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In 1999 (age 57) I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and followed all the recommended procedures performed at the time, surgery and radiation.  After two years of downhill “feelings” I contacted Dr. Hull and got a hair analysis done only to find out that I was loaded with heavy metals.  Following her directive nutritional suggestions I successfully detoxed to an acceptable level and am continually detoxing as an ongoing fact of life in our current environment.  I learned from Dr. Hull, after the hair analysis, that mercury will contribute mightily to prostate cancer. … oning.html

This link is of a gentleman (60 years old) that was tested with a high PSA and he was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer.  His mercury and other metals were high as determined with a hair analysis.  Please read the page in its entirety because it may save your life or someone you know.  After what I have read and learned from this forum and Dr. Hull over the past 13 years is truly an education, an ongoing education.

My personal suggestion of any man over the age of 40 not only to get your PSA test done but to get a hair analysis done as well,  Just as a blood test will test your cholesterol the hair test will test your toxicity and let you know what you may be deficient of nutritionally.  In this particular story it would be advisable for the mate to have her hair tested as well.

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Awesome post, PatB. I have enjoyed your posts immensely. Yes sir - heavy metals deposit in the lowest gland in your body due to gravity - the prostate gland. If the metals are heavy or very mobile, such as mercury, down they go and there they stay unless you detox them out, and remove the source of exposure. This has saved many men from the trauma of prostate surgery and the toxic meds the docs keep them on. That ruins their sex life, their self esteem, and their health. Something so simple, such as testing for heavy metals, can make a lifetime of difference.

Thanks for your positive post.

Also, guys, Larry Clapp has written an awesome book about curing your prostate issues with nutrition, the hair analysis, etc. It's called A Healthy Prostate in 90-Days. Well worth the read!