Topic: Aspartame Video: Brain Cancer & the FDA Approval Process

Excerpt: The approval of aspartame was the most contested in FDA history. The approval of the artificial sweetener was not based on scientific evidence but on political (and financial) interests...

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Re: Aspartame Video: Brain Cancer & the FDA Approval Process

Please reference my Healthy Newsletter archives for the aspartame research in Europe. Start with the Feb 2006 issue, and feel free to download the pdf docs of the original research reports that I have posted.

Aspartame has been proven to cause cancer - specifically lymphoma and leukemia. That's a big deal, people!  Especially if YOU, a family member, or a friend has been diagnosed with either one of these deadly diseases. Caused by aspartame? And this is not spread all over our national media, on talk shows, on every radio around the world???

In America, do we admire American Idol and this year's Design Star more than the science that discovers the dangers threatening our lives and the lives of our children?