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You have outlined all the harmful artificial sweeteners rather extensively, but I have not found your recommendation for an alternative that is a caloric alternative to sugar.  Please advise.

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Dear Dr. Hull,
I find that at least with aspartame I am equipped to avoid it. Most things
that contain it are labeled diet. My most recent battle is with sucralose. I
am not aware of any specific health concerns with it, but I try to avoid all
artificial sweeteners and I hate the taste of sucralose. I feel like it is
being stuck into some of my normal food choices without any need for it to
be there and without any labeling that I am getting something different than
expected. For instance, I bought a mixed vegetable stir fry in the freezer
section. I added my oun chicken to it. After the first bite I knew it was
there. My suspicions were confirmed when I read through the ingredient list.
Breads have it commonly, so I have learned to watch for it there. I bought
low fat miracle whip, and again, the taste clued me in that it was there as
well. I feel like the FDA should require things to be labeled it they
contain an artificial sweetener. Please let me know your thoughts.
I am a physician in rural michigan with a strong interest in nutrition, wt.
loss, and wellness.
I really enjoy your news letter.
Thanks, Dr. Cheryl Canfield

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Hey Monad,

Dr. Hull talks extensively about safe alternative sweeteners in her books and throughout her websites. Use the search box at the top of this page to search for the following:

Low Han


- Andy

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Dr. Canfield - Splenda was in your mixed veggie stir-fry??  Yuck and WHY??? Geeze, we have gotten so far off base in America. Food isn't food anymore - it is a chemical teaser. The real crime here is what this is teaching our younger generation. They are all mixed up about what food means - what's real food versus chemical foods, fake foods, and does eating real food make you fat? We are destroying the common sense of why humans eat. We eat to live, but now-a-days, people live to eat!

Keep educating your community and patients on why chemicals are NOT a food source, and that most all modern diseases can be linked to food chemicals in one way or another.

Modern societies cannot go on like this - we WILL destroy ourselves from the inside out.

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To any who would like to reply...

I have type 2 diabetes and have recently changed my morning habit of "dumping" two teaspoons of sugar into each of my two cups of coffee...opting for what my father swears by (Splenda). To my horror, my blood sugar has not decreased-it has INCREASED! So I sat down tonight and started to research the ingredients in Splenda. I have come across several websites, but I haven't seen anything serious on the effects of Splenda on Type 2 diabetes. Please help.
Rhonda M.

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BldgGirl - please read a copy of my book, Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? I have researched this for you and gone into detail why chemical sweeteners adversely affect blood sugar levels. The lab rats had diabetic reactions to sucralose (Splenda); the  research is out there, and I have it in my book.

Many diabetics have noticed that their blood sugar spikes and/or remains high when the chemical sweeteners are used. Splenda is no exception. It isn't as safe or as pure as the marketers make you believe.

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I read the site about splenda, but I still don't see a big connection. The only thing that really hit me is that the chlorine is a reactive substance. But, according to wikipedia, it is "tightly bound". Oxygen is also a highly reactive element, but it can be "tightly bound". I guess my point is, where are the chemical chain reactions that would lead to such side effects as depression, weight gain, etc? Or at least, where are the studies? Aspartame has been pretty solidly linked to cancer, but I see no such evidence for splenda. (That and I can't stand the taste of the brazilian substitute stuff).

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I have the research studies in my book Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? The chlorine is NOT tightly bound, BTW. To secure that the body CANNOT break it down means they have used some seriously strong chemicals (which they did) to prevent it from digesting and assimilating, which is the natural process the body would do to anything that is eaten. So this in itself is a red flag that it is very manipulated and unnaturally so.

Studies show that up to 27% releases in the body, and that may not sound like much, but to a child or someone ill, or if you have kidney disease - this adds up. Why drink chlorine or any industrial chemical in a soda pop?? It's like drinking your swimming pool water.

To some people, the risk is worth it, I guess. But to me, I do not think it is healthy to drink a cola with a bunch of chemicals, one being 3-parts chlorine to 1-part sugar.

But, to each his own.

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Hey I have read a lot of your comments and I have found a solution especially for these so call energy drinks and diet drinks, its called YOLI BLAST CAPS. YOLI is naturally sweetened, No sugar, No caffine, No perservatives, YOLI contains Live active ingredients, high Orac antioxidants basically all of the good and none of the bad. Lets get others educated on what they are consuming especially our kids. Lets help save people lives. To learn more on YOLI and how it can help you and your family visit

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Hey Dr. Hull I like your comment about sodas they are full of sugar, sodium benzoate, artificial flavoring and coloring, but for some reasons people want to continue to consume it and wonder why we have a problem with obesity not saying that sodas is the reason but it plays a big part. People lets get educated there a better way.

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My dad used to mix the original coca colas in the fountains in the 1920s. They were an expensive treat that people saved their money for, like an ice cream cone at the creamery. When I was a kid, my mom let us have one - ONE - bottled coke a week. THAT was a Friday after school treat. We have gone way too far down the wrong road today, and all for profit and self-satisfaction (and to get the kids to stop whining!?). The human body was never meant to consume all these chemical foods and drinks, and you said it - we wonder why our society is obese, apathetic, depressed, and angry.....

You know, the Big Corps are making this all way too hard; this is simple common sense that does NOT require a brain scientist to prove as right or wrong.

Thanks for your posts.

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Good points. I wasn't allowed the "freedom" to eat all the junk as a kid because we were poor and didn't have the money. Have you noticed that the junk is more expensive than buying real food? Making sandwiches, good deli meats and quality breads I mean, and eating a piece of fruit with it instead of bags of chips, making soups and dishes that can be eaten the next day as left-overs is much cheaper than buying the pre-packaged foods and spending money on soft drinks everyday. Think of what all you can buy for what you spend at a drive-through?