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Dr Hull,

I was reading your website and got really excited about doing the hair analysis and if something is out of balance, using your detoxifying program.
However I am 3 months pregnant and I was wondering if it is recomended that I do the detoxifying program. I am currently only taking prenatal vitamins + Omega 3 suplemments but as I come from fertility treatments, I am sure my body would need a deep cleanse as I took so many meds!
Bottom line is: do you recommend the test and the program during pregnancy? If not, what should I take to help my body detoxify and to help with the healthy development of my baby during this period?
Thanks a lot!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy, Mel16. Fertility medciations can be harsh on the body, so you are wise to take a prenatial. Is it a pharmeucetical brands, though? If so, may I recommend MegaFoods' brand as it is one of the best. Simply go to a high-end health food store and match labels; avoid the titamium and other artificial filler andn preservatives n pharmeceutical grade vitamins. YOu will get more beenfit from a natural whole-foods pre-natal. Also, the oils are good, and you can also add a B-Complex and a vitamin C froma scorbic acid.  These will help move any toxins in and out of your bloodstream, and may help detox the baby, too.

One thing to remember is the baby will eat and drink what you eat and drink BEFORE your body utilizes it. The baby has first dibs, so to say. So make sure everything you eat and drink is as pure and chemical free as possible.

I do not recommend beginning a detox during pregnancy because toxins can penetrate through the placenta and can circulate throughout the bloodstreams of both you and baby. So for now, leave well-enough alone and focus on detoxing during breastfeeding. After six weeks or so when the baby is getting adjusted to life, you can introduce some detox vitamins in your foods that will cleanse both you and the baby through the breast milk. But for now, do not "stir up" the toxins if they are not actively metabolized in your system. This will only expose the fetus to toxic metals unnecessarily. Play it safe, and detox later.

Remember, what you eat and drink goes to the baby first. So, if you won't put it in the baby bottle, don't consume it. This goes for diet products, too, so read your labels on everything you put into your mouth.

A great book for you to read during pregnancy is my book, The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet. It is much more than a book on preventing cancer - it is a book on the healthiest foods to eat for all disease prevention. It will teach you the best foods to eat for you and your baby.

The best of luck.

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Dr Hull,
I have been on the pill (Nordette 28) for 13 years and stopped taking it 3 months ago to fall pregnant.  I have been having regular periods since stopping the pill and my last period was May 30 2008.
I did an ovulation test which said I would ovulate between 11-13 June.  I did have sexual intercourse between this time but I'm not sure if I'm ovulating yet or if my body is back to normal. 
I started a 15 day detox program 3 days ago and I want to know if it is safe to be doing this detox program or am I just being paranoid?
Thanks alot.

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- Andy

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I just found out that I am pregnant about two weeks ago. I am about 6 weeks pregnant now, this is my fourth!!! However, I have been doing a lot of research on parasites and I really think I have one. I feel bloated after I eat, even before pregnacy. I only weigh 125 lbs, and I workout pretty regularly, but I do not always eat the best foods. So, I am not sure where this parasite, if any, has come from. I am always tired, my nails are weak, I have abdominal pain ,etc. I had many of these symptoms before pregnacy, that is why I am thinking this is a parasite. I am so disgusted by the thought, but I do not know what to do. I was looking for a parasite cleanser, but then found out I was pregnant and I do not want to do anything to harm my unborn baby. With all of that being said, do you have any recommendations on what I can do naturally to rid my body of parasites? Thank you so much for any advise you can offer me!!!!!!

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Oh my. Bad timing. You are wise to not fill the system with the parasite cleansers while pregnant, because as you know, the baby FIRST gets what you eat and drink; you get what's left over.

Tell you what, though. You can begin to eat the foods that have the parasite-killing elements in them, such as cloves and black walnuts. Add them to your daily diet in a dish or salad, and slowly and without trauma, try to at least keep the parasites from multiplying. Don't worry - they want your nutrients, not the baby.

BUT - DO TAKE A FULL DOSE OF YOUR HEALTHY, NATURAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS during this pregnancy, 6-7 days a week. This will keep your nutrients from being drained from both baby and parasites.

Eat whole foods, drinks lots of water with peppermint flavored chlorophyll in it (that's really healthy), and take a whole foods supplement. This will keep you healthy and strong, and after breastfeeding, then you can get the bugs out (sorry about the pun - I couldn't resist!)

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A lot of people are wondering how to detoxify the body.  I recently read about this guy who was taking all of these herbs to detoxify..One herb is called senna.  Although senna is a laxative, it also drys the body out and does some other things that are pretty bold.  The way to detoxify the body, from what i have found is through breathing, breathing actually changs body ph and thus helps to detox you.  I found something with interesting information about natural detox...

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Research more about detoxing using Dr. Hull's detox program. Her workbook includes emotional health as part of a complete body detox. It's funny that she is such an expert in detoxing, and you don't know about her program. Research it. I have been on it for over 4 years - it is a lifestyle program, that includes positive thinking. She has it down to a real science, and she saved me a bunch of money becuase I didn't buy a buch of stuff that might work, but might not.

You should start with the hair analysis, too, because if you don't know what you're detoxing, what do you really know you need to use?

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I firmly believe that when ANY health issue is present and when ANY questions are left unanswered concerning detoxing, you need to 1) have a hair analysis done to determine WHAT is causing the problems, 2) adopt a very specific detoxification program designed just for YOU and YOUR health needs based on the hair analysis results, 3) restore the nutrients that the hair analysis shows that you are depleted in, and 4) design a lifetime program based on the hair analysis results that secure you move forward in your life with the personalized program you need for YOU.

No guessing with something like this!

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My daughter just got a job she loves working at a beauty salon.  Soon after she found out she is pregnant??!!  She is very happy about it but concerned that some of the chemicals that are used in the salon are quite toxic and may be harmful to her or the baby.  I was wondering what your thoughts would be in this regard and if there is something that she could do to clear any effects of the airborne chemicals.

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First congratz on your pregnancy and I think its not a good idea to detox during your pregnancy. you should wait till the birth of the child.

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I agree that beginning a detox during pregnancy is not a good idea because you don't know what you're detoxing, for one, and two, it can stir the pot when the pot is filled with a growing fetus.

So, what to do?

She needs to do all she can to avoid all the chemicals she is exposed to in every way that she can. Wear latex gloves, move to a station that has better ventilation by a window or outside door. Buy an air purifier and place it next to her work area. Drink plenty of pure water all day, every day. When she gets home, she should spend some time outside to breath in the fresh air, deeply into her lungs. Then, she needs to bath when she gets home and wash off anything residual on her skin and face.

All she can do is be as cautious as possible to eliminate touching, ingesting or breathing these chemicals in.

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My husband and I are thinking about starting a family, and I am detoxing before I get pregnant. If I detox anyway, whether I plan to get pregnant or just happen to find myself pregnant, I'll be detoxed. So, detox before, for sure.

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