Topic: Bentonite Clay

Hello to you all

My name is Paul and im new on here.

For the last 5 and a half years ive been suffering with an unexplained illness that leaves me constantly feeling sick and run down, as well as numerous other symptoms!

Through research I have done I found bentonite clay as a way of getting rid of toxins in the body, so I bought some powder form along with Psylium Husk.

I tried it yesterday but the clay when added to water seems to form massive lumps of clay leaving a horrible coloured water. The clay I bought came with no instructions so Im not sure what to do?

Do I just drink the water the clay has been mixed into or are you supposed to ingest the actual clay as well?

Any feedback on this would be most appreciated.


Re: Bentonite Clay

Paul, I do not recommend bentonite clay for internal use, but this clay has been approved by the FDA. It's not toxic, but it does clump and harden when dry, and to me, this can block your system and cause blockage. I recommend illinite clays that powder when they are dry, and I really recommend the French Green clay because it has nutrients in it from dried Mediterranean sea beds. This green clay has been used for both internal and external use in Europe and Asia for centuries. It is approved for food use in France. Go to this link and try the clay. It dissolves in your water, and does not harden or clump. Your concern is very valid, and Hat's Off to you for being so intuitive.