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I believe that we should make aspecial topic for thanks dr. Janet, for all the information that she presented for us, i really dont know how can i tell how much these information is useful for everyone.
acutally im very intersting with the subjuct of aspartame, and i always tell the people how i met about the dangerous of this material, but the problem is a few if them believe what i say. i hope in one daythey will understand what i say. 

                                                                                             your sincerely
                                                                                   student/  sabah altai

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thanks Dr.Janet

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sabah - thank you so much for your kind words!  Many skeptics want to be negative because they are unhappy people and find comfort and familiarity in unhappiness. It is what they are used to, sadly. But most people really want to improve their lives - they are just not sure how to do that or who to trust. When someone is genuinely a happy soul with the good of others in their heart, people are attracted to that person because they will radiate hope and a better way of life. People will see that in you and want to change to be like that, too.

So when you share the dangers of aspartame with another person searching to improve their life, they will see the truth in your behavior, and that this truth is a good thing. They will follow your good example and will also choose the better things in life.

Help others through your example, and all those around you will benefit from your kindness.