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Hi guys,

Let me start by saying – THANK YOU that forum like that exist… That helped me realize what I was doing to my body and that I can change my life “only” by stopping poisoning myself…
I used to abuse aspartame for 7 years… by drinking lots of Pepsi Max and chewing Orbit gum. And believe me “a lot” was indeed A LOT…
That was my way to control my appetite and stay thin (I have eating disorder problem). And the funniest thing is that once I removed the aspartame from my diet I lost few pounds immediately, my body is not swollen anymore and I fell thin yikes (which for me is totally new!!). Even more unexpected is that I have my NORMAL appetite back – for healthy foods!! I start to build a diet, discover tastes and I almost forgot how nice it is to eat and have a flat happy stomach after ;-)

I stopped aspartame two weeks ago, so this is only beginning and I do realize it will take a while for my body to recover… I am 30yo and was a sportler… was as after loosing energy and mental strength I had to stop it sad

I believe I can go back to my passion once my body will clear up and be strong again. I do eat lots of raw foods now and drink Birch juice, cocos water and poor water of course. I do fell better but I still have headaches (they come and go) and my energy is up and down and so is my mood…

Here is a list of my symptoms that I hope will be a history soon….

decreased tears and trouble with contact lenses
tinnitus - ringing or buzzing sound (that is really annoying hmm)
headaches (I never had them before!)
restless legs (that I never had before also…)
dizziness (a strange “unrealistic” felling)
severe depression (I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and took lots of meds…)
irritability and aggression (a permanent frustration and I used to be very optimistic and easy going person!)
anxiety  and phobias (OCD that developed last few years)
palpitations (after eating/drinking aspartame)
abdominal pain (unidentified pain, that no doctor understood)
marked thinning or loss of hair (I used to have lots of hair..)
menstrual changes (no menstruation at all due to low estrogen leves)
thyroid imbalance (hypo with hashimotos discovered lately)
frequency of voiding (few times in the night I have to visit toilet)
excessive thirst, fluid retention, leg swelling, and bloating (all of that is permanent and made me fell fat!)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (no strength at all, muscle weakness etc.)

To help my body to recover, I spend lots of time outside exercising, going to sauna and sleeping a lot. I do not take any meds now, so I am chemicals free…

How long it takes a body to totally get aspartame out of the system? When will I be free and fell the big difference? Is it so that now it should be only better or can I expect this ups and downs for a while more?

Thanks for your respond,

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hi sabine, your symptoms are some what like my symptoms, i am 1 month aspartame free and still having withdrawls effects, last 2 days have been hard, but overall i am doin alot better since i gave this poison up, and i am so happy to have found this site, gives me so much encougerment to keep goin, to have others just like ourselves goin through the same thing,i have wne to a naturpathy doctor as well who has given me herbs to help the ehaling process, i drank diet pepsi, lie 2 to 4 cans a day, and used sugartwin in everything that i needed sugar, did not realize what it was doin to my body, never again,now fater 30 days i'm still having depression but my anixety has really gotetn better, have not took meds for that in over a week!!!!take care hope ya feel better soon, it takes time and lots of patience!

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Guys and gals, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  There used to be a time when this information was so hard to find (before the Internet), people thought they were crazy and doctors simply told you that this was stress or sent you to a counselor. Well, we are now more aware of the FACT that aspartame and the diet sweeteners are toxic to your emotions, and to your physical health. Aspartame is a dangerous drug, and people are reacting to it in very harmful ways. Shame on the doctors!

Both of you have experienced true aspartame reactions, and you both know, as so many now do, that aspartame is BAD NEWS, and it IS THE CAUSE OF YOUR HEALTH CONCERNS.

Believe it, and simply realize that once it is removed from your life - YOU ARE FREE!! Your health and your old self will return!!!!!

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Thank you so much for your answers!

It is so strange all that has happened to me... last few years I have been struggling with myself - eighter with my phisical or mental weakness...
My Doctor who diagnosed me with bipolar and OCD always told me that I am a very atypical case, because I do not react on meds normally and sometimes I seem heathy! But when I told her how much cola light I drink and that my third meal in a day is no sugar chewing gum, she never noticed a connection...

I know that aspartam is not an answer to everything, but I am almost sure that this permanent frustration and constant fatique is due to that...

I had to discover it myself and actually it was my body that told me it is enought. One day I woke up and I felt like with worst hangover (I do not drink or smoke)!! And that was a day when I got scared and decided to stop.

Casey, I keep my fingers crossed for you, everyday we are closer to be healthy. I can not wait until the day when I will simply feel happy and strong and do not need to motivate myself all the time.

It is my third week without aspartam, I eat and drink very healthy and hope to feel the diference soon. So far the anxiety and tension is coming and going, I am all the time thirsty and dizzy everytime I get up.... but I feel stronger already and funny thing - I have very realistic dreams smile Except for that I have a feeling like my senses have sharpened!:O
I smell better (I always thought I have weak smell) and my mind is clearer, like I start to recieve the stimuli stronger - the music, the touch, tastes of food... really amazing!

Dear Dr Shull - it means a world to me what you have written: "Your health and your old self will return!!!!!" - I miss so much my old self - energetic, spontanious and optimistic me - right now I am tide up with my OC behaviours and almost forgot my dreams.

