Topic: Heart palpitations? racing/pounding heart? dizziness?

Dr. Hull,

For some time now, I have been using Splenda in my morning coffee.  A while ago, I noticed that my heart would pound from time to time. I would especially notice when trying to get to sleep. Also, in the morning while driving to work, and after my morning 16oz cup of coffee, I would often feel dizzy and disoriented.  Two nights ago, Friday, I decided to make myself a tall cup of lemonade. I used 6 packets of Splenda to sweeten it.  Saturday morning I woke up and had my coffee.  I was cleaning the garage, moving some bags of cement when my heart started pounding much harder than usual. I also noticed that my heart was skipping beats and changing tempo.  I then decided to look up Splenda side effects.  I have since discontinued Splenda and Aspertame (diet sodas, maybe 1-2/day). Two days later and my heart is still skipping beats from time to time.

I'm afraid of going to a doctor that doesn't know about Splenda. I had Candidiasis a few years back and my doc was no help at all. He thought I was crazy.  How long does this stuff take to detox?

Some things you should know:
I'm a 1 pack-a-day smoker (I know.... bad)
I'm type II diabetic (though mild and controlled with diet)


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Re: Heart palpitations? racing/pounding heart? dizziness?

6- packets of Splenda???? Well, you are using a toxic sweetener, no doubt, but you are flooding your body with it. That's way too much. Then you add aspartame to your daily toxic load. Wow, busybee, you have been overloading your body with toxic chemicals. It is reacting to that. These toxins aren't going to help your diabetes, they will make your body weaker and make things worse. Well, you have figured that out, it appears.

Just stop using it and go back to natural foods. Don't be afraid of sugar if you don't overuse it - don't use 6-packets of anything.

Re: Heart palpitations? racing/pounding heart? dizziness?

Thank you Healthnutter.

Just a little follow-up report.

It is now Tuesday, day 3 after my last splenda intake. (Sat morning). My heart is definitely much quieter now. I still have skipped beats from time to time.

I decided to see a Dr.  She put a Holter monitor on me for 24 hours and sent me in for some blood tests.  I mentioned Splenda to her and she all but rolled her eyes at me.  (surprise surprise) We shall see what the outcome is.

What are the feelings in this forum about Truvia? 

Thanks all!


Re: Heart palpitations? racing/pounding heart? dizziness?

Use pure forms of stevia. NuNaturals and NOW Company have great forms, and there is no reason to use a stevia product that isn't pure and natural. Truvia is a little it stevia and a lot of fillers.