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Can anything be done to help reduce bone spurs located near the AC joint, or is surgery necessary?

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This is a tricky question. It depends upon how solidified the spurs are; how long they have been there, your body pH, and your nutrient levels.  Many times the nutrients needed for proper bone nutrient exchange (yes, bones take-in and excrete-out) are out of balance, and many people do not realize that the bones require more than just calcium. They require phosphorus, boron, silica, and strontium to name a few minerals and essential elements that work with calcium for bone health. Then, you must secure that your digestion is efficient because this assists the body in assimilating the nutrients where they need to go inside the various body parts. So, if you are not properly assimilating your foods and nutrients, your bones cannot hold on to the vitamins and minerals you provide them; hence, the calcium (et al) builds outside of the bone. To flush it out, you may need to be more acidic (hence the pH Eating Chart), and improve your digestion.

Then to add to this list of things to should do some physical therapy to break-up these bone spurs such as swimming, yoga, palates, etc. Get a personal trainer to get you started, if you can. This will help you ease into this, as it may be painful at first.

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Hi Dr.Hull: l'm a complicated case. l have no nutritionist , the last one made me gain 60lbs.l have agressive Osteoarthritis, caused by Dercums Disease, and Systemic Lymphedema also caused by it. l read your excellant site on The Health Benefits Of Germanium, l found a good brand - My question, do you know how much would help me.
This is a good description of Dercums by Dr.Karen.L.Herbst, MD, Ph.D.
Knowone knows how to treat DD nutritionally, but Germanium ls a porduct that will help my other disorders. Would appreciate your feedback.
Thank You,
Lynette Mayo

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I would take the recommended amount that the company has determined as effective, yet safe. But first, you should consider having the hair analysis done, mayo, so you can explore what toxins may be inside of you that may be the source of this, or at the very least, a contributing cause. Go to to see if you can budget for this - I know it's hard in today's economy. At the very least detox! That is your less expensive and a very wise lifestyle program.

Remember with the germanium, we are not sure if you actually need it without doing a hair test - it will save you time and money in the long run.