Topic: Can detoxing cause break outs?

I am currently trying to detox and notice an all of a sudden break out.  I am 40 years old and purity ended along time ago.  Can it be the detoxing that is making me break out?

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Yes! And actually this is a great sign - not that you wanted to hear that, huh!? Whenever you begin a detox and you have a reaction like this, it means that you indeed had toxins within you and that they are coming out. This also means that the detox is working, and that is affirmation for the program you are using and that you needed to do a detox. 

One of the keys with detoxing is to stay consistent, and once toxins begin to flush from your body, allow them to all flush out - don't stop them before they are finished. I call this "retoxing." Yuck!

Toxins will exit your body one of 3 major ways: through the skin, the urine or the fecal waste. It appears your toxins were just under the skin and/or in your bloodstream and found the quickest exit via the capillaries and out the pores of your skin.

Congrats! You're cleaning up your insides - don't stop until all the toxins are out. You should stop breaking out after a few days. If toxins are deeply seeded, it may be a few weeks, but they will show up as long as they are inside of you!


Re: Can detoxing cause break outs?

It's also helpful to drink plenty of pure water to help the body flush out toxins. On my detox program I find that when I drink at least three quarts a day coupled with a nightly sweat in a hot bath for 30 minutes I have a very few break outs and other side effects. I used to have breakouts on my legs about every day or sometimes every other day but now I know that the two methods I mentioned really help assist my body in expelling toxins. Over the last six weeks I have had only one pimple on my leg and a small rash between my fingers. Needless to say, I'm pleased with that.

Re: Can detoxing cause break outs?

Hello. A couple weeks ago i began to drink herbal tea to clean my blood, which I've heard that it is also detoxing. before I began the detoxing I was having some acne problems on my body and some on my face. I have always had clear skin and this past year my body changed due to stress. My uncle advised me to make tea from stiff and cut dandelion root, burdock root, echinacea angustifalia, and red clover.  For a couple weeks now I have been drinking the tea 3 cups a day. I have all these bumps all over my body especially my arms, my neck, and my back. I also have these small bumps allover my face. They kind of look like big whiteheads. Is my body detoxing? I'm not sure if I should stop or continue and for how long. I also don't know if this is normal. will these bumps every go away? I appreciate your help on this.

Re: Can detoxing cause break outs?

You can't go wrong drinking pure water all day long and enjoying natural teas. Great posts - thanks.