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I connected recently with a company (health company go figure) that came out with a diet product. It addresses belly fat and I became very excited. I started losing weight, but noticed it was very sweet. (it is a liquid formula) I do not as a rule do a lot of sweet and do not use artificial sweetners. I noticed after my third bottle about three weeks into this diet plan, my shoulders began to really hurt. My very dear friend who also went on this product sunk into a very deep depression, and we learned it contained "sucralose". The company formulater kept saying the study shows this is a safe sweetner, there has been a 20 year study done, etc. I did not want to believe a health company would add this if they thought it would harm us. I went off it and my pain got better. I even backed off on drinking my coffee so strong and cut down thinking maybe I was just too acid.

I started back on and in just a few days the pain returned. I blamed the weather changes for the pain and said well, I must have some arthritis in my shoulder/arm joints or maybe I am having roto cuff issues, Who knows as I do not run to doctors. I stayed on for a week and my weight loss had come to a complete hault. Thinking I am at the plateau, I went off this time for a full week, the pain subsided. Now I am thinking..hmmm...let's do some research on this sucralose. First, I did not know it was Splenda. As mentioned, I don't do sweets, and I don't do fake sugars. My body was pretty much clear of toxins as I do detox often.

It was a Monday and I thouhgt okay, let's give this product one more try. Oh, I also added a hormone supplement from the same company thinking it was hormones keeping me at a weight plateau. When I started back on this and took my morning pill, I noticed the pill was very sweet, so I looked at the bottle and sure enough "sucralose"...why prey tell would any health company add sucralose to a woman's hormone formula in a pill no less!? Wednesday after my morning dose, so this would be 10 ounces later (two ounces each dose) the pain was so bad I cold not tolerate it. That is when I really got serious in researching the connection. I have been off this stuff and the hormone supplement for almost two weeks and the pain is a little less, but not gone.

My question is...can sucralose cause damage to the joints? enough that it will take longer for the body to rid itself of this toxin? I am now convinced this stuff is pure poison and needless to say I am not promoting this product and have lost a great deal of respect for this company and the potential harm they are causing a lot of people. I am glad it happened to me because I am a very big promoter of something I believe in and I could have brought harm to many people's lives. The company claims they are going to remove sucralose from this product. I think the company owners need to take a far better stand on what they are adding to their products and the potential harm they are causing people.

If anyone knows if this can cause damage to the joints or a link where I can specifically research this, would appreciate it. Thanks.

UPDATE:  After contacting the company and expressing my side effect and those of some folk I introduced to this product, I received an email from the product formulator standing firm that sucralose is SAFE. Does not sound like it is going to be removed. Apparently me and the few in my group are the ONLY ones of 100,000 people using this weight formula that has had an issue. Hmmm...I highly doubt that. Probable the onely ones bold enough to speak out. He basically referred to me as a diehard naturalist. Well, it was not until I investigated sucralose that I even knew what it was or why I was having such pain in my body. The pain is subsiding, but not gone as I have to look into some serious detoxing at this point. I think thousands of people using Splenda/sucralose do not know that their health issues could be related to this toxin. I would never have known without doing my homework. And would still be using this toxin not knowing why the pain in my joints and all over the body was happening and likely would have just brushed it off as aging or something.

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Sucralose is 3/4 chlorine, and chlorine is a carcinogen that can accumulate as a toxic build up in your body - and this can cause body and joint aches. 

Anytime someone is experiencing new and odd health symptoms, and these diet products are used regularly or in high quantities, I ALWAYS look to these toxins first as the source of health issues. Remove them, detox and restore a healthy diet, and most of the time, these "mysterious" health symptoms go away and never come back!

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"...the onely ones bold enough to speak out" Probably so! Thanks for sharing your info with us.

