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lockpin - believe what you have figured out! It's the aspartame. Sadly, it commonly causes ALL the symptoms your wife is suffering from, and sadly, the AMA and the mainstream media stations are told to stay clear of this topic. Big Business holds a leash on our country, and think of all the money to be made off people like your wife.

The best thing to do , and the cheaper route to take, is to stop buying the stuff, get it out of her system, and return to eating and drinking real food and drinks, and let her body at least for now, get the poisons out of her system so her body can operate normally. She has a brain toxic driving this bus, and it's making her sicker and sicker.

Have her return to eating and drinking real and natural foods, and see if in 6-weeks she begins to feel like her old self again. Then, you can reassess the situation and then you'll know if something else is going on.

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It's good that your doctors found nothing wrong. This tells me that something environmentally (a toxin) or chemicals in your foods or any medicines is causing this reaction. I would stop ALL the diet sweeteners and see if this improves. This is your best and cheapest route to take. You can figure this out and save time and money in doctors visits. Stop the diet stuff, and let us know your progress.

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Dear drjhull,

It's been about 8 days now that she has been off aspartame and it seems the side effects have dissipated SOMEWHAT. Still having headaches but not like before. She says her cramps are gone! Vision, she a problem but there is a change for the better.
I called Walmart and told them about my partners situation, asked if they would give my money back for their poison they sold me, I got it back. What gets me is that when we approached her doctor with this he chuckled, thought it was funny or something. I have read everything I could on aspartame but still do not quite understand it. I would like to know if one of the ingredients is actually methanol? Doctor said NO.

Thank you


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The problem with Aspartame is that it turns into Methanol at certain temperatures, +30C or 86F.  Bear in mind that normal body temp. is ~38C or ~98F.  The Military aparrently had problems with this when soldiers drank diet drinks that had been subject to high temps in Iraq, etc..  See Methanol Poisoning and note what it is broken down into in the body.  Also Methanol is an accumulative Poison and builds up in the body over time.  Unfortunately I was told about this years ago by my Brother(an industrial chemist), but dismissed it thinking that surely it wouldn't be allowed to be used if this was the case.  I am DISGUSTED and EMBARRASSED that it is, in fact, TRUE !!

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I have a feeling that Aspartame is the problem. I have been drinking diet coke of diet pepsi religiously since I gave up coke 30 years ago. I started drinking TAB of all things.
Now, at 62, I have horrible rage, dizziness,GERD, irritability, racing thoughts,arthritic symptoms and in the last year have developed ongoing anxiety. At first they thought it was Testosterone issues, and then we tried the antidepressant route. But antidepressants just make me feel drugged.
Recently, I have had a sort of epipheny, and started back doing TM, running and exercising, following a healthy diet, praying, but have not given up my 3  twenty oz diet cokes a day. I have limited caffeine "coffee" intake. But I think I did NOT want to give up the diet drinks, because I convinced myself that they could not be the problem.
Perhaps this is the problem. Should I just cold turkey the diet coke or gradually cut down. I just want to feel better!

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lockpin - your doctor sounds like a real prat and an arrogant one, too. Find another doctor; you're wasting your money. I have NO patience with any doctor who dishonors and disrespects his patients as your does. Plus, he is not informed on the dangers of aspartame, which confirms his arrogance. But his disregard for your welfare is inexcusable. Aspartame IS 10% methanol.

Thanks for your accurate post, morepower. Methanol breaks down into formaldehyde and formic acid, both used to preserve dead things.....

adarudz - yes, yes, and yes quit cold turkey; a poison is a poison is a poison. Get it out of your life ASAP, and if have become addicted to it, realize this as its own issue, too! It's nasty, nasty stuff with nothing good to offer you - NOTHING!

Pray a little more, go to more TM classes, exercise more, laugh in the sunshine more, walk the cat, garden, swim, bike, play more cards, enjoy the pleasures of living without these awful diet chemicals making us all apathetic, sick, depressed, tired, and hopeless.

