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I know, not aspartame, but google led me here when looking at Ace-K symptoms.

So, for the last two to three years I've been getting these attacks, usually about 3 to 4 times a week. They mimicked a heart attack. Chest would get tight and spread though both arms, neck and lower jaw. Very excruciating pain. Several minutes later I would belch and all would be fine again. These attacks happened more on the weekends but happened during the week as well. All the Doctors I saw always, almost automatically, said Acid Reflux. I have been on Zegrid for two years now and it did not stop the attacks (though it did lessen them).

I have now been attack free for almost two weeks. When I realized I hadn't had one in a while I looked back to see what had changed in my life since then.

Normally, till a week and a half ago, my weekday routine was to make a cup of instant coffee for the ride in to work. Weekends I would have more.

Weekend before last we bought one of those K-Cup coffee makers and I haven't had instant since. I haven't had one of my attacks either.

I don't know for sure this is resolved, but I'm optimistic.

So my question is, can Ace-K cause this type of attack where it's almost feeling like a heart attack? Or should I be looking for something else?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, this is definitely connected to something you were doing before you switched your coffee routine. I would focus on that as the culprit since these symptoms stopped once you changed your routine. Yes, Ace-k is a chemical sweetener that research shows can cause cancer in lab animals. It doesn't get much publicity, but it isn't a safe sweetener. Something in your instant brew was triggering this, and now that it is gone, I'd dig into what was in that past cup of coffee. Was Ace-K the only ting that was toxic in it? Aluminum? MSG? Food colorings?

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I will definitely check the jar when I get home.

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I find it interesting how the manufacturers do not let you easily know when diet chemicals, or any food chemical actually, is included in a food product they are selling you. Especially a chemical like ace-k or aspartame that is under so much scrutiny. It seems they know these chemicals are toxic, add them anyway, and hope no one figures it out. This signals to me that this is a premeditated trick. They are making money and would rather make a buck than produce a quality product.