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In the April 2012 issue of the Newsletter, Q & A with Dr. Hull.
Your thought on the “Earth Expansion Theory” are fantastic. … Video.html
I have been picking up subjects for the past year that would add to the theory.  Just a few months back I was reading (don’t remember where) that the Gulf of Mexico may be an ancient caldera.   Last year I got an e-mail about a potential investment in an oil stock which described a theory about oil being replenished naturally by/at the earth’s core, (pretty cool idea).  An exhaustible natural resource, ridicules.
Link to this story,

I listened to your radio broadcast from July 22, 2011 and learned a lot about Florida and the entire gulf coast that I’m sure not too many know about its ancient history.  Looking at the graphic on the site indicate or looks like a virtual “pin cushion” with all the oil wells in the northern gulf area.  With what you were saying I’m sure that area would be a terrific weak point with any expansion of the crust. The above link is one of those oil wells know as Eugene Island about 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana. The theory of the inexhaustible oil source has, supposedly, been proven all round the world in all oil producing areas where the wells had slowed down production only to increase production at a later date.

In any case I really enjoyed the radio show and would love to learn more about your theories.  You should develop a “forum” on this subject.  I’m sure there would be a great deal of interest.


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PatB - wow. Thanks so much for the feedback. This is the "other side" of my work. I guess you can say I am an expose scientist - aspartame, the Earth changes, and, yes, the Expansion Theory. I have a new book on the "runway" about the present Earth changes, and once that is in publication, I will begin on this new research, which is really based on old theories we have discarded due to our ignorance and lack of encouraging our global "expanding knowledge." This link and info will be wonderful for my research. I'll keep you informed on this work, and your feedback will keep me energized. Thank you!

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This subject really intrigues me and I look forward to reading the new book when published, please let us know when it hits the shelves.

Doing a little searching I find two books that have similar names, one by you and the other by just Janet Hull, 2006.  The one referenced to you is, no date:
Move Onto The Highest Mountains, A Guide To The Upcoming Polar Shift.

The other referenced to Janet Hull, 2006 is:
Move Onto The Highest Mountain, A Theory of Species Extinction and Climate Changes.

If both are written by you are they both still available and in print?  I would love to read both while waiting for the new one.  I have been unable to locate any listed for sale on any source,, Barnes&, Books-A-Million


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Same book, both by me, my agent changed the title. Where did you find these titles, PatB? I queried the book a few years back, but dropped the ball. It's out for query with my agent now. The internet is an interesting thing - nothing is hidden, is it?

I am waiting to hear some news - patience is hard but the publishing business is very slow. I surely hope it gets interest before things get worse, globally. The Earth is definitely heating up!! I've got to say, though, my agent is awesome, so claws crossed we get this moving soon.

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You would think with about 80 volcanoes firing off and earthquakes in Texas now - uh, what are they waiting for??? Hurry up guys. Someone needs to get a book out there telling us what's ahead and then, what to do to prepare. I tell you, this country is so dumbed down now - there is such a lack of good information - people are clueless. I just don't want to be one of those who believes they want us sheep. But gosh, there isn't a lot of quality books out there, and our schools are crap-ola.

I hope it gets published soon!

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Thanks PatB and nash. If we start NOW to prepare for Earth changes, it's actually almost too late. People do not realize, or do not want to admit, that the Earth is never going to be like it used to be. The Earth is changing, and things are going to be different in our future. We simply have to change with it. That's what we are NOT doing. Oil, gas, developments, roads - these are things of the past. We have not moved ahead in step with the Earth. That's our downfall.

Here's an excerpt from the book:

The Earth is changing today and in dramatic ways. But, drastically changing weather patterns, increases in powerful earthquakes, the rise in tsunamis and global flooding, astonishing volcanic eruptions, and powerful tornadoes seem to inconvenience us more than stimulate our understanding of unpredictable Earth processes. Many disbelieve when faced with grave and imminent danger or a catastrophe.  We tend to focus on the actual phenomenon occurring and go into a powerful state of denial instead of taking evasive action and following our instincts.  We must realize that we cannot stop major Earth events, so in order to survive as a species, we must change the way we look at them.

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Move Onto The Highest Mountain, A Theory of Species Extinction and Climate Changes, I found referenced at: … AjAAAACAAJ

With a Google search on the title it also showed up at ,  and showed “not available”.

Move Onto The Highest Mountains, A Guide To The Upcoming Polar Shift  I found at:

Also found at:   (love the picture)

Is this the book you are currently getting published or was it published in 2006 and the name changed?

Every listing I find it shows unavailable, is it still in print, (unless yet to be published)?