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I have been a Diet Pepsi junkie for about 9 years after giving up coffee. At 48 I am in the best shape of my life. I work out, run, eat right and of course I suplement with Diet Pepsi 4-5 times a day.
I feel good, happy and healthy most of the time. However I have started smelling smoke most of the day. It sorta smells like cigarette smoke. I can only remember what that smells like because no one around me smokes. I did a quick search on the internet and found your site but can not find a thread that talks about this.
OK. I can quit the Diet drinks because I am strong willed. I just had the full physical and I am healthy as a horse. I do know I get headaches and have trouble getting going without the Diet Pepsi(I thought it was the caffeine). So what else will I encounter and is there anything to ease it. I guess I need to ditch the caffeine too but first things first.

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I think the aspartame finally caught up with you, and headaches are one of the more common side effects. I think it was affecting you more than you want to admit.

To understand this even better, keep researching the side-effects and the research behind aspartame. Learning why it is such a toxic chemical will help you justify that you do need to eliminate it from your life. Please do stop using it. It has no nutritious value, it is very toxic, and it will eventually end up harming your body more than you know.

In my opinion, natural caffeine isn't harmful to human health. I think caffeine has taken the hit and gotten bad press when it's the aspartame, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, and other toxic chemicals found alongside caffeine. I see nothing amiss with organic coffee, but I do see many things wrong with a starry-brand latte with more junk in it than people need to drink. We blame the caffeine as opposed to the 101 chemicals in that cup of latte.

And sodas - well, try blaming the carbonation, the food dyes, the corn syrup, and the diet chemicals before you blame the caffeine. And fault the amount of sodas you have been dumping into your body; waaaay out of proportion to any healthy drinking habits.

So, back up slowly and carefully dissect WHAT you have been doing and how much of it. Then search for the culprit to blame more accurately.

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Never in the history of mankind has there been so much misinformation about any
one topic. Nutrasweet has been associated with about everything any person could
encounter in every day life whether they consume nutrasweet or not.

I have consumed Nutrasweet containing products for over 33 years with no
health problems from it. HOWEVER, if I had consumed the equivalent amount of
sugar containing diet sodas(8-10 12oz. cans per day) my weight would be a problem.
I weigh about 5-10 pounds more now than I weighed when I was 18 years old.

Diet sodas are a far better option for maintaining weight than
sugar based drinks.

People please stop believing all the cr*p about Nutrasweet. It is propaganda dispersed by the sugar industry, I AM CERTAIN of it. The facts dont add up.

Let's consult Pubmed studies( so we can stop relying on he/she said stuff like I starting drinking 2 cans of aspartame soda per day and my insurance rates went up.

Concerning aspartame and weight gain: VERY UNLIKELY!

Physiological mechanisms mediating aspartame-induced satiety.
Hall WL, Millward DJ, Rogers PJ, Morgan LM.

Centre for Nutrition and Food Safety, School of Biomedical and Life Sciences, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, UK.

Aspartame has been previously shown to increase satiety. This study aimed to investigate a possible role for the satiety hormones cholecystokinin (CCK) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) in this effect. The effects of the constituents of aspartame, phenylalanine and aspartic acid, were also examined. Six subjects consumed an encapsulated preload consisting of either 400 mg aspartame, 176 mg aspartic acid+224 mg phenylalanine, or 400 mg corn flour (control), with 1.5 g paracetamol dissolved in 450 ml water to measure gastric emptying. A 1983-kJ liquid meal was consumed 60 min later. Plasma CCK, GLP-1, glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP), glucose, and insulin were measured over 0-120 min. Gastric emptying was measured from 0 to 60 min. Plasma GLP-1 concentrations decreased following the liquid meal (60-120 min) after both the aspartame and amino acids preloads (control, 2096.9 pmol/l min; aspartame, 536.6 pmol/l min; amino acids, 861.8 pmol/l min; incremental area under the curve [AUC] 60-120 min, P<.05). Desire to eat was reduced from 60 to 120 min following the amino acids preload (control, -337.1 mm min; aspartame, -505.4 mm min; amino acids, -1497.1 mm min; incremental AUC 60-120 min, P<.05). However, gastric emptying rates, plasma CCK, GIP, insulin, and glucose concentrations were unaffected. There was a correlation between the increase in plasma phenylalanine and decrease in desire to eat after the liquid meal following the constituent amino acids (r=-.9774, P=.004). In conclusion, it is unlikely that aspartame increases satiety via CCK- or GLP-1-mediated mechanisms, but small changes in circulating phenylalanine concentrations may influence appetite.

