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i have just today been diagnosed with sudo seizures now are these reall or are these fake? as i am very confused as i dont no when i am going to have them and just happen i dont have any control over them and i dont no what to do as i am been told its all in my head which i dont agree with at all so what the truth about these seizures?

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xbebex - bless your heart!  You are a victim of medical ignorance, mis-information, confusion, and  answers that are BS. You are having a reaction to aspartame - a common reaction, at that.

Seizures cannot "be all in your head." That's so lame.

Your seizures are coming from inside your head - inside the brain, that is. If you have been using aspartame, this is a common cause of these pseudo-seizures. And a pseudo-seizure means a reaction to something that is causing you to mock a real seizure, but it isn't a real seizure because it a reaction to a toxin. Your doctor can't see it on any lab tests because it is NOT a true seizure - it is a reaction, and if docs can't see it - they don't think it exists. 

My dear, you are stuck in a medical loop, and the only way out is to stop going to stupid doctors!

Find a doctor who KNOWS aspartame is a neurotoxin and that aspartame causes weird brain reactions that will not show up on their out-dated medical tests they charge an inflated amount of money for.

Find a doctor who is open-minded and thinks more about how to help you, than his ego.

Find a doctor who is not lazy and blames what he doesn't know on you.

Find a doctor who never, ever EVER says that a physical symptom is "just in your head!" That line went out with One Flew Over The Coo Coo's Nest back in the 1970s!

You are reaction to aspartame - stop all diet products and remove as many artificial food chemicals from your life as possible - and I bet - I BET! - that you no longer have these seizures.

Please let us know!

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With someone with sudo seizures are they ok to workout( swim team) Very high risk of going under water if they are not seen struggling. Do they know when sudo seizures are coming?? What are the changes of the person chocking on a small amount of water while they have the sudo seizure?

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Hey torresle, I would probably consult your primary physician for recommendations. If I were in your situation and my physician said it was okay, I would at least have someone watch over me at all times.


- Andy

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I have a 15 year old daughter who is a normal teenager and a very good student.  Plays basketball and is in the school play.  For the last 1 plus year she has been having seizure like activity.  She would get a severe migraine headache and either pass out or go into what we believed was hyperventilation.  She would have difficulty breathing and her back would arch and then her body would have convulsions.  This would last for up to 1 minute.  During these fits she was unconscious and would not have any memory of what had happened.  In most cases she would need to rest for several hours after.

Our doctor had us see a cardiologist and a neurologist.  The cardiologist took numerous pictures with a sonogram.  Everything came back normal.  The neurologist did an EEG.  They tried to induce an attack.  They weren

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I am hearing more and more reports of children in their teens, and even in single digits, having seizures and heart attacks, lately. This can be caused by numerous things, but as more and more issues like this occur, we, as a society, need to look at the patterns and the causes. These are our children now falling victim to the low-standard foods and diet products saturating our American food supply and pharmaceuticals.

Before chaos takes over in situations like this, unwind the knot. Slow down, go back in time day by day to determine what foods, drinks, and meds your child is exposed to. Then identify if diet sweeteners are in more products than you realized. Then record when she had her inoculations, how many at one time, and what reactions occurred with 24 hours of these shots.

Then, see what doesn't look right. What is a toxin and how many? Which chemicals are present? Is exposure daily?

Then, see if you can scrutinize her diet when she is not at home - does she eat fries smothered with cheese everyday at school with a diet cola?  Our schools are one of the worst places to access junk foods because the schools need the money offered to them by the companies peddling these toxins. Kids are easy targets, and schools are fertile ground.

That said, do some graphing - research all patterns, all chemical exposure, all toxins going into her body, and search until you find the root cause. This will be your answer.

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for your information.. i suffer from sudo seizures, as well as a conversion disorder.. it sickens me that you could blow this off like it's no big deal.. for me, it is.. i have to live with it daily, and my sudo seizures last anywhere from 10 minutes-2 hours! they do exist, and to someone who has them, it's no joke. maybe you should tell your questioners that they exist, they happen, and they can be in your head. its not lame!!!!! they are caused by a path in your brain going "haywire"! get it straight. what kind of doctor are you!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Whoa - chill out, dude. I am a research scientist who never said they do not exist. Go back and re-read my post before you jump to conclusions and put words in my mouth.

I believe your condition is a reaction to something, like diet sweeteners or MSG. I never said they didn't exist.

There is a cause for everything, and you need to find that cause. Do you have an issue with that? Get out of the victim mode, pull yourself together, and find out WHY this is happening to you. THAT IS WHAT I SAID.

No one can find solutions if they do not try to find the cause. THAT IS WHAT I SAID.

A good place to start is turning negativity into something positive. There is a cause for your seizures - spend the rest of your life finding that cause, and maybe you can overcome this. Just maybe you might. Do you believe that can happen? This is an important point for you to come to terms with. If you don't want me or anyone one bringing this reality to you, then don't bash the messenger....

After I suffered greatly from an illness caused by aspartame, why in Heaven's Name would you think I would discount your situation? I honor anyone's experience, but I also expect them to be proactive about turning over any stone that may offer an answer hidden beneath it.

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I'm 25 years old and I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2007. I had at least 1 seizure a week, finally I got on Lamictal and it seemed to be under control. But I had my second child 2/09 and after that I started getting overwhelmed so they put me on zoloft. Well August rolls around and I'm having 10 or more seizures. Finally they admitted me for 3 days, and put a EEG on for 20 min and found nothing. So a Therapist came into my room and said that I have pseudo seizures. They told me that these seizures are way different than epileptic seizures. That they do not come from the brain. That they are stress induced and that 90% of people w these type of seizures have had emotional or physical abuse in the past. I'm just confused on what a solution would be for this. I'm desperate they are starting to make me think I'm crazy. This is just very frustrating. But I don't know what to believe because I do have epileptic seizures, and when I get really stressed out I start having pseudo seizures. I would like to know how we are able to know the difference. I would just like some advice, or opinions. Thank you for your time

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Well, you are wise to search for the reason these are happening to you - something is causing these seizures. Scrutinize what you are eating and drinking, chewing gum and mints, mouthwashes, etc. Determine what chemicals you are exposed to, and see if you can find a pattern to identify the cause.