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Wow...even though I am new here, I already know that I should read thru this Forum before I even post, but as I was glancing thru the list of topics, I saw some posts about Nutrasweet...and now there is a Splenda category...and I am just wondering what is wrong with these Sweetners?

I am going to a weight loss clinic, am taking an appetite suppressant (Phentermine),
was instructed to stay on a low-carb diet, and anything with artificial sweetners is fine...just no sugar!

I haven't started consuming Diet drinks because I cannot stand the taste...but some other products with artificial sweetners don't taste too bad, and I was happy that I was able to have them.

Also, my husband has Type II diabetes and has been drinking diet soda for years...
and I am always on the look out for "sugar free" treats for him!

Now we are both pretty much "sugar free" (at least until I get some of this weight off...I quit smoking several years ago...and took up eating to distract myself.  At the time I did not care how much I gained, as I have never been heavy, and thought that it would be a cinch to lose it!  WRONG!)

Anyway, what kind of sweetner do you all recommend if Splenda is no good?

Sorry for the long post!


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Welcome to my world, Linda. You have just begun learning some eye-opening stuff!  And this info is all real - very real, and scientifically backed. One of the first things you'll realize is that this information on the dangers of artifical sweeteners has been kept from you. Sad, but true.

May I suggest you find copies of my 2 books on aspartame and Splenda at the library or off Amazon. Go to and read about my work. This explains everything you need to know about the chemical sweeteners. In my Splenda book: Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not?, I go into great detail about saccharin's safety and the alternative sweeteners that are safe and good for you without causing weight gain. Actually, I have an article and a chapter called Dying To Be Thin that explains how these diet sweeteners actually make you gain weight over time by starving your body of food.

So, where do you begin???  Jump in - I have provided a barrel of information for you to learn all about the health dangers of going "sugar-free."

What do I do?? I do not  sweeten anything, ever. I eat raw and natural foods - foods that are naturally sweet. And I exercise regularly.  I do not worry about my weight because I am healthy. just don't look in the mirror anymore - that works!

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Thank you very much!  I will check out your suggestions ASAP!

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Let is know if you see marked improvement in your health.

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Well this is quite a coincidence as I was just thinking about our conversation here recently. 

I was thinking how things change with wasn't all that long ago that
Saccharin was the big no-no! 

Remember that?

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I uncovered the truth about the bogus cancer warning placed on saccharin - which has now been removed - and wrote about it in detail in my book Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? Plus I have written many articles about the politics behind saccharin found on my websites and in my past newsletters.

The cancer warning was removed in 2000, but now eight years later, most people still think it causes cancer. It never NEVER caused cancer in humans.

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Hello! Maybe my position and view on the subject little different from everybody else on this page but I

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lmartin wrote:

...and I am just wondering what is wrong with these Sweetners?

Hi everyone.. Anyway, according to McNeil Nutritionals, in their marketing pitch for Splenda emphasizes that it has endured some of the most rigorous testing to date for any food additive. Enough so to convince the average consumer that it is in fact safe. They claim that over 100 studies have been conducted on Splenda. What they don't tell you is that most of the studies are on animals.

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OK guys. In order to get this all straightened out, I am writing an article for the July newsletter setting the record straight about chlorine, chloride, table salt, and chlorine compounds.

To correct coffeedrinker, SPLENDA DOES NOT CONTAIN CHLORIDE!  There is no such thing as sucrose chloride. On pages 14-15 in my Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? book, I have published the chemical formula for sucralose (Splenda). The manufacturers had to use chemicals such as benzene, toluene, lithium chloride (ooops, there's a chloride compound), and a list of other toxins in order to "insert" chlorine into the sugar molecule. This DOES NOT create a sucrose chloride, which does NOT exist. It simply inserts CHLORINE, which is a known carcinogen, into a sugar molecule. When it is released inside the body, it releases gaseous chlorine.

Splenda and/or sucralose is not a natural nor safe form of chlorine.

Look for my article in the next Healthy Newsletter, and see if this can go on the books as a simple and understandable explanation to why sucralose is not safe nor can it be compared to safe chlorides like calcium chloride, potassium chloride or sodium chloride. Isolated chlorine atoms are not meant to be ingested, either. Hey, read my book - it's all clear inside the pages.


And concerning saccharin (also in the book): remember to separate the differences between the original saccharin (still sold in Europe today as it has been sold for over 100 years), compared to the current "manufactured" form of saccharin replete with fillers, cheaper additives and other chemicals inserted for profit, not for your health.

When dogging a product, make sure to differentiate the original substance from man's adulteration of it. I hate to predict bad things, but just watch this very same senario unfold before your eyes as manufacturers get their hands on stevia. You will remember the days when stevia was a pure plant substance from S. America. Then you will reflect that it will be adulterated for marketing purposes, and more and more chemicals will replace its natural compounds. It's sad, but watch, learn and listen.

Be cautious when comparing a natural compound to an man-made, adulterated one.

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Kolena: thanks for your post. Yes, there has been research performed proving the dangers of Splenda. Interestingly, the research I published in my book against the safety of sucralose was actually done by the manufacturers, themselves. The lab rats had fertility issues, shrunken immune system glands, aborted fetuses, issues with diabetes and blood sugar spikes and drops, hind leg paralysis, and impotency issues. These were submitted to the FDA, Canadian Health agencies, and EU Health agencies. Sucralose didn't fly with any of these agencies when first applying for approval.

Sucralose, like aspartame, was rejected several times before the manufactures worked they way through the system. They lowered the administered levels so low, they finally passed the test regs and got an "A" for public use.  But, does the average consumer even know what that "low" level is, and do they know what cumulative levels they actually consume daily? No.

Bottom line, anything that has been shown to cause the slightest health dangers should NEVER be allowed on the public market. Especially not allowed into the hands of a child or a pregnant woman, the elderly, or the sick.

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What's up with the Dr. Hull bashing?  What are your credentials?

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Thank you, boschida, very much!

Coffeedrinker is probably someone working for Splenda or Monsanto, or a competitor - obviously out of balance and an unhappy soul. I do not invite debates with negative energy on this site, but I left the last line on their comment, "I don't have to buy your book to see the chemical compound of sucralose" -

Well, coffeedrinker, the chemical formula for Splenda/sucralose is sourced to me, so wherever you see it, it is my research. Anyone repeating it in text form is doing just that, repeating it but sourced to me. I was sent that formula by one of my contacts, an attorney for the EU. Three days after she sent me the information, it was never to be found nor publicly seen again. So, the documents are in my lock box (and in my book) and also in her safe box, 3,000 miles from here.

So, your welcome!


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Geeze, coffeedrinker, I agree with boschida - back off. Dr. Hull is trying to help people. If you want to drink chlorine, I recommend you do it. Maybe it'll numb your aggression.   I bet you're one of those guys that cuts in front of old lady's in traffic.

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You're welcome!  I love your products, and admire your research, drive and determination to heal yourself and to help others.  I love that you're accessible online through this forum and that you take the time to advise, educate, and help each and everyone of us.  It is GREATLY appreciated by many!  Thanks again for all that you do!