PMID: 12782208 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Effects of long-term ingestion of aspartame on hypothalamic neuropeptide Y, plasma leptin and body weight gain and composition.
Beck B, Burlet A, Max JP, Stricker-Krongrad A.

Centre de Recherches UHP/EA 3453, IFR no. 111, Syst

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Wow, what great posts and what incredible stories from each of you. Sadly, this is the reality we are all facing today - these toxic food chemicals are killing us. They are added to foods for the sole purpose of making more profit - they have no food value, and are so unnatural, they are now mutating our DNA. THAT'S scary!

You all have confirmed through your personal experiences that whenever aspartame is used, knowingly or by accident, you can "feel" the negative health reactions. All people should realize this, but most don't know any better, and most doctors don't know any better, either. It's the blind leading the blind, and in our country, there is no excuse for this.

The more diet products that are used, the more health effects occur. When the docs tell you it's stress or MS or Parkinson's causing your "mysterious" health symptoms, they put you through a battery of expensive tests and then addict you to meds, and you are led down the wrong road. It takes years to find your way back, and some people never do. They simply take their meds with another diet cola.

But, with more awareness and through Forums such as this, we CAN inform others. Whenever health symptoms occur, particularly ones that puzzle your doctor, and aspartame is used - always stop the aspartame and see if this is the root source of your health deterioration. As you all have attested to, the ASPARTAME was the common denominator.

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Babbs55 - YES, numerous researchers have proven aspartame causes cancer - many types of cancer. It was proven at Washington School of Medicine as early as the 1960s that aspartame ate HOLES in the brains of the lab mice; in the 1970s it caused the lab monkeys to all die of seizures, and in the 1980s, researchers proved aspartame lowered the IQ in a fetus by 20 points. THIS should have been front page news and kept aspartame off the market. It's still on the market today NOT because the research is wrong -but because the profits are just too big to give up. The politics of greed.

Your liver houses more blood than your heart, and when toxins are circulating throughout your bloodstream, they will deposit in the liver awaiting disposal. When toxins sit in the liver long enough, or when more toxins are ingested and the liver fills up with them, illness and cancer can occur. The formaldehyde in aspartame can cause many health problems, and the liver is not immune to its toxic effects. SOMETHING caused your cancer, and searching for that cause and removing it is the only way you can truly heal.

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I am not going to let people keep perpetuating these lies about aspartame.
AGAIN... I reiterate please base your decisions on studies not on anectdotes.

Here is one of the better informed webpages that does use studies to present both
sides of the story not just standard uninformed parroted stuff.

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Mike1961 - see ya! Banned. Have a nice life.

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Dear Dr Hull, I am very glad to have found your site, I am a type 1 Diabetic diagnosed in 1985 and around 5 years after that my doctors also concluded/suspected I had epilepsy as well. at the time I had been having nocturnal fits that didn't  seem to be related to my BSL , they did many tests hospital bound, neurological scans etc. that did not pick up any distortions. I had been (as a new diabetic) trying many 'sugar free' foods and drinks using 'equal' Nutrasweet, and others and my fits kept coming, my doctor after looking at a few studies suggested that I was allergic to these sweeteners causing my nocturnal epilepsy. The headaches are incredible, including dizziness depression aches in my legs, asthma and quit a few more of the symptoms described on your web page, I have tried to keep away from aspartame for years but as I have suspected (mainly because I still have such a fit every now and then) they don't reveal all additives in some products.
Anyway two weeks ago I was on a train heading to work when all of a sudden I woke up to the usual "do you know who you are?, where you are?" questionnaire strapped down on a stretcher being delivered to the local hospital. my doctors & diabetic educators felt I had a Low Blood Sugar, but I was not so sure,  checking the foods ingredients in my fridge and cupboard I found that for the last month I've been eating with my breakfast a brand of low fat yoghurt that also contains aspartame, this is what I feel caused this incident.
Telling the Diabetic Specialists this they did not believe Aspartame could do that, but we looked the Aspartame-Epilepsy links on the web and came up with your site, smile they were astounded at the number of symptoms some the have themselves, and they have also been recommending these sweeteners and foods to diabetics over the years, no, now they're sending info about your site to others and gp's, yay.

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I am so glad you posted your experience, and I am so glad that it has brought awareness to others, but I am so sorry that you had to suffer as you have suffered because of the political corruption behind this product. Allowing aspartame to remain on the market is a great injustice, and people like yourself have suffered needlessly at the hands of greed.

