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I am a fit 37 year old man who suddenly came down with severe stomach problems about 18 months ago.  After 4 months of failed treatments from my family doctor (i.e. acid bufferers, H2 blockers, etc.), an upper GI that showed no cause for the symptoms, and several life-style/diet changes that did me no good (because I eat well anyway), my doctor concluded I had GERD but could not relate it to any cause.  Thank god I have insurance because I spent a lot of time at my doctor's and at GI specialists.  After the final diagnosis I felt relieved to know it was not yet something serious but also knew that I had to find the cause or it would become serious.  I spent the better part of a year systematically eliminating things from my diet attempting on my own to diagnose the cause, and finally about three months ago I discovered that it was Splenda.  I had replaced my usual morning coffee with decaffinated tea as my healthcare providers had suggested, but I had continued to add the teaspoon of Splenda (no doctor recommended removing artificial sweetners!).  It took me about 2 months off the Splenda to finally feel good again-as good as I had 18 months previously.  The sad thing is, Splenda can be just about anywhere.  I mistakenly consume it from time to time and I usually notice that I have within an hour of consumption (severe stomach pressure behind the sternum, upset stomach, burping/belching-typical GERD symptoms).

I am so glad to have found this website!  I have empathy for those who have also suffered, but I am glad to know there are others because I now have faith that changes can be made.  This product should be banned, or at the least, the product should have clearly marked warnings indicating its ill effects on many otherwise healthy individuals.  Similarly, all products that contain Splenda should be clearly marked as such so that those who are sensitive to its side effects can avoid it! 

I feel like Johnson & Johnson owes me 18 months, or more, of life back.  They sell it as "made from sugar".  This is why it was one of the last things I attempted to remove from my diet. 

Keep up the good work Dr. Janet Starr Hull!  I look forward to reading your book and will recommend it and your website to everyone I know who uses Splenda.

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Thank you for your wonderful and most informative post. This is why we have this forum - to help others help others!  One day the fad will be to avoid all food chemicals, particularly the diet sweeteners because they will make you sick and they also make you gain weight. They make children turn into unhappy, unsatisfied little complainers with headaches and blurred vision, and they retard normal body function and retard normal growth patterns, both physical and mental.

Wow - just going back to re-read that last sentence makes you want to curl up in a little ball and moan, doesn't it??  All from the "sugar-free" illusion.....

The advertisers make it difficult for the average consumer to easily learn this information. It seems, like you have experienced, one must become a victim to the toxins found in all the diet chemicals, before one knows to begin searching for the truth about these toxic diet sweeteners.

For now, the best we can do is work with one person at a time to inform them of the truth they are not being told and are having to search so hard to find. Meanwhile, you spend thousands of dollars lining the pockets of the very corporations that make both this sweetener drug and the medication for the symptoms caused by the sweeteners. They get you coming and going!!!  Thanks for your comments, and keep helping others learn this truth!

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I cannot believe what I am reading.  I just told my husband I feel 6 months pregnant and I am 54 years old.  My stomach has bloated up within the last month and I am addicted to Splenda.  I am a Type II diabetic and every class I have attended and Dr. I have seen has told me this is the best thing I could use to sweeten my tea and coffee.
I will not tell you how much I have increased my intake, because these articals have scared me to death.  I will start right away to try and flush my system.
I have always been able to control my weight and diabetic buldge by eating a good diet, but it has seemed lately that no matter how I eat, I continue to gain weight and I want to eat and drink constantly.  Thank you for giving me a reason to get off splenda and get over my fatigue and depression.  I am not able to function and my stomach is getting huge almost overnight.  I hope this will improve once I cut the splenda out of my diet.  Thanks for everyones insight.

I use 1500 mg daily to control my diabetes, I use to be borderline, but it has gotten worse over the past 6 months, after increasing splenda on a regular bases.

I do not have interest in anything.
Weight gain ( I have never had a dieabetic buldge like I do now)
I will not excerise at all ( I use to do this everyday)  and care about it!
Stomach Cramps
Indigestion ( no matter how/what I eat)
Food cravings are uncontrollable - never satisfied - out of character for me

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Try this stevia product:

My sister is insulin dependent, and she used saccharin before tying this stevia. Her blood sugar is lower on nunaturals.

It is time for a colon cleanse. Detox, get more sleep, exercise regularly, get some sunshine, make sure to rest enough daily, and eat smaller portions more often throughout the day.