But I believe I can win myself back if only I will give my body a chance...

I have one question to you - is it possible that aspartam can worsen autoimmunological diseases? And the other way around - is it possible that my thyroid (hashimoto) will get better once I am free of aspartam? (I take natural meds and they are slowly helping, but very slowly).

Thank you for your help!

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Well, my diagnosis of Grave's Disease, hyperthyroidism, went away within 6-weeks and that was 21 years ago! So, yes, you can recover. Now, I only used aspartame for 1 year, so I recovered quickly with some hard work and a lot of faith. You have used it much longer, so it may take longer to feel like your old self again, but as I said, day by day, your old self is returning. You can feel it every day.

Keep the faith that you are right and all the naysayers are wrong. They don't live inside of your body - you do! No one knows your heart and soul better than you! The body can perform miracles given the right tools.

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Dear Drjshull,

It has been five weeks that I have stoped aspartame. Since two weeks I am helping my body with natural detox and very healthy diet. Since one week I started to feel the real diference. It is amazing what is happening, as I already forgot how it is to have energy, to have clear thoughts and not to be angry and frustrated all the time... What suprices me also is that I eat much more (I really ate aprox. 800 calories a day) and I lost weight and I feel thin!

But what supriced me most and what only proves what you have whritten in the last post... in only five weeks my TSH level droped from 3.5 (hight norm) to 1.4 !!! Also my FT3 and FT4 jumped back in the normes and my antibodies droped a bit!:))

Sure I need to give my body much more time to fully recover after those 7 years of poisining it, but if it is already so much better than I know it is worth waiting... smile

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You say you are eating more and losing weight… see how insidious the Aspartame® poison is? They have told people a lie and the people believed it, and now people are slowly poisoning themselves. I wonder how much  health care people need because of this tragedy? What the overall cost of Aspartame® would be if the health care was included in the price.

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hi everyone it si 9 weeks without aspartame, my stomach issues is completely gone, depression is getting alot better and anxiety is alot better, muscle twitches is gone,soon goin back to my naturpathy doctor in a month or so, to see if my thyroid is getting better, which is being treating naturally by her for the last 3 years which has improved somewhat with herbs, but not completely healed, so anxiuos to see if aspartame was causing this to be out of balance , my appetite has returned also,i abused this tsuff for about 10 years plus so i am hoping in a year or i will be completely well!!!

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Gnarlodious, that is indeed for me a bigest shock.... I have been eating aspartam to keep my weight low but it appeared that it was aspartam that blocked my metabolism and once I stoped using it my body has change - I am not swollen any more, I am eating twice as much and keep loosing weight... Truth is that possibly aspartam was partly responsable for my eating disorder as I do not feel fat any more and I enjoy food (health of course) like I never thought I will any more smile

Casey, I am sure your thyroid will improve as mine did within only few weeks after stoping aspartam! We have been making it very difficult for our bodies to recover when consuming this poison hmm
I am so happy you are feeling better and this is only the begining!:) After so many years of aspartame abuse I think we need at least this one year of good detox to get rid of it... but just imagine how wonderfull it will be to get it totally out of the system and to feel healthy, full of energy and happy!! I just can not wait...

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Dear Dr. Hull,

I am still going thru my detox and althought my thyroid is much better and antibodies are much lower I have problem with overall condidion that is worst than when I was on aspartam... My blood test shows lower white blood cells 2,8 (norms min 4.9) and I lost some more weight and generally feel weaker then before. Dr said it is normal reaction of the body since it is no more protecting it self from the poison and from me starving it... she said that is a faze to go throught and that I should take some multivitamin and wait... Do you agree with that? I am a little concern with this blood results and I am not sure if multivitamin is enought and which will be best since I have hashimoto and each of them have jod in it?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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Sabine, great that you are recovering from the Aspartame poisoning.  It really takes a while to detox the body from long time exposure, personal experience.   Although I never took any Aspartame my problem was heavy metals and I am still detoxing and trying to balance my lost nutrients.  Do to my experience you most likely lost your zinc balance during the detox period and that will cause your white blood cells to drop as well.  The white blood cells level is part of your immune system.  There ar many foods out there that will aid you in rebuilding, oranges, garlic, salmon, turkey (dark meat).  Do a Google search for “foods to build white blood cells” and you will be amazed at what pops up.  I personally take a zinc supplement twice weekly although my zinc level, by hair analysis, is up slightly. … ood-cells/

Great work on your detox, to your continuing good health,

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I think you are lucky to have found a doctor with some good, old-fashioned common sense. He's right, and pump your body up with whole foods and vitamins. Your body needs time to recover from a diet of toxic chemicals, and it needs time to restore. Stay positive, don't think negatively, be thankful that you are on the road to wellness, and learn all you can about this experience.

PatB is right - research the natural foods that will support your blood, and look into raw adrenals - I'd take those for about 3 months.

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Sabine, if your doctor isn't worried, you shouldn't be. Have faith, girl.

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Guess what!!!!!!!

The lollie manufacturer 'WOW' has just started to use STEVIA instead of atificial sweetners in their new range that they have just introduced. I can have diet mints that have no atificial sweetners!!!!!  Hip Hip for 'WOW' confectionary!!