Topic: still stumped about "healthy" water!

After reading some posts, I now know drinks like Gatorade & Propel should be avoided because of the sucralose & that plain water is the better choice.  However, what about Gatorade's claim that it contains electrolytes which you can't get from water?  I'm actually not even sure what 'electrolytes' are smile, but I was on a long hike with a friend who was 'bonking' while drinking water the whole way.  As soon as he drank some Gatorade he felt much better and was able to continue on, so it seems there's something in the Gatorade that gave him the extra energy.

Also, as to Vitamin Water, I love it, but I've heard that it has something like ten teaspoons of sugar in it??  I understand "regular" sugar is preferred over all these chemical sweeteners, but that much can't possibly be good!

Thanks for any help & info!

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Hey verbatim and welcome to the forum! Dr. Hull recently wrote an article about this topic. Check it out below: … waters.php

- Andy

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Hi, Andy -
I actually had read that article before I posted.  After reading it, I still had the questions about all the sugar in Vitamin Water (which the article seemed to suggest was a good option) and also about how to replace electrolytes during & after a workout, like Gatorade claims to do.

Any suggestions?

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verbatim - great comments. Electrolytes are the nutrients that service the cardiovascular system, primarily. They keep the heart rate balanced, which in turn keeps the oxygen levels in your blood and body maximized. This is why electrolytes are good for exercising and long-term programs like hiking, biking or running. The primary electrolytes are potassium, magnesium and sodium. When the body is needing some O2 and vitamin fuel, these elements are the primary key. And the original Gatorade had high amounts of potassium and sodium necessary for athletes. It is also great to drink when outdoors in the heat because of the sodium. The newer forms of Gatorade have more than these good ingredients -they now have toxic chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Shame on them! They ruined a good thing.

Any electrolyte product is great to use when active and/or in the heat. Those with the food colorings, artificial sweeteners and other chemical preservatives, nonetheless, are not the healthy choices, so select ones that are more natural with the fewer chemical ingredients.

The Vitamin Water does not have too much sugar in it, in my opinion. I would rather see someone grab a Vitamin Water than a cola - sugar-free or regular. But you have brought up another good point - SUGAR IS NOT THE ISSUE most of the time. The issue is how many "sodas" does one drink in one day? This is the true issue. If you are outside pumping your body hard by staying active, a natural vitamin drink with complex sugars will do you less harm than a drink loaded with toxins that are known to cause cancer.

Hum - something to think about on your next long hike! You are walking in the right direction, though!

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So it's okay to drink something like Glaceau's vitamin water? (I've found those taste really good - especially compared to gatorate which is a bit salty because of the electrolytes).

And if you're desperate for flavored water - I found a couple recipes for sports drinks (the last one has sugar in it but the others don't) so you can drink those 6-8 glasses a day! … rts-drink/

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Hey, thanks. I still like the chlorophyll in my water, but I use the Vitamin Water - it is great and takes the place of Gatorade in the hot Arizona sun.

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One thing you have to watch is that you so called healthy drinks do not contain HFCS high fructose corn syrup .  It has been shown to cause the Metabolic syndrome which is High Blood Presure, High Cholesterol and Non-insuline dependant Diabetes.  Fructose without glucose is a bad thing.  Body treats fructose like a fat.

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I have a good rule-of-thumb: if you don't give it to your cat or dog to eat or drink, don't eat or drink it yourself.

We  all get overwhelmed with the 10,000 chemicals and processed "foodstuffs" inserted into our foods, and yes, I agree, robbie_health, HFCS is not a healthy food additive and it is something no animal (maybe a pig) eats for nutrition. It is a man-made concoction to fill foods and extend shelf-life. It is NOT a food that nature intended for any of us to consume. Its presence on our food supply has gone unnoticed for far too long, and it's time to stop consuming it, no doubt.

Drink water, water, water - that's all any animal should drink to stay healthy.