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I have been trying to treat my colitis for the past 4 months.  I have never had anything so incapacitating in all my life.  Have been trying to figure out what the problem is.  Now I am thinking it is  the Splenda I have been using.  I have been using it on a daily basis.  Mostly in Ice Tea, coffee and was drinking some soda with it in it when it really started.  I have cut out the soda, because I thought that was it, but didn't cut the tea and coffee with the Splenda.  I will not be using any more of it since reading these posts.  I had no idea it could be my problem.  Now I am thinking differently.

Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

The lab rats had these same health symptoms, plus many more, used testing sucralose safety. The chlorine in Splenda is your primary culprit. One of the many common adverse reactions to chlorine is intestinal trauma.

Believe it when these healthy symptoms subside as you purify your diet and avoid the diet sweeteners.

Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

I am 34 years old and for a period of over 9 years have been a high consumer of Equal and then Splenda.  I would add it to my sweet tea at a 50 packets to a gallon and then later the measurable kind it was two cups to a gallon, ith me drinkin almost agallon everyday.  Over this period of time my weight varied, I would sit down and eat a meal and never feel full, it was as if the switch had been turned off that regulated me gas gauge.  After coming to a point that I knew things just were not right and gaining weight consistantly I started questioning my GYN because I had stopped having my period and had no energy was gain almost 5 pounds a month regrdless of diet and exercise.  Well eventually I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) as well as metabolic syndrome.  We started with just regulating my mencus with medroxyprogesterone it did not help with weight or tiredness.  then my husband and I discovered that when we drank our tea over my mothers(sweetened with sugar) that we were bloated and would eat more.  So  decided to remove splenda from our diets and almost immediantly (next couple of days) I felt better I noticed that I lost a few pounds and my head was just clearer.  I mentioned it to my Dr. and he said great if it is working for you then that is what you need to do.  Well that has been almost 6 months ago and we have start new meications but he is concerned about my Liver enzymes he says that through out my blood work that they have been consitant but that one is twice the elivated amount, has been with every test.  He sid that all the other levels are normal o I have had an ultra sound of my liver and have an appointment with a digestive dr on wednesday (reffered by my GYN) .

My question is "Could using Aspartame and Sucralose for so many year have permantly damaged my Liver?".

Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

It has been several months now since I quit using a diet product called xxxx I do not know that I can post the name here. It contains Sucralose. I used six bottles and it was so gaggy sweet I can only guess it has a huge amount of sucralose. I am still suffering the damaging side effects. I have severe pain in my shoulders and neck area, and my whole body hurts everywhere to touch. I guess that would be fibermialgia from what I have read about that. This posting here has been a real eye opener.

One of my customers has been in and out of the hospitol because of using this diet product. His bowels are shutting down. He was a former victim of aspertame so all it took was the first swallow of this diet substance to set off a whole mess of former symptoms. The company stated that this was an all natural product and we trusted it was. If you are not familiar with Sucralose it can be confused with Sucrose and who would miss trust a health company for crying out loud! Had I know this was Splenda I never would have taken it as I do not use fake sugars in my diet. I was not aware of the connection until it was too late and I began to research my symptoms and scuralose.  It was another one of my customers that brought it to my attention as she had some serious side effects just using her first bottle. 

Compounding the shoulder and neck pain is the pain everywhere, shortness of breath, feeling extremely tired all the time, weak, a "I don't care if I live or die" attitute because if this is living I would rather not live. It is horrible what this has done. Because I have not gone to any medical doctors and have no concrete proof this diet product caused this (which I know in my heart it did because all symptoms came on after using it) I could be held liable by the company for deffication of character. So I will give these clues. It was introduced in January  2009, is liquid, and starts with a T. I don't think there are too many products that begin with a T in liquid form, just read the ingredients as sucralose is listed on the American label. When brought to the company's attention, the formulator insisted sucralose is safe and gave the fake studies to back his claim. So removing it from their product does not look like an option he will take. I might add he was pretty arrogant and showed no remorse or concern for the people I discussed that got sick. Another customer ended up in the ER and could have died as his throat was closing off and his face swelled right up. Pretty darn scarey if you ask me. And for the formulater to not give a rats banana on what his product has done is just not acceptable.

