Topic: detoxing and swollen lymph glands

Can detoxing cause swollen lymph glands?

Shortly after beginning to take your French Green Clay and Detox Vit. C, the left side of my neck and upper chest areas swelled up.  After massaging my neck in attempt help the lymph drain, red bumps appeared. . . that was 10 days ago.  The bumps are almost fully gone, yet my neck is not yet its normal size.  A throat specialist scoped my throat and saw nothing abnormal.

Perhaps I over taxed my lymph nodes with taking the full dosage (3 twice a day) of French green clay too quickly? What's your recommended dosage 'ramp up' timeline?


Re: detoxing and swollen lymph glands

This is a great indication that toxins have been within your blood stream and are now moving out of your system and collecting at the lymph nodes for exit out of the body. The lymph nodes are like fuel filters - they filter out the junk so it doesn't circulate throughout te body. When they are full, they swell.  Keep detoxing, but if you want to cut back until the toxins have a chance to leave before collecting more, then do that, but the key here is to be consistent! Once you have begun collecting and excreting toxins, don't stop. Simply find the pace in which your body is comfortable, and can eliminate the toxins without backing up.

You can also do a liver cleanse at the same time, as this will help cleanse the blood of toxins, and remember that niacin cleans the blood, too.

There are many natural ways to change your oil in your system! The important thing is that you continue th cleanse once you begin. No point in dropping those toxins somewhere else in the body. Get them all out!