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When will they stop trying to create yet another miracle sweetener????  What's wrong with regular sugar and just eating less of it. What's wrong with plain stevia??

Good God, has anyone watched a typical elementary school kid lately??  They are fat and lazy. It's disgusting. They whine and pout if they don't get to go to Mickey D's every day. It's really twisted.

So now we are encouraging our kids to try yet another adulterated sugar that was fine the way it was before "manufacturing", but is now all messed up because someone needs to make more money off our gluttony.

I just read in the paper that they have discovered a pill that mocks exercise, and you can take this pill and never exercise again to lose weight. Can you believe that?? They forget to tell you that at age 45, you'll be in an institution with Alzheimer's - you may be thin and lazy, but it destroyed your brain.


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You know, like I wrote in my article, what's wrong with pure stevia in the packet??

Why do we feel the need to keep recreating stuff?  Oh yea, money. Lots of money. Money. Money, and more money.

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Dr. Hull thank you for the information. I really love your site and am currently doing a blog entry that refers to you. I am new to the world of blogging and I would like you to check out my post and let me know if I have violated any sort of protocol by using your blog header image to send people here. I could have just put a link but I find that pictures make a much better post. Find it here:

I also have one question: In the article I could not tell if you were saying that the "natural flavors" listed in Truvia include MSG or just that many times MSG is included as "natural flavors" in products. In trying to get an answer I ran across an article that said that MSG must be listed as such and not hidden in "natural flavors". Thank you for your time. I appreciate it!

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Nice blog, Ronda, and I appreciate your reference to this forum. Thank you and please keep it up.

From everything I have ever known, read, and been told by the researchers, "natural flavors" is MSG. Now, tricky labeling is an art these days, and I am sure that something is amiss no matter what. If "natural flavors" is added and they are really "natural", the label will specify what those flavors are, such as blueberry, citrus, papaya, etc. Believe me, when a company goes to the expense to add a true natural flavor from the real flavor food source, they will be proud to label what that is. To group true natural flavors into a "natural flavor two-word category", it is probably not real or natural.

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Dr. Hull. Just wanted to make sure of one thing aspartame is the only thing found to mess with the brain and to actually cause seizures In studies? It's a major concern of mine because I have epilepsy and I try to stay away from anything that would make it worse!

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Yes, aspartame has been proven to penetrate into your brain, and that is a loose cannon at your control center. Compare it to a computer will destroy your motherboard.

But, if your body is weakened by a disease syndrome, such as epilepsy, I would scrutinize your entire diet and avoid ALL unnatural food chemicals. It is prudent to give your body all the real help that it needs - fresh food oozing with natural nutrients that have yet to be "processed.", Spring water, and unadulterated food and drinks. Feed yourself like you would feed a newborn - only what nature creates; not what some stranger has created in a laboratory.