Topic: Is it really gall bladder???

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes type II.  I tried to do better, but not very successfully.  I know I need to exercise, but I have a flat arch and it hurts when I walk.  Ii have started taking Shaklee supplements and the glucose regulation plus the medicine from the doctor are helping some with my blood sugar, but if I don't eat regularly I really note the low blood pressure.  I have also heard a lot about aspertame and I drink a lot of Diet Pepsi (sometimes twice a day) and I know that has aspertame.  I suffer from migraine headaches and then sometimes I have digestive problems (diahrrea).  My doctor told me she thought my gall bladder didn't work but no point in removing it because it wasn't causing me pain.  Can that be true, that it just doesn't work.  Is there any way to turn that around?  I did notice when I was in Hawaii and eating meat and vegetables and fruit and drinking coffee and water primarily that things seemed to clear up a little.  Recently we bought one of those SodaStream machines and they don't use aspertame, they use Sucralose instead (is that any better?)


Re: Is it really gall bladder???

Wow, lots of questions, but all good ones.

Yes, the diet drinks have contributed, if not caused, your health concerns. Remove ALL diet products, both aspartame and Splenda, and within 6-weeks, you should tell a huge difference in your health. Splenda is no better. No artificial chemical used to replace real food is good for humans.

When I had my aspartame reaction and diagnosis of Grave's Disease, which I did not have, BTW, the doc said the same thing about my gall bladder. No pain, but he said it didn't work and needed to come out. I refused, of course, and did a gall bladder cleanse. It's perfectly fine now and has always been. So, here is another connection between aspartame and gall bladders "not working" - LOL!!?? You're right - how does a gall bladder not work? It is simply polluted with the formaldehyde from the aspartame and chlorine from Splenda.

Here's my gall bladder cleanse:

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice cleanse for your liver and gall bladder:
Age old remedy that really works to promote bile flow and to cleanse the liver and gall bladder of polyps. (Note –if your gall bladder has been removed, bile still pushes into the scar tissue where the gall bladder used to be. Treat this area as if the gall bladder was still present, and cleanse the tissue area accordingly.)

To prepare: juice ½ lemon and add 2 tablespoons cold-pressed olive oil. Mix together in a cup of warm water and drink in the morning before breakfast. Do every other day. Bowel movements will increase as bile is removed.

Note: if stones are present, take this cleanse slowly but do it consistently. The stones can irritate the intestinal lining as they excrete if they have hardened. Typically, small and newer stones are mushy balls of cholesterol.