- Andy

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My wife warned me about the potential dangers concerning sucralose and in checking this morning on several websites, I've decided to halt my ingestion of sucralose and see if my joint pain subsides. I've been on a metabolic diet for approx. 8 weeks and am required to drink 1.1 gallons of water per day. I had trouble drinking that much water so I switched to a sucralose flavored water which was easier to tolerate than straight water. When I do jog, I experience joint pain for several minutes before the pain finally subsides. I attributed the joint pain to old age but now I want to see if the pain susides with the elimination of sucralose.

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Old age  does not exist - toxic age does, though. Let us know your findings, but don't doubt your wife's wisdom, and her concern. She cares about you, and that's a good thing!

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Joint pains. I have just  joined the forum to post a response concerning this. For almost a year now, I have been experiencing 'all over' body in the aches from a flu virus. I have turned fifty this year and assumed that it was my age, as I do a lot of physical work. I thought I may have the beginnings of arthritis..but sometimes, I would look in the mirror in the morning and see a darkness under my eyes, that I began to think that I may have had some underlying major disease. Well, I found out differently. I have emailed letters to the FDA, the company involved and my doctor so I will post a copy of one of the letters just to get an idea of what I am trying to say...


I am writing with concerns over a situation that my son and I have been through.
It has to do with the artificial sweetener.. Aspartame.

I will begin with my son. For quite some time, he was suffering with headaches, dizziness, leg cramps and a feeling of just being unwell.
He had seen a doctor who prescribed medication for

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Just to finish off, I was speaking to my daughter in law a number of weeks ago, expressing my concern over the amount of asthma cases, diabetes cases and cancer that is around today. I explained that it is only around 40 years ago (when I was a young child) that we never heard of such things..I mean, people that we knew. I don't remember ever seeing someone wheezing with asthma or someone who couldn't eat sugar..etc.  I said to her that there must be something causing all this..what is it???  Well, God has started answering that one! Starting to see!!  I have also recently seen some youtube vids. on 'chemtrails'!!!!  What on earth??!!


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Sharon, there is a lot of good information about aspartame dangers available on the net, but I'd be careful of the Martini woman....she's a bit shady.

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Sharon, your enthusiasm is great and it takes a passion to expose this truth to keep going because you will find that most doctors and the FDA do not respectfully recognize the history of aspartame and its dangerous side effects.

This is a conflict between the consumer, lobbyists for the sweetener industry, the media and advertisers, between doctors, between the FDA itself, between researchers, and between the watchdog groups. It is a nasty, hateful and vengeful issue driven by greed and money, so stay as positive as you can with the hope that one day, the history of the diet sweeteners will become mainstream news. As it stands now, it is a very slow and hard information battle to fight.

Good luck in your efforts, and keep informing those you know about this information.

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The FDA has always been very prompt in answering my concerns with 'robotic like' facts and figures..but the response I sent to them after they last emailed me all these facts..they didn't respond! I will post the questions I asked after reading a whole lot of information.

Thankyou for that information. It seems you must get a lot of enquiries about this product! The fact that you didn't address the personal health issues that I wrote about, worries me greatly. My son and myself have had a marked improvement in our health, in fact, ALL symptoms have gone since ceasing these 'aspartame products'. I have read that there are many other cases where this has occurred. Shouldn't that, alone, be cause for concern?! Obviously tests need to be done on these people ..not animals! Have you ever looked into any of these cases and, if so, what were your findings? Please tell me you have researched some of these people's complaints.


Still haven't responded!

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If 'they' were doing this years ago..what on earth are 'they' doing now. Check out this vid..there is no viewing..just a small amount of information that says sooo much!

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Just me! I know I have written a lot here so far but it is just that I am reading other posts and am 'seeing' so much.

It all boils down to..I was consuming chemical cocktails of diet yogurt, diet sweets, diet drinks and then washing it all down with splenda'd coffee!! And to top it all off...washing all that down with 'flouride added' water!! No wonder there are so many people sick and so many diseases around today. Losing weight is one of the most lurative business's around today so the money intake must be incredible..not to mention the medical industry that cop all the end results of these diet products!!