Aspartame is a very toxic substance and the research as early as the 1960s has proven this. Sadly, the profits rule over the safety of the consumer, but maybe one day, we will all be able to make a difference and get this sweet poison off the market.

I feel that from this point forward, you will be so much better off avoiding all aspartame. Also, make sure you have "negative aspartame reaction" posted on your medical records, and this will protect you in the future.

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I am so thankful that you have your website.  Now I have something to back me up when I tell people about aspartame and all the other names that it hides under.  Both my husband and I are effected by it.  My husbands Dr could not figure it out after extensive blood work and visits.  We finally gave up and just by chance figured it out ourselves.  We instantly know if we eat something that has it in it.  I get the dizziness and fatique and my husband gets the inner ear thing.  My husband was still having issues and we just figured out that our TOOTHPASTE has it in it.  Problem solved - changed to Tom's Organic.  Thanks again for all the information and I do get on my soap box when I see someone eating or drinking anything that would have it in it.  I'm sad to say tho that I think that it has had a bad side effect on my memory because I don't seem to remember things like I used to and it's not getting better!

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Consider having a hair analysis done because you may be low or depleted in the nutrients that feed the brain, like germanium. Explore how to fix this and don't stop until you find the reason this is happening and how to make this better. Go to and check it out.

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I'm a retired RN who had symptoms of double vision association with dizziness and inability to do anything until the episode passed.  I also have angioedema with swelling of my lips and hives and take Benadryl, 25 mg., at bedtime to control that problem.  Restless legs syndrome popped up a couple of years ago. 

My consumption of aspartame was HUGE!  Diet pop, Crystal Light drinks, sugar free jello twice a day and sugar free pudding almost daily.  I cooked with Splenda and rarely used sugar.  I cut out the diet pop because I wanted to get off pop in general a year ago.  Nothing really changed.  I began investigating aspartame and the side effects and I want to let you know what has happened since.

For the last three months I have avoided ALL aspartame that I have been aware of.  However, I found out it is in the bread that I was eating so that's gone from my diet, as well.

My double vision: gone.  Restless legs symptoms: gone.  I still take the Benadryl but I'm planning on coming off that also.  I feel better and my diabetic husband has begun detoxifying his body also. 

I now cook with regular sugar and we eat NOTHING with artificial sweetners.  His diabetes is well managed.

When I tell people about this, they look at me as though I am crazy and then they complain about a multitude of symptoms that their own doctors haven't been able to figure out. 

Keep trying to get the word out, Dr. Hull.  My son is a surgeon and I'm trying to educate him which is actually going pretty well.  My former husband is a gastroenterologist who is a heavy user of diet Pepsi and a multitude of problems that I find in the symptoms of aspartame poisoning.  I doubt he'll accept the diagnosis. 

Thank you for your work!  I feel so much better!!



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Dear Dr. Hull, my 20 y.o son has been in a mental health facility for the past 3 months.  He was diagnosed with anorexia 8 months ago after he dieted from 130 kg (sorry can't convert) to under half at 56 kg.  He is over 6ft tall.  He couldn't stop but also began to drink Pepsi Max at about the same time to try to 'fill his stomach', then he started to chew Extra gum, both contain aspartame here in Australia.  He had a 'psychotic episode' in May of this year after eating only these two products for days on end!!  I even bought it for him because I was so desperate for him to have SOME fluid!!  I knew vaguely of the dangers but it was when he began to eat BOXES of the fruit flavored gum that I looked on the packet and 'clicked'.  He is now in hospital again after once again consuming huge amounts of the stuff.  He improved for a while when I kept him off it but that became very hard when it is in EVERY shop and blatantly pushed into your face. I warned him constantly but short of sitting on him there is no way to stop him from getting  the stuff.  So here we are 3 months down the track and he gets it in the hospital, find boxes and bottles in his bin despite his 'ban', and he can access it in a drink dispenser machine 2 floors down.  The medical staff is half listening to me or maybe humoring me, who knows but until a week ago I did not realize it was in his medication, a sweetened oral anti-psychotic that he has been having since being admitted!!  This has now stopped.  Please help me, don't know where to go or what I can do? Thanks.