I am working with a support group to try and get it removed from the market at this point. So, beware of a touted "natrual" liquid diet product that begins with a T...just read the ingredients. It has made a number of us very sick.

Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

aGAgal - using this much Equal and Splenda can harm your liver, yes, but I am a believer that when given the proper tools, your body can regenerate health. The liver regenerates every 6-weeks, so it won't completely heal in one 6-week period, but it can over several 6-week periods. Remove all these toxic diet products, take a good liver supplement and eat healthy foods for your bloodstream, and every 6-weeks is one step closer to your liver restoring itself. Given the right tools, it will repair. It may not be 100% perfect, but it won't be 100% toxic, either. Have faith that you can bring your liver health back, naturally, over time. I believe that you can do this!

pjrmk53 - remember that Splenda is made with chlorine, and these are chlorine reactions. Chemists still debate the danger that chlorine can do to the body, but they still debate the danger of chlorine and fluoride in drinking water, too. Humans will debate and debate until the end times, and still get nowhere. All you can do is believe what you know to be true, and that is what you are doing.Take action on the things that you know are harmful, and stand up and voice for better advertising and media coverage on BOTH sides of these issues. We only get the manufacturer's side - the researchers who have proven these toxins are dangerous to human health, deserve to be heard, and respected, too.

Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

I was on Splenda for three months or more.  I started with a burning tongue and horrible headaches.  You can find just about anything that is bothering you that the doctors do not know, if you look on the net.  I have been off Splenda for two weeks and still have some headaches and now have blisters on the tip of my tongue.  I feel better than I did, but it has been a slow process.  This stuff is poison and has caused alot of problems that I am now figuring out.  Can we sue Johnson and Johnson?

Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

For the diet sweeteners to go off the market, many things will have to happen:

1) people must STOP BUYING THEM
2) lawsuits need to start and be publicly announced
3) mainstream media needs to put the truth out there

Money talks, so if people stop buying this junk, they'll stop selling it.

Avoid class action lawsuits - these go nowhere. The lawyers manipulate these cases for publicity and money, and the victims get very little payback and wait years while the lawyers play legal games. File individual lawsuits. One firm can file multiple individual lawsuits, and if anyone is steering you into class action, beware - search for a group willing to file separately.

It's old-school for the best and most popular media channels on television, in newspapers and magazines, to avoid this topic. Or they parade in front of the camera some corporate doc who says nothing but corp BS. Anyone who is worth real respect, such as talk show hosts, would have covered this story long ago.  They all fall prey to  threats and their inflated egos.

This is why I have little respect for any of the talk shows out there - they are manipulated and true news would have this issue OUT THERE!

Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

I've been a hard core user of splenda for four years. One pac in my four or five cups of coffee each and every day, I'm 56. My doctor discovered that my liver enzymes were twice the normal level after a regular checkup and blood test. I've since quit splenda and will need another blood test in four months. Hopefully things will get back to normal. Any studies out there on the splenda/liver relationship or personal experience with this?


Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

JFISK - research chlorine and the liver, and here will be your answer. Splenda is 3 parts chlorine, and studies have shown that as much as 15% of the chlorine releases in your body. It passes through the liver.

Dr. Hull wrote about this in detail in her book on Splenda - Is It Safe Or Not? I don't belive in coincidence; I bet it's the Splenda.

Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

nash Thanks for the feedback. I will research this and will be more informed after I read Dr. Hull's book.

Re: Long Term Splenda User Symptoms

JFISK - the key to understanding Splenda is to learn about chlorine. Chlorine is not like eating natural chlorides, like table salt or the chloride compounds nature makes. Natural chlorides, like sodium chloride, potassium chloride, etc are healthy for the body; chlorides cleanse the liver. But man-made chlorine is a solvent, and it is not natural, but harmful to the tender insides of our bodies.

The research shows that the chlorine in Splenda is an industrial grade used for many things, including pesticides and warfare - mustard gas. No one should eat this form of chlorine.

It's all in Splenda" Is It Safe Or Not? - It's NOT!

I get a lot of grief over my professional opinions about chlorine, but we don't drink from our swimming pools, do we? I am an environmental engineer, and no one will ever convince me that chlorine is safe to consume, in any form. It doesn't work in nature, so by golly, it will never work in the human diet.

Chlorine with an N means NO WAY.

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