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I'm so glad to be able to have a place to share concerns about aspartame.

I found you because I recently had some distressing lab results that don't make sense to me.  sad I'm having them repeated but one thing I've been wondering about is whether aspartame could trigger a spike in my glucose level.  I was scheduled for a fasting glucose test and refrained from eating and drinking for about 12 hours before I went to the lab.  On the way there, I inadvertently popped some sugar-free gum in my mouth and chewed it for a little while.  Did not remember I had actually done this until after I received the distressing news that my glucose level was at 7.2.  Last time I had it tested, it was only 5.4 (about 2 years ago).  I'm not really a regular sugar eater and although a little overweight, it's nothing 20 pounds can fix. 

Although I might have some of the symptoms listed for type 2 diabetes, mostly frequently needing to pee (sorry...), the thought that I have diabetes just doesn't "feel" right.  So many of the symptoms for type 2 seem like they could be also listed for a dozen or more other diseases.

I also wonder if aspartame can interfere with the body's ability to absorb nutrients such as iron or calcium.

I have been drinking diet coke since it was introduced which is about 27 years.  I drink 4 to 6 cans every day and although it might not sound like SO MUCH, if you consider how long I've been drinking it, that's a lot of diet coke.  I've probably been ingesting more of it via "light" foods I buy at the grocery, but I don't frequently buy those.

I have experienced a lot of the symptoms others have listed for aspartame poisoning.  Things like a weird lack of equillibrium for a moment, fatigue, nausea, changes in heart rate, memory loss and I even had hives a while ago.  Don't get me started on mood changes, and one of the worst for me, abdominal cramps/bloating that is unrelated to my period.

I just did a costco run about a week ago and have 2 flats of diet coke in my beverage fridge which I specifically purchased in order to always have a "cold one" available when I wanted it.  4-6 times a day.  LOL!  Somebody tell me to open each and every one over the sink....

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Hey there and welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments.

Best of luck to you!

- Andy

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Puffy. Let me address you questions in one answer for all - YES!

YES, aspartame is most probably at the root of all your health concerns. (If I had you as a hair analysis patient, I could say this WAS the cause, but there could be some other nasties in there, too, making things more complicated.)

YES, removing aspartame from your diet, detoxing and restoring the nutrients that aspartame robs from your body will return you to your normal self in a matter of weeks.

YES, this issue is real, sad but true.

Don't dump the diet sodas - take them back to Costco and ask for a refund because they "make you ill." They will refund your money, return the open bottles or cans to the manufacturer, and this will help them realize that consumers are waking up and rejecting this poison.

Also, read a copy of my book, Sweet Poison - you'll get some peace from it, and feel like you are reading about yourself. It will make you feel like you are NOT the only one going through this, and it will help you understand why this has gone on for so long - all the politics and how this issue is manipulated by the media and the corporations that own the media.

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Hi, Puffy, my name is Max. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just over 4 years ago. I know how it feels to be baffled by a test result, as it directly reflects a large number of habits by issuing a single value.

It sounds like the test you are referring to is the Hemoglobin A1C test, as it is the only one I can think of that gives a result like 5.4 and 7.2. This test measures a quantity of a chemical in your blood that correlates with your glucose control over the last 120 days, so it may be beneficial to be tested more often than every two years. I don't think gum will effect that particular test too severely, so I am willing to bet your reading is accurate. I may be wrong, but I believe the fasting is to help gather accurate results for other tests such as cholesterol and enzyme levels.

It is a good idea to keep these things in check as much as possible. All of the potholes you drive over in your car will show when you need new tires sooner than you thought. The same is true for your body. I'm sure your doctor and many other people have told you the horror stories of complications that can be reduced by better control of your diabetes. Poor blood sugar control can have the same effects as the symptoms listed on this site that are supposedly caused by aspartame.

Dr. Hull, I would like to start by telling you how much respect I have for you and all of the efforts you have made. I will agree with you when you say that adjusting the diet might help health in general. However, I would like to know what in Puffy's post lead you to believe that an increase in glucose over a period of the last 2 years has to do with 27 years of drinking diet soda containing aspartame.

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Well, 27 years of drinking a poisonous substance that engages the cephalic phase response and insulin production can surely create a diabetic situation, and most probably,  unnecessarily.

Many things can result in Type I over time - severe infection as a child, chronic hypoglycemia that was not corrected through diet, eating disorders, and chronically ingesting a toxin that is known to interact with insulin production.

After my years of researching the adverse affects of aspartame and learning from the researchers, themselves, I am a personal believer that aspartame can cause diabetes.

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Thank you for your further explanation.

Re: Effects of Aspartame on Blood Sugar

Good luck uncovering these answers. Keep searching, and they will come.