Topic: 20 years of Diet Coke

I started drinking Diet Coke over 20 years ago and recently quit about 5 months ago. I drank Diet Coke like water from the time I was about 12 until my 34 birthday. I decided to finally give it up after spending the entire day at a yoga retreat. The last five months have been difficult. I gave up caffeine along with the Diet Coke. I assumed I would have more energy as soon as the first month or two passed. All I have discovered is what I have subconsciously known for years. The Diet Coke and caffeine eventually numbed my original frustrations that started many years ago. Now I am faced head on with the damage.

When I was a teenager I started getting dizzy spells. No doctor could find anything wrong. I visited several different doctor's and in my heart I knew something was wrong, yet they all seemed to think it was in my head. Since then, I have been told it is possible I have a swinging thyroid as I tend to go from one spectrum to the other. Still, no one can give me a firm answer so I stopped trying years ago. I also have suffered from mild depression on and off since I started drinking Diet Coke. Nothing is wrong in my life, I get upset because I have trouble concentrating and focusing. Despite that, I maintained almost straight A's all the way through college. Now in my thirties, I have trouble learning new things or remembering things I used to know. I was once concerned bright, bubbly, radiant and full of life. I would not use these words to describe myself now.

My parents fed me a healthy diet and outside of the Diet Coke I am a very healthy person. Lots of fruits vegetables, no red meat, exercise every day and do lots of yoga. I have been this way my whole life. I am afraid I will never regain my intellect, energy and general love for life. If you have an advice I would love to hear it.

Thank you.

Re: 20 years of Diet Coke

Don't give up so quick, the body has supernatural powers of recuperation. You have been hopped up on a stimulant for 20 years, allow a year and a half to detox. Your mental capacity should return slowly. Meanwhile, GET POLITICALLY ACTIVE!

You are the victim of a crime, that of slow poisoning. This can be your Come to Jesus moment, because you see how unregulated corporations have free reign to lie to consumers and poison them all for the sake of profit. You should find some healing in being a crusader against Aspartame® and other food toxins.

Re: 20 years of Diet Coke

Well put, Gnarlodious. This is a hard way for people to "get it", but the only way when they manipulate the truth as they do. All for money, too.

Re: 20 years of Diet Coke

A while back, Dr. Hull wrote an article "advertisers aren't nutritionists." I think if people see something advertised on tv or in a mainstream magazine, they believe it to be credible. If diet coke is advertised on, say, the Olympics, then people must think it's healthy, right?

Marketing can sell the most dangerous toxin as safe, and this is one of the biggest issues I see with aspartame. People think it's safe because the ads are still promoting it.

Dig deeper into why, and you realize the companies that make and sell diet sweeteners are the pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs to counter aspartame's side effects, and they own the media. Not very many people put this together.