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I have a question, but not sure where to put it. I have been drinking diet sodas with aspartame more and more recently, and three times now I have had entire nights of all over body shaking, uncontrollable. Could this be aspartame? I also use Sweet N Low in my coffee. Otherwise, I don't buy any artificial sweeteners. I have had all kinds of tests. They thought at one point I had MS, but could not find any evidence of it. It almost feels like epileptic seizures, but I don't lose consciousness. It's scary, and I would love to know what is causing it!  Thanks for your help!!  Debra

Re: Is this the right forum

You found the right forum, and yes, this can definitely be the aspartame. The Sweet 'n Low is fine in your coffee, and the FDA lifted that bogus cancer warning. Maybe read my book, Sweet Poison, and get more answers there. You'll feel like you are reading about yourself - I, as many others, had reactions similar to yours. Don't doubt your discovery. Aspartame is toxic, and your body was reacting to those toxins.