspartame is a carcinogen.

I have the original research studies available to download in my newsletter archives under Main Articles.

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myrawigley - I have a lot of RNs who contact me, interestingly. Y'all are on the front lines, no doubt, and you see sooooo much. Aspartame is a real toxin that is at the root of soooooo many misdiagnosed diseases syndromes. Sooooo many medications filter through your hands, and these are administered for symptoms that are aspartame related. Merely removing aspartame, and it is used in hospitals, is the one solution to ending sooooo many health questions. Many people who are hospitalized are reacting to these diet sweeteners, and if they were removed, their health issues can disappear, and at the very least, if the diet sweeteners are not the cause, removing them surfaces the true root of health issues.

It is soooo sad that aspartame toxicity isn't recognized within the medical community. It would save so much suffering for so many.

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PatB - you have brought up a very good point - until the danger of aspartame is recognized as the toxin that it truly is by the "powers that be", all we can do is share the truth with one another, one person at a time.

We used to bleed people to death, we used to X-ray pregnant women, we inoculate newbornes thinking this will make them strong, we feed off toxic chemicals thinking we will stay young, vital, and beautiful.

One day, this diet sweetener craze will be looked at as insanity of the human ego.

It's so off balance...I can't understand why people don't just wake-up!

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Hey Dr. Shull. This is new to me, but I am desperate. I am only 22 years old and a graduate student. Aside from being a second-year grad student and trying to plan a wedding at the current moment, my life is very high-stress in general because I am a very "Type A" person.  About 4 months ago, I started experiencing several serious health issues. I started having even more anxiety than normal and ended up going to the emergency room because I hyperventilated and my throat started closing up.  I have  had joint pain and what I believe to be sciatic nerve pain.  The worst part, however, has been my TMJ pain.  I have not been formally diagnosed with TMJ, but I wake up EVERY morning in extreme jaw pain without fail.  I have resorted to a diet that consists of mostly liquids and some soft foods. I am constantly irritable and moody and it, without doubt, is taking a toll on my interpersonal relationships. I have been using aspartame heavily for approximately 8 years in order to watch my weight for sports in highschool. I have cut back on the aspartame a little bit, and these symptoms have not subsided at all.  What is wrong with me? I feel like I am living in a 60-year-old's body. Please help if you can.  Thanks.

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Babbs55 - I thought I would add that you are on the right track, and if you walk it alone (well, without medical help or understanding, I mean) then join the club. We all have figured this out on our own, healed ourselves on our own, and taken the news of our recovery from aspartame poisoning to our docs who glaze over with no support. I can NOT figure out why this reality is so hard for the medical community to understand. It's brain science.

Here are some links to the original research done in Europe proving aspartame causes leukemia and lymphoma, brain lesions, and fetal deformities. This issue is real - oh, so real. … cancer.php … health.php … search.php … _study.php … _study.php … _spain.php … artame.php

There's more - hundreds of studies proving aspartame is a carcinogen, but this will get you started.

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kldavdsn - well, the aspartame use is the first thing that I would eliminate completely. Anytime these types of health symptoms are occurring and aspartame is used, I turn the spotlight on the aspartame. Remove this KNOWN toxin, and then see what remains as a concern. You MUST replace the nutrients a chemical diet robs from your body, so get on a good multi-vitamin, and one from the health market. Make sure it is a capsule or a green tablet. This is a sign that it is a quality vitamin. 

Then I would have a hair analysis done - but I hope your symptoms diminish with the things I have recommended. You could be low in lithium or germanium, chromium or zinc. So much could be out of whack because you have used aspartame during very vulnerable times - your late teens and early twenties when your hormones were setting up. Aspartame and Splenda have been proven in  lab studies to adversely affect hormones, and aspartame has been proven to damage the brain, so either way, you have had these chemicals inside you at very tender times.

Don't panic - celebrate! You have uncovered a toxin making you NOT yourself, and now you can restore your health and become your former self again. Once you remove the toxins, and restore the damage they have done, you should feel like yourself again.

Life is tough enough - take the toxins out of it that make it even tougher.

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hi my name is kazzy and I live in england I have been diognosed with menieres and was advised to avoid aspartamine and sugar free food and drinks but as you say its a mine field out there you have to read every label on sweet and savory when you tell people they listen then say well I have the drinks foods etc and am ok but are they.  Dr's and food manafactures don't want to know its a money based thing and alot of money would have to be spent to replace aspartame. Sorry I am digressing, since leaving off the dreaded toxin I have been well but last year I forgot when going on a diet and ate sugar free jelly and yoguet within a matter of weeks I started to feel ill and a really bad menieres attack, my speech was slurred my sight went, everything was spinning rotational my partner thought I'd had a stroke, I was sick when I got to the hospital and after a long wait in the waiting room all I was given was anti sickness pills and told to go home as I was having an attack in the consulting room and asked the Dr if I could wait until I felt better before I moved as I couldn't walk he told me No as there were other patients to see. He didn't even help me out of the room and everyone was looking at me as though I was drunk. We do need to fight this thing from both sides of the atlantic. Keep up the good work on this web site god bless you all.

