Topic: Found a great Use for Splenda...

Dear Janet,

Last spring I had lots of really large Ant hills in my yard. 

I did not want to use poison on them because the Grand Kids play in the yard.

So, one day I got an Inspiration...   

I went down to the grocery store and purchased a large bag of Powdered Splenda.

I heard that Splenda was bad for you because it contains chlorine. Back when I was a Kid my parents used chlordane around the footings of the house to kill ants.

Later, chlordane was discovered to be one of the most hazardous compounds known, to ecosystems and human health. (In the top 10% of the Worst Poisions)

So I sprinkled about 3/4 of a cup of Splenda around one of the Ant Hills, just to see what would happen.

Within minutes the little critters began gathering up the Splenda powder up and started taking it down into their nest.

I checked back in about 5 days and...

Presto... NO ANTS!  Just an empty ant hill.

Tryed it again, and again, and again on the other Ant Hills with the same results...

Thought you might like to know about my discovery.

I suggest that your clients try feeding it to ants before they consider using it in their coffee.


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Re: Found a great Use for Splenda...

chucku - I have heard this from so many people about Splenda and aspartame, both. I have a wildlife preserve on my land for endangered tortoises and frogs, turtles and birds, and we have a big problem with fire ants where I live. I do not use any man-made chemicals on the property, especially with endangered reptiles walking around, but I have to do something, so so I localize pure chlorine bleach and pour it on the mound openings. That works well. They have underground tunnels, so they'll eventually pop up at another location, but I bust them there, too. I need to rent an ant eater!

The chlorine in Splenda is what is killing those ants in your case. The methanol is the primary toxin in the aspartame. Cheaper than Round-Up