Topic: USPS shipping calculator not working.


I'm Canadian, trying to place an order. I can go all the way to Checkout, but says
" An error occurred with the USPS shipping calculations.
If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. "

Do you know when this problem will be resolved? do you offer shipping to Canada?.

Thanks in Advance.

Re: USPS shipping calculator not working.

Hovo, we do have issues with the USPS shipping outside the United States, but I have good news - we are shifting our shopping cart to Yahoo, and these issues should be resolved. We have been using a great provider, but it isn't keeping up to our standards, especially after 911 when things got tight.

Sorry for the trouble, and for now, we can help you out by phone. We do have a toll-free number 1.800.897.2556 (but that might not apply to Canada - gosh, nothing's really easy these days). We can call you back on our dime though, because we have Vonage and that covers US/Canada/Mexico calls. Great service, BTW.

Re: USPS shipping calculator not working.

Thanks for the quick reply. With the toll free number, can I place an order over the phone? If that's not possible, when are you shifting the shopping chart to Yahoo?


Re: USPS shipping calculator not working.

Hey Hovo,

The new shopping cart will have flat shipping fees. And yes, you can order via phone.

- Andy