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Yep,Aspartame is poison,as a diet soda drinker for many years(51 now) I thought stiff joints was due to age but after about a month off the stuff I feel twenty again, the difference in my joints (knees expecially) is more than dramatic,its like I just got new knees without the surgery. Pass it on tell your friends,I`m sure the soda company`s are well aware of this fact,you would think in modern society they would let the customers know but I guess the allmighty dollar wins again.

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After a overnight stay in a local hospital I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and amongst the things I was told to quit was Coca cola!not diet as I could never stand that but I've been guzzling about two litres of coke a day!!I tried a sugared water drink from K-mart about ten years but never bought another as it gave me a headache.
But about two months after drinking gatorade since christmas my wife brought home  a strawberry flavored water drink which I quickly became addicted too drinking eventually about 2 litres a day.This week I've started suffering from blurred vision in my left eye plus 'floaters' and flashes in my eye plus it aches,I also have headaches plus all kinds of weird leg cramps at night plus I've felt very 'angry' recently.Today I looked on google and found your website and the side effects many of which I have.
I also suffer from CLL and recently went out of remission but pre drinking the sugared water.I hope the blurry eyesight and floaters thing goes away...Grrrrrrrr I'm 60 this year and falling apart..other symptoms were a raging thirst plus I really craved candy and can't believe how different I've felt in such a sshort time that I've been drinking this stuff.I also write a weekly newspaper column about technology and I definately will be spreading the word about this dangerous stuff.

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mikebamy - when you think about it, the companies that make the sweeteners, also make the diet pills, the ED meds, the migraine medications, the anti-depressants, the ADHD meds...they make the initial drug that causes the landslide of problems and then they make the drugs prescribed for the side-effects, and they then advise (put pressure on) your doctors NOT to say anything about ditching the aspartame/sucralose. If you don't stop what's causing the problem, then you come back again and again to your doc, who writes you the prescriptions for all the meds they sell to counter the effects of the sweeteners.  (Not to mention the expense of all the lab tests they typically run that show NOTHING.) Whew. Vicious circle, huh???

Can you say SHEEP??????

If anyone uses diet sweeteners and health issues appear, or if chronic symptoms get worse, STOP THE ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS and see for yourself if your health concerns go away. THIS IS THE FIRST PLACE TO START, and any good doc should advise you to do this.

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bloodylimey - love the name, BTW.  Well, well, well and my, my, my, my. YOU need to ditch the fizz and get back to water. The side-effects you are experiencing are CLASSIC aspartame reactions, but, again, you are dehydrating your body and feeding it too much sugar and too many chemicals.

People are catching on to the dangers of these artificial chemicals, so many of the labels are not identifying the presence of these toxins for consumers to easily identify them. My guess is that your wife didn't know that she was buying sugar-free, and thought that she was doing the right thing.

Try to change your habits - if you drink 2 liters of water every day, imagine how good you will feel! You MUST replace these man-made pleasure drinks with what your body needs to stay young and healthy - water, fresh juices, and quality coffee and tea.

I heard you say to yourself that you just can't get 2 liters of water down everyday....add a teaspoon of liquid peppermint flavored chlorophyll to a liter of water, and you'll drink it down and want more. It is the blood of the plants used to create energy from the sun, so you'll feel energized, it leaves your breath fresh, it hydrates you, and it never grows tiresome. If you are going to be addicted to drinking 2 liters of anything -make it real water.

It'll lower that sugar craving, too. Your body is just out of natural fuel...turn this around now before scary heath symptoms take over.

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In May I started having episodes in the morning where I lose my balance and then go into a very confused, drowsie state for about 3 hours.    I actually ended up in a car accident with the first episode and was hospitalized.   I now have had a total of six episodes and they are coming more frequent.  I have had every test (MRI, EEG, CTs etc.) with no answers.   A friend told me about his episodes which were similar and that he stopped all diet drinks due to Aspartene.  I then got thinking that in May I had started drinking a lot Crystal Light ice tea.  I was looking for something different with low caffine and I was drinking about 4 16oz glasses a day.   As of last week I have stopped drinking it since after hearing my friends story I think that my body may be reacting to the Aspartene.    What do you think?

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Been off aspartame since 7/10/09. Received an E-mail about it the 7/9/09. Was reading about all the problems it causes and it sounded like me. I've had problems with my knees for about a year.  The Dr. kept saying I had a little arthritis and I was aggravating it so he'd give me a shot .  I had itching without a rash,irritabillity,depression, headaches, weight gain, ect. Two days after no aspartame I was walking with out a limp & pain in knee,no headaches ,no acid reflex pills every day and my list goes on.  I don't feel like I got one foot in the grave now. I really feel good.   All the money I've spent on going to the Dr.'s for help. If the President would get this posion off the market maybe people wouldn't be going to the Dr. so much. Sweet poision is probably most the cause.

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One of these days, our country's leadership will blow this issue out of the water. The downfall to this sweet justice will be the flood of lawsuits. This is what they want to avoid because the government admins in the past have known this truth about aspartame. How do you fix this issue????  They should just get these bottom-of-the-barrel products off the market, or at the very least, put the warning labels on these diet sweeteners.