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Sue, oh my.... In the States, I would scream to the highest level of authority and threaten to bring legal action against the hospital if they keep giving this to him. I do not know if that holds any clout in Australia. There is enough research showing aspartame's harmful affects that it would hold up in a courtroom. Especially if you can show a before and after response when he stops using the stuff. I would take him out of there, control this at home the best that you can, and do everything that you can to save him despite the odds against this situation. I would go to the newspapers, the government watchdog agencies that are in place to help, and to a lawyer.

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I drink a lot of Diet Cola on a daily basis, especially during the last 14 years. I am 64 years old.
About two months I began to notice  my taste buds have 'changed'. I seem to be losing my sense of taste. Is that possible?
Can diet soda do that?

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I think eating and drinking chemicals can desensitize your taste buds. Digestive enzymes begin production in the mouth, and diet chemicals stifle their production, too. So digestion is off, pH is off, blood sugar metabolism is off, taste buds are numbed - I'd say you are correct.

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Does Aspartame cause dry eyes and contribute to cataract formation?  I developed very dry eyes about 4 years ago, after being a diet sprite drinker for many years.  After reaching my 40s, my metabolism changed some, and as I am a very petite woman, I had to make changes to my eating habits to keep pounds off, so eliminating Coke Classic to a clear diet drink was one of the steps I took to cut calories.  I've been a regular consumer ever since, about 20 years.

About 4 years ago, my eyes became very, very dry and painful.  Then in the next year, my vision changed almost overnight.  From 1 visit to another, I had developed full cataracts, but my eye doctor wouldn't remove them because at the same time, I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid with all the symptoms, nervousness, rapid heart rhythms, pounding in my ears, emotional mood swings, inability to sleep, complete fatigue and total psychosis from sleep deprivation.  The thyroid meds immediately dropped the overactive rate to underactive, but the symptoms didn't go away, and other tests were done.  The endocronologist chalked it up to panic attacks, but I knew it wasn't that, but I didn't know what it was.  It's been nearly 1-1/2 years.  I finally did some research on the internet and found through the Mayo Clinic Research Library's web site a referral to Google and Aspartame, and thus to your web site.  I've been reading and reading.  I took some info back to my endocronologist on my last visit (I saw the PA on that visit), and showed him some of the print material, but he didn't seem to think it was relevant, but he said that in my case, we should certainly try it and see how it worked for me.  I had already eliminated the meds and the diet drinks and equal in my coffee for about 4 days when I saw him.  Now it has been about 20 days, and I'm feeling better some days, and on other days, it's not so good.  Mostly, I have a thirst that I cannot quench with water, but I just keep on drinking it. 

Because I've been so sleep deprived for so long, there are some days when I sleep all day, and then there are some days and nights that I can't sleep at all.  I just sleep when my body has to right now.  I think my eyes are some better.  I have also had constant sinus infections for years due to allergies and I'm now using some inhaled nebulized medication that I hope will clear it up as I think that Aspartame has played a part in keeping these problems ongoing for all these years.

I didn't realize that all these problems could be traced to Aspartame until I started researching it, but I'm just about 3 weeks into abstenance, and grateful that I'm not suffering any serious withdrawal issues and taking it day by day.  I have read your recommendations about the vitamins and think that I should get some of your recommendations to help with the elimination of the buildup of the many years of toxins in my body and also to help strengthen my skin some.

I'm anxious to see what 60 days "sobriety" will do for me, but because I've used Aspartame for so long, I expect it will take several months for all of it to be out of my system.


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I am new to this site. I was reading Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau. When I came to college, I started drinking diet drinks, and within the last couple years, I have been dealing with depression and anxiety. I drink 1 or 2 sodas a day. My doctor put me on an anti-depressant, and I don't want to be on them forever. I think that aspertame may be a contributor to my depression. I also am tired often and have tight muscles frequently, headaches, etc. I have heard that diet pop was bad for me, but refused to listen. I know I should give a try. I just love carbonated drinks so it will be difficult! Dr. Hull, how often have you seen aspertame correlated to depression and anxiety?

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Dr.....I am diabetic and have been drinking Wyler's Light for about a year....I was diagnosed with Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) on my right side and had MRI done and Dr had me do physical therapy...I now have similar problem
in my left arm...I do not believe this is AC.......could this be a side effect of the Aspartame in the Wyler's Light.