My sister does the recipes for the newsletter, and being Type I, she is an excellent cook, enjoys good meals and fine dining, and is a model diabetic. She is not over weight, she is active, but she does get plenty of rest each day. She makes sure to take care of herself first and foremost. She avoids all diet sweeteners, and has since 1991 when I threatened her with her life if she used any chemicals other than saccharin! (sisters can do that)

No one knows your body better than you, so design the perfect program for you. Eat for your blood type, drop the diet chemicals, and do all of the above, and let us know when that tummy flattens out.

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Its good that you have already recover and now back to normal, hope that you'll be fully recover,....

By the way I am also doing colon cleansing, and it helps me to become fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also do a regular exercise that helps me to become physically fit..

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Thank you for your post. Cleansing the body is always good to do anytime. We change the oil in our cars and clean our houses. Cleaning the body is just good prevention. And exercise is what the body was built to do - move and stay active, I mean. Move that body - it makes you feel good in mind,body and spirit.

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Hi there,

I just had an endoscopy/colonoscopy to find out why I am low on iron, and while they couldn't find any reason for that, they found damage on my esophagus that looked like Barrett's syndrome, therefore they think I have GERD. The medical report suggested I cut out: chocolate, soda, red meat, smoking etc... which is so surprising as I am already a full vegetarian (not vegan), I never drank alcohol in my entire life, I don't eat chocolate, I don't drink any type of soda, I don't smoke, I am not overweight (140 pounds for a 5.5 frame), I swim and walk regularly and I sleep with multiple pillows. And I feel weird about the diagnostic because I have absolutely no GERD symptoms at all. Never have heart burn, never any indigestion. I have PBC, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, an auto immune disease, and therefore never take over the counter medicine, nor Tylenol (bad for my liver) and I take very rarely an Advil (only on a full stomach) if I have a very strong migraine, perhaps 3 times a year, not enough to cause stomach damage. The only thing that I do ingest a lot is Splenda as I drink a gallon of Diet Decaffeinated Arizona Green Tea every day (128oz/day). Can this be the cause of the damage in my stomach? My stomach also show mild gastritis, once again, totally asymptomatic. I discovered Purevia/Truvia recently and use this when I go eat at restaurant, but how can I replace my daily beverage that helps me keep my weight controlled? And can you have GERD without any symptoms? And what else can I cut from my diet/life to get better? So frustrating... Any idea?

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Whenever the diet sweeteners are used and health problems remain a mystery, ALWAYS remove the diet chemicals from everything you eat or drink. Research the side effects of chlorine, and you'll see your health symptoms on that list. The chlorine in Splenda has been shown to release into the body, so your health symptoms truly sound like chlorine toxicity.

In my book Splenda: Is It safe Or Not? I have the research showing your exact health symptoms in the lab rats. They reacted exactly as you are. I think this proves that you are on to something, and are correct.

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I am still in shock mentally and physically about what Splenda has done to me. I just hope it isn't permanent and I feel stupid that I was so ignorant about it. I never really drank soda so never got caught up in the cancer causing artificial sweeteners and just assumed by all the hype that Splenda was safe.
I had gained some winter weight and I was going on a trip in March so I wanted to lose about 10 lbs quick and chose Atkins. I hated the taste of Splenda in my coffee but had to use it (couldn't give up the coffee) and then I found the "sugar free" coffee mate flavored creamers which made my one or maybe two cups of coffee a day bearable with Splenda.
It is now Sept. and I am finally putting this all together. I have had TERRIBLE gas, bloating, abdominal pain etc. for MONTHS.  Just weird random symptoms that I never saw a dr. about and just once in a while mentioned to family members. I felt uncertain about these symptoms and felt weird about continually complaining. I just hoped they'd magically go away or blamed it on age or my one glass of wine a day or whatever else.
Anyway, I couldn't do Atkins for too long so I introduced healthy carbs back into my diet but kept the Splenda and sugar free creamer in my daily routine. For the past 7 months.
Well, I went to my GP yesterday for an annual physical and happened to mention these abdominal symptoms casually to my dr (she is a PA and I'm not happy with her). She asked her questions like had I added anything new to my diet etc. My answer was no since I had been using Splenda for about 7 months now I didn't even think about it as being new or a threat. In fact my diet if anything had become really good. I gave up any red meat, pork, switched to all organic fruits, veggies, and milk etc.
So she said to try eliminating lactose from my diet to make sure that wasn't it and if my symptoms didn

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Everyone, pay attention to kamarc's post - this issue is real, and we must accept the truth based not only on the scientific facts but on people's experiences. The day we discount real life reactions to these diet sweeteners is the day we have truly become nothing but a number and robots.

Human health rises above everything else - our well-being means more than profit - our personal experiences mean more than corporate hype.