But, if people keep buying them, they'll sell them.

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I have been reading everyone's posts and it has really hit home. I have used artificial sweeteners for years, thinking it would help me maintain a "healthy" weight.
Problem is it seems I have been gradually putting on weight! Five years ago I was diagnosed with DCIS a type of breast cancer, I was shocked because there has been no history of this in my family. Thankfully after surgery and radiation treatment I have been cancer free for 5 years. Well, about two years ago I started noticing joint pain, long story short the Dr.s can find no reason for it - must be in my mind. A year ago I ended up in the hospital with chest pain, after a CT scan they noticed nodules in my lungs but said it was just something to watch - nothing serious. Funny thing is they don't really know what it is. Never did figure out what caused the chest pain. The best part of this story is that I have stopped using the "diet" sweetners for about a 2 weeks now and I think I may have actually lost a little weight and feel less tense. I did have some problem sleeping but that has seemed to subside. The first week I thought I was getting the flu - stomach problems. I didn't realize, until I read your posts, that these thing could have been related to the sweetners. Time will tell - but I have great hopes for the future.

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Raven, you are heading in the right direction. Something is causing this, and finding the foreign chemicals that the body does not "eat as food" and removing them is the right place to begin recovery. You can't get well if the toxin causing this is still in your body, or if you are consuming it every day.

Good luck, and we wish you a Home Run!!!

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Dear Dr. Hull, This past Wednesday night I found your website and after reading much of it I believe you are saving my life. I am convinced I have aspartame poisoning. I am shocked to find at least 2 dozen symptoms coincident with your list. I am a 56 year old former teacher, now a librarian, who has been drinking diet coke, a store-brand variety, for many years (2 a day), and in the evening chew a pack of "Extra" peppermint gum instead of drinking or eating anything after dinner. In the past I've been relatively healthy, active, eat carefully and am absolutely not overweight, suffering only from seasonal allergies. In the past 3 months or so I have noticed so many changes: swollen eyes, blurred vision, light and noise sensitive, tinnitus, dizziness, confusion, anxiety/panic, palpitations, heavy chest, insomnia, pain in my face, terrible headaches and more.  I thought this might be what my old allergist had labeled as tension-fatigue syndrome, from a possible onslaught of seasonal allergies and mold, what he had treated me for years ago. So, my now primary care physician had prescribed 2 nasal sprays and told me to take advil. When that didn't help he sent me for a CT Scan to look for tumors: It has come back negative and my sinuses are actually clear! I'm to see an ENT a week from now. I kept thinking, why is this happening to me now? What is different about this Summer than others? In my environment nothing had changed. So whay did I need the 2 nasal sprays. The only thing I've changed is my soda - I switched from the store brand as the taste had changed to name-brand diet Coke, and I was drinking more of it and into the evening and chewing more gum as well. I had thought that the nasal sprays were making me dry and I was more thirsty. So I looked at the labels of everything I'd been ingesting: The ingredient that popped out at me was aspartame. It was even in the yogurt I'd been eating recently. I went on-line to read about aspartame and found your website. I was shocked! For someone who is generally informed about many things, I was clueless about this aspartame danger! Needless to say, I poured out the diet coke, threw out the pack of gum. Then I went on our library website and requested a copy of your book "Sweet Poison". I've read the whole thing and am more than angry by this outrageous fraud against so many innocents: uninformed consumers like me, children, and those yet to be born. I am well aware of corporate greed, but this is the worst of the worst. Thank you for all you have done to educate the public so far. I am feeling a little better after 4 days of not ingesting aspartame, but I believe I've a long way to go to feel really healthy again. Last night was the first time in a month when I didn't awaken every two hours with a clenched face and massive headache! I am looking forward to the day when I am symptom-free and will do anything I can to help educate others about this "Sweet Poison". Best regards, from ECM in MD

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What scientific research has been done to support the opinion that aspartame is a danger to ones health? Is there scientific proof that it causes all the symptoms claimed here? With so many adverse effects claimed here, it seems easy to find many people with symptoms. I am an aspartame user and would like to see the research. Thanks.

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Believe this information. It is real. Aspartame is harming children and babies. It harms the elderly. It is a dangerous food chemical, and the corporations have known about these dangers since the 1960s.

Please remember that a research scientist works in his or her lab because they love their work; their passion is science. When a research scientists sees their lab animals become deformed, ill, or harmed in any way, and even DEAD from aspartame, they are moved by that. They want to research farther. Deeper. Again and again. They want to tell the public what they have found. This issue IS REAL. Aspartame harms people, and here is just some of the proof.........

These are links to the original research done in Europe proving aspartame causes leukemia and lymphoma, brain lesions, and fetal deformities. On my websites at these links, I have provided the research files from the original research for you to download.

Re: Aspartame effects to me?

librarian1953 - keep up the good work. You are right on target and have hit the bulls-eye. Aspartame can create many health effects because it dissolves into a solution that penetrates into your brain. The brain is the control center for all body function, and when an invader has gotten in, anything can happen; and it does!!!

Stay well and set an example through your total recovery so others can see that aspartame is a true downer, and it WILL destroy your life!