Topic: Coconut Oil, Another Natural Product, "Rediscovered"

I have seen coconut oil mentioned many times here on the forum.  Only in recent years has the great benefits of this natural oil been “found” again to benefit humanity.  Following WW2 coconut oil was demonized as bad for your health and the good it provided was lost for many years.  This short clip is another great reason to begin using this wonderful product “produced by” Mother Nature.  She does provide for us in so many ways that most of just cannot comprehend.  Get yourself some today and enjoy the benefits for many years to come. … JO190v1_WS


Re: Coconut Oil, Another Natural Product, "Rediscovered"

Thanks, PatB, for this great post. You are right - coconut oil is one of nature's gifts to animals. The people living in the regions where coconuts are predominant do not have the health issues we have in America where we ignore the coconut, or scare people into thinking it makes us fat!