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I've been drinking diet Dr. Pepper since the mid 70's.  I drank the saccharine laced DP and now the aspartame stuff.  I have half heartedly tried several times to quit.  I read Sweet Poison several years ago and know the ramifications of consuming aspartame.  I have several health issues that may or may not be from it so you'd think I'd be successful in my efforts to quit.  Not so.  I really committed to doing it a few months ago.  I made it almost 3 weeks until life stressors overwhelmed me and I started drinking it again.  I don't like water.  Drinking the same amount of water vs. DP makes me feel bloated as well.  I don't like coffee or teas.  Juices and milk are calorie laden as of course, are "high octane" sodas.  I'm a post thyroid cancer patient and losing weight is a veritable Mt. Everest for me anyway.  I gained weight when I quit.  During that time I was consumed by the yearning for a Dr. Pepper.  I imagine it was nearly as severe as a drug addict or alcoholic.  I thought about it constantly until life steamrolled me again.  I just couldn't deal with it all so started drinking it again.  At first it was just 2 cans a day, eagerly awaited.  Now I'm back to 4-6 cans a day.  I can't say I felt any better physically or mentally when I was off of it but then I've been consuming aspartame for over 30 years so 3 weeks is nothing I suppose.

Is there *anything* that I can do to suppress that physical, mental yearning for Dr. Pepper so that I can quit?  Thanks for your tireless work exposing the nefarious underbelly of the FDA, pharma, Monsanto, and other greed laden entities.

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CoffeeBean, welcome to the forum.  I can relate to what you are experiencing with the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  I too was addicted to Coke Cola during the 1970’s and 1980’s besides drinking large quantities of coffee during work.  During weekends and away from the coffee I would develop severe headaches from caffeine withdrawal.  As soon as I would have a cup of coffee or one coke it would go away.  Usually these headaches would only last a couple of hours and that is the way I eventually got away from all the Cokes and large volumes of coffee, just endure.  Over time they just got fewer and fewer.  Now I can enjoy an occasional Coke and not worry about tomorrow.  I even have a couple cups of coffee, almost on a daily basis, and don’t have the headaches when I have none.

I have heard many people say “I don’t like water, it has not taste”.  To this I must dispute that GOOD water does have a taste and to this I will include well water to the top of the list.  NOW, city water also has a taste and to that I say “DAMN that is bad stuff”.  I have yet to find any municipal water supply that is palatable.  What is it about water that you do not like?  Is it the absence of “flavor”, just add a flavor that you like.

The most important thing for you to do is really get off the artificial sweeteners, they are really killers and you won’t like (as you are finding out) the many symptoms.  What you should consider is getting a hair analysis to see what else is contributing to your ill health and then go from there.  Soft drinks in themselves will do you no good, they are not the same soft drinks I grew up on back in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  in addition to the Cokes I used to love the taste of Pepsi but during the past 15 years if I drink two or more (as well as Dr. Pepper) my stomach just does a “flip flop” and goes South.  They have put something in there that just does not agree with me.  In any case I have basically gone off soft drinks in general and just drink hot/iced tea, coffee, milk and plain water with water being the best for you.

As far as a “suppression” idea that may be where the hair analysis comes in.  Your body may be holding onto something that causes the cravings, the diet/artificial sweeteners will cause that as well.

Good luck in your quest, the answers are out there.  Some will come from within.


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CoffeeBean, I answered your other post. PatB, good reply.

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CoffeeBean, you really do have to treat your addiction to diet chemicals like you were addicted to cigs, booze, or drugs - you must address the addiction and work, both physically and emotionally, to get out of this. Withdrawals are hard period. Some people are addicted to food and are are fat. Some to drugs, and remain stressed and depressed. Some to booze, and remain a slave.

Read the AA book, go to counseling, substitute your addiction with a healthy habit like gardening or exercise. Admit this is an issue for you - that's the first place to start.