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Did you know that we can't get away from EMF?
Did you know that we need the Earth's natural magnetic field to keep our potassium pump working properly to keep our cells well?
We are being bombarded with unhealthy frequencies that are not in the biological range of the earth magnetic field.We have to much disruption and getting bombarded with frequencies that aren't good for our cells. like..... cell phones, computers, radio, T.V's, power lines, cables that run through buildings, it is all around us.
There are things you can do to stay healthy and if you are already sick, then maybe there is a reason.
Please e-mail me Dr.Janet Starr Hull so I can talk further and give you more information.

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Thanks for your post Debbie. Can you reply with more information here so others can see it?


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Thank you for allowing me to respond for more information to put on the forum. If you go to click on virtual classroom and the pass word for the month of May is 629. It changes monthly and I will try to get it to you each month or you can just e-mail me.
This site has alot of information that people need to know about.Susan DeBoer is a scientist, nutritional comsultant and lifestyle educator.Susan has her Honours Batchelor of science and a masters of science with distinction at the University of Guelph.She guides organizations and health practitioners to explore science-based, natural health strategies. On this site there is a video of Susan DeBoer talking about EMF's and a product that can help the function of our cells. After reviewing her site you will get a full understanding what EMF's are doing to your body and how we can't get away from it no matter how hard we try. Very interesting site. Hope to get this out to the people.

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