You mention the drastic changes in weather.  I am constantly aware of these changes in the mid west and north east and each winter and summer in Florida.  Each year they seem worse in each area, except for the Florida winters.  We have our “roller coaster” winters and some below freezes but the summers are really “killers” the past few years.   Elsewhere on the forum you mentioned HAARP, could this be the or one of the reasons for the unprecedented weather changes?  In my 70 years I have never seen the powerful tornadoes through the mid west that have been occurring in recent years.  They are totally unbelievable and totally destructive.  As I mentioned before “we, the human race” is our own worst enemy, as far as our survivability goes.  The human demand for power is the worst trait I can think of and it will be our demise.   For some reason we just stay in the proverbial rut of “money and power” rather than progressing with our knowledge.  “Money and Power” or better known as “Who can destroy who first and worst”.


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Wow, I never knew any of this was out there. Well, the Linked In I did, but I am too busy to stay up Linked In. I know it's a great network, but who has the time????? I did a radio with Jeff Rense about my Earth Science work. I didn't realize he had something posted. Jeff has great shows - he's very good and on his game.

The picture was taken a few months ago out on my wildlife preserve. I had the new book originally titled "...Mountains" taken from this quote:

“Water is a purifying agent, cleansing all that is impure.
One day, water will cover the Earth, killing many things.
This will happen one day soon,
so we must move onto the highest mountains to survive.”
- Ancient American Indians, written in 540 A.D

My agents renamed it "As The World Turns" - I LOVE it, and never would have thought of something so clever. That's what good agents are for. I am lucky to have them.

Re: Earth Expansion Theory, Newsletter April 2012

PS, PatB - yes, HAARP and the chemtrails are trying to prevent the inevitable - global warming by the Sun and the Earth changes that we really have NO POWER over. Humans societies are arrogant, and we have put a price tag on this planet (also a chapter in the book). We cannot own it, we cannot control it, and we cannot change cosmic cycles that are here. Our planet will never be the same, we can never go backwards, and we cannot keep the status quo.

Sadly, we are too stubborn to realize this. We will be responsible for our own fate - and as long as we push hard against nature, we will lose.


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Such an interesting subject.  Researching this subject a whole lot of “nut cases” just jump right in to the meat of the matter.  There is so much about the government attempting to cover up a volcano and use the BP oil spill as a cover-up, associated ?????

More interesting news (1989), David B. Prior describes “volcanic” type activity from stories as old as 1906. … ntent;col1

13 May 2004 asphalt flowing from volcano vent in Gulf of Mexico. … vered.html

19 June 2010 Gilbert Eriksen (???) Gulf of Mexico Land Masses to Arise.  Question marks for Eriksen, nut case????? … aking-out/

15 January, 1856 (date is correct 1856), volcano eruption in Arkansas. … 1266877308

additional information where the link to Arkansas came. … pic=221148


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Sadly, the USGS adjusts the original seismic readings, too. On June 3, 2012, Argentina had 3 earthquakes - the first was a 4.9, and the second and third were both 6.6, which are big. All three occurred within a few hours of one another. After less than 30 minutes after each quake, USGS lowered the magnitudes to 4.5, 6.2, and 6.4. To me, the initial seismic reading is the most accurate. I don't see how "humans" can know how to accurately readjust them, especially lower.


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Going a bit off topic of this forum but following my previous post of global events and our blessed Mother Earth.  I just finished watching a show on TV called Globe Trekker that visited the famous and infamous volcanoes of today and our near and ancient past.  It always amazes me when watching the active volcanoes the amount of life (human) that lives in the shadows of these extremely powerful forces.

The most awesome one that was on the show was Mount Yasur which is located on the island of Tanna in the nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific northeast of Australia.  This one is still very active and has been for at least the past 800 years.  It is said that the glow from this volcano attracted Captain Cook on his voyage to the islands in 1774.

I received an e-mail a couple weeks back of photos from the ISS taken by Colonel Douglas Wheelock during his tour aboard the station.  Here is a link to the shots that were included in the mail. … -wheelock/
Photos number 4 and 14 of Isle Juan de Nova in the Mozambique Channel and Ayers Rock in Australia.  I was most impressed with Ayers Rock and how it may have been formed.  It is of sedimentary rock formation and at one time part of the earth’s crust.  I have found various descriptions of its size and overall depth ranging from 1.5 miles deep to 4-7 miles deep.  In any case can you imagine the extreme forces that “created” this fascinating display of natural creation?  This same force cracked, twisted by 90 degrees and turned end for end a chunk of the crust 1.5 – 5 miles long and several thousand feet wide to its present resting position, amazing.

While researching this “rock” I came across several terms I had not seen before, one being “grid point” and that led me to “areas with powerful electrical formations” and to Brandberg Massif in the flat plains of the Namibia desert in Africa.

Dr. Hull with just the small bit over the past month of VERY BASIC geology education that I have acquired I salute you on what you do and have done during your life time.  The topic of geology is so very fascinating that one could spend HOURS just looking and learning what is here in our (humans) house (earth).  It is totally amazing the study of how our earth was formed and transformed during its creation.