Do you want to see something so scarey, that I have been looking into for quite some time now? Something else that will go into our air and poison our system..something else that will partner up with an rfid implant? If you are interested, please watch all of the vids. as it involves the medical industry also.  People will breathe this in..then what!!!  Total control of the people. A MUST SEE!!!  America has already ordered them.  The medical industry involved.

Getting these poisons out of the system..while people still have the 'choice' to do so!!


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Sharons - I have been working with thousands of people over the years who have experienced numerous reactions to aspartame - all common reactions and all proven as side effects in research studies. I have posted those studies on my websites, and in the forum. Every month I post an aspartame case history in my newsletter, and I have some poignant case histories in both my books - Sweet Poison and Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not?

To address your question about researching the complaints from people reacting to aspartame - this is what my work is all about. My websites, my books, and my hair analysis counseling all represent the side effects people are suffering and how to remediate them from the body and restore natural health. Simply reading my newsletters, my books, and the websites should address your question "if I research people's compaints."

The reality of this issue: the politics behind diet sweeteners are too powerful at this time to stop the harm that's being done. Sadly, people are being sacrificed for the profits being made. As a global society, the politics controlling human beings are out of control: oil, deforestation, GMOs, chemical food additives, diet sweeteners, inoculations, interest rates, the right to comfortably own your home, and expensive and ineffective medical treatments for diseases are all examples of how far off track we have gotten. It is very hard to turn this ship around, and for now, all we can do is keep the truth circulating. Winning against the politics isn't tangible at this time, but it will be and can be. As soon as people stop buying into the matrix, we can make changes. That takes awareness, and this is the place to begin.

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Personally it was awesome!!! the topic of the post is very informative. Almost people has unknown about this. To reduce this problem as soon as possible should be taken some steps for awareness. Otherwise this tremendous concern will be out of control.


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I think you may have read my post incorrectly. It seems you have mistaken my letter to the company as a question I have put to you. The part in your response..'should address your question "if I research people's compaints."' tells me that you may have mistaken my letter as being addressed to you. This is not the case..I hope you don't think I was questioning your competance. The letter was one I sent to the company I was referring to in earlier posts after I had read all the facts and figures they sent me. Oh I feel awful now!!!! Thinking that I was adressing this to you!! NOT AT ALL!

Thankyou for your response anyway.


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Oh, thanks. Yes, I thought you were questioning me. Now, I'm embarrassed.

Thanks for clearing that up - I was confused.

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I had written about the sugar free sweets called 'eclispe' and how I had stopped eating them.  Over Time, I have seen a lot more symptoms disappearing than I had realised I had. One in particular was a swallowing problem I was noticing. As I work at a nursing home, I have seen a lot of cases of needing to be thickened so as to prevent it being inhaled into the lungs. What we would call 'going down the wrong tunnel'. As you know, this causes profuse coughing. Well, I was becoming increasingly worried that I, at 50, was already suffering with the beginnings of this terrible condition. I was coughing and spluttering more and more often and was becoming embarrassed by this. BUT!!! I have not had an episode since I stopped eating those mints..not until...I decided to have a couple, just to check if the joint pains come back. Sure enough, the day I had knees were aching terribly within hours of having just a small amount..AND.. I coughed and spluttered my food. It wasn't until that happened that I actually noticed that I hadn't had that problem since the very day I had stopped eating them beforehand..and now, just one day of eating a very small amount, I was coughing and spluttering on my food again. I actually didn't tie it to the mints originally. I had been doing neck exercises every night and thought it had something to do with maybe I had changed the muscular arrangement somehow and it was affecting my swallowing..(well sounds more believable than eating a mint!!!). I stopped the exercises. But it continued. I didn't notice that it stopped when the mints stopped but did notice that it started again when the mints were started...that's enough for me. Hasn't happened since that trial day!!!!!!!!!!! So much more that I hadn't related to this!! A lousy poison was turning me into and old women before my Time!!

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Ahhhh..can you believe I wrote dysphasia!!!!! I didn't even spell it right!!! Is confusion a symptom???? (no I didn't eat any mints!!)

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OK, I've pulled myself together....Dysphagia!!