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This read is extremely interesting and I (obviously discouraged) think that as a species on this wonderful planet we call Earth (our home) are letting our “house” fall apart around us.  From our roof (the skies and air), our floor (the soil), our gardens (the forest) and all important our food that our Creator provided for us as again living creatures we are misusing them and in many cases destroying them, in too many cases for greed.

In our great oceans we have created “great islands” that just float around and block shipping, carry toxic waste and destroy or create malformed sea creatures, one of our most treasured food sources.  For millennia we have destroyed great forest in our path to expand our civilizations.  In our quest to prosper we have developed great technologies and machines to enable us to make our lives easier from the drudgery of mundane tasks.  As a species, we are extremely intelligent but also we are the most self-centered and basically ignorant to stand by and watch our “house” fall down around us.   With this also our work ethics have been compromised and all we seek is a “throw away” society.  That is one reason for the “great floating islands” in the Pacific and Atlantic.  Rather than take charge, as a race, all countries should come together and collect and abolish these islands that are wrecking havoc on our environment, we just let them be to continue floating around.  This can be done even though it would take quite a bit of time, it took quite a bit of time for them to develop.

We do need change but we need to change ourselves just as much.  We need to acknowledge, to ourselves, what we are doing to our “house” and begin NOW to correct the problems we have created.  I don’t consider myself a soapbox type person but I do realize my personal limits and shortcomings.  I have said many times we, as a species, the human race, are our own worst enemy. 

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Your "two cents" is priceless, PatB. We, humans, were given the gift of living on this Earth with free resources provided by Nature so we could learn about life. The dark energies have amassed to the point of coveting and marketing Nature's resources, and that enslaves everyone - even the selfish and greedy enslave themselves in the long run. They are like cancer - they will destroy their own host. Sadly, by that time, they will have also destroyed the beauty on this planet.

I believe that our collective awareness has now evened the playing field, and the good energy and loving souls are waking up to this intentional entrapment. I see hope in austerity movements in Europe to over-rule the darkness. Research Iceland, and see how they removed all the central banking and the politicians used as their puppets, and see how they are becoming the strongest country on Earth right now. Ford builds geothermal engines for Iceland - they use very little oil. Why can't Ford produce those engines for America? Because we have yet to remove our central banks and oil cartels.

There is a growing movement honoring our place on this Earth - we must support that way of thinking and realize that the control brought on by fear is an illusion of grandeur. The dark energies (banks, big corps, pharmaceuticals) can come down easily when you think about it. Study Iceland.