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My name is Floriana Betti Bindi
I am a certified nutritional counselor and I would like to thank Dr Hull for the article on smart healthy kids. Originally Italian I moved to beloved NYC 12 years ago for good. I love New York and the high energy level that you can practice here.
For my entire life, back in Italy, I felt like I was living on a low gear ( stick driving anyone?) However this lifestyle comes with a very high price tag: lack of attention.
Since a couple of years now, I have been teaching 5/7 years old kids about healthy nutrition in Italian and I can witness every day what Dr. Hull mentioned.
Here the children are SUPER intelligent and quick but also sometime very tired and easily distracted.
Having experienced a more laid back lifestyle I am blessed because I know the difference and I know when " to hold them and when to fold them "sooooo 5 years ago I decided to give up my HYPERLIFE as a succesful fashion designer to become an health counselor. I am not a doctor, I am not a therapist but my " patients " heal from the most horrific conditions and start to lead an healthier and happier life as soon as they start to apply some radical slow down in their and their family's life.
Food becomes a lifesaver, a friend and  a partner instead that an unknown enemy. The awareness of their body's needs becomes so clear that they can't go back inflicting themselves pain and damages as before. I hope this note ( and excuse my English ) will encourage more and more people to look within themselves before to start to spend money and energy in magic bullets pills and treatmments. To your good health and peace Floriana

Re: Your smart kid's article

Thank you for your post. I am proud of what you are putting back into society and into life. You will not only reap the rewards in many wonderful ways, but knowing that you are really connecting with these kids and their families will change their lives, and in turn, make this world a better place.

We MUST make some changes for a better future. We cannot keep going on like we are - by recognizing the benefits the newer generation can offer society through change, we can set these kids' minds free to make those changes. But the old ways tend to resist change, suppress the unknown, and control what is different.

Each in our own way must allow the younger mind to create and improve on what isn't working for us now - understanding how these new kids really tick is critical.  We must not drug them, we must encourage them.

Thanks for your part!