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Dr. Hull, you mentioned you have an agave plant... now despite the fact that every industry expert I've talked to has told me there is no such thing as agave nectar that tastes anything even slightly approaching what is sold in the stores, to such an extent that even to Mexican friends of mine, one who's actual uncle makes agave nectar (as well as tequila) for two obviously separate reasons... no one has any clue what this stuff in the usa is except the mnfrs and experts I've talked to and everyone of them has said the same thinggggg, it is 100%  pure high-fructose agave syrup made exactlyyyyyyy the same as high fructose corn syrup.... no difference, straight down to the fructose amount which said fructose, causes NO jump in glycemic index nor spike of insulin... though it will destroy a human pancreas and make you fat fat fat as easily as high-fructose corn syrup does.... now, I'm just about to give up as to finding anything healthy even in a tiny drop regarding so called agave syrup/nectar/whatever.... even my Mexican friends who ate the stuff in Mexico said the agave nectar inside the plant doesn't taste all that great, it's ok, but no big deal, just blah whatever... shoot, if that's not enough, there's an entire article written on the hideousness therefof on from yet another insider/expert... sigh... here it is: … ealth.html Agave Nectar, the High Fructose Health Food Fraud  I've been looking into this for yearssss to no avail except nothingggg but hideous news.. and this is the #1 health food sweetner for those poor raw foodists that are being soooooo amazingly duped... any good news for me Dr. Hull????  Robert von (nutrition consultant)

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It is not the plant that should be questioned as much as the way it is processed. Let a human try to profit from it out of his lab, and you are not talking apples to apples.

High fructose corn syrup cannot be accurately compared to agave nectar unless you eat them both raw out of the field. If both are boiled and altered drastically in the lab, then they both become something different......and not for the better.  Eating fresh corn and getting its sweetness that way can be compared to eating a slice of the agave leaf. So, don't let manufacturing taint the naturalness of the plant or of the corn.

Any succulent like agave has much to offer - it may taste different because humans are used to manufactured tastes, but by golly, raw agave is nutritious. Whether it tastes good right off the leaf is debatable. But it has more natural qualities than many other sweet food sources.

I suggest letting the agave nectar ferment for a few days in a cool, dry spot, and see if this tones the bitterness down a bit. I have discovered with many natural foods, such as soy, when they are allowed to ferment properly, they are perfectly safe and very tasty. Man's manufacturing "rush-for-profit" philosophy never allows these natural foods time to properly ferment, and this is the issue with natural soy versus corporate soy. One is good and the other, bad.

Again, man can change good things into bad things, simply through processing.

Personally, I don't sweeten anything, nor do I salt anything. I go with the natural tastes of the food itself. If I do sweeten, and that's rare, I use raw sugar cane.

I grow the agave for my wildlife preserve; my giant tortoises eat it for 100% complete nutrition. But, it is sweet, yet bitter, all together.

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Hi Dr. Hull,
I have to post a response to your reponse concerning smith and dorathy's conversation... you recommending the following in coffee for diabetics in place of Splenda...

"saccharin for extra sweetness is my recommendation"

Saccharin is an old artifical sweetner that from my knowledge could cause cancer... at least this is what I had heard from year past... hence the reason why these other sweetners started coming into market.

I'm REALLY surprised you would recommend saccharin!!???

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I researched the history of saccharin and write extensively about it in my book Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? I have also written many articles about the true history of saccharin. 

Saccharin never caused cancer in rats - it was blended with cyclamate in those studies, and cyclamate is a known carcinogen.  No humans have ever formed cancer from saccharin, and the FDA lifted the cancer warning off the saccharin packets in 2001.

Your info on saccharin is old and incorrect. Read my book for the documented history about saccharin. Monsanto Chemical Company owned both saccharin and NutraSweet, and they played the market to see which one would be the best seller.

Monsanto's first product in 1903 was saccharin, which they sold to the "new" Coca Cola Company, so saccharin was in the original cokes from the start. The cancer warning was put on the packet when NutraSweet took off, but at the time this warning was put on the pink packet in 1981, it was agreed that it would be taken off in 2001. This was a set up from the start. I have these documents in my book.

Saccharin is no longer the pure and natural form used over 100 years ago, but it is better than the lab-created toxic sweeteners aspartame, neotame, ace-k, or Splenda. Most diabetics will tell you the pink packet is the only one that doesn't spike their blood sugar, and again, the story that saccharin caused cancer was not true.


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I just stopped adding extra sugar, period. It has worked for me because I can actually taste my food and drinks better now. A cup of coffee tastes more like real coffee, and tea is really good because it tastes like tea.

Do these diet chemicals numb your taste buds? I think they do.

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Many of us are vegans, and putting cream/milk/sugar into one's coffee is forbidden.  Sugar is poison, and adding dairy is saturated fat and accumulates in the arteries and the probability of a heart attack is not guaranteed but the chances are there and not in your favor; but, along with eating the cheese and meats, get your affairs in order.  Fifty-percent of Americans will have a heart attack, most do not know they have the disease, and fifty percent of those will die upon their first stroke or heart attack.  Stevia in black coffee is really the only choice; however, remember it is your body and only you are responsible for it, not your friends, not your doctor, but YOU.  Make wise decisions and live a longer healthier life.

"...if you choose to perish, do so with full knowledge of how cheaply how small an enemy has claimed your life." ...Ayn Rand.

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I am over weight and have been trying to lose weight.I tried alli and aciaberry and green tea and i have gained weight. I've been using splenda for years in my coffee and tea and started using it on my cereal about 6 months ago. I'm going to stop using splenda today and i will let you know the out come.By the way my name is Dot.

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celticson - you can add soy, almond, or rice milk to your coffee or tea.

Dot - the chemical sweeteners have been proven in research studies to cause weight gain and for numerous reasons. Research this further - do you have any history of eating disorders? Do you exercise regularly, and this doesn't mean having to go to the gym; it means moving your body daily by walking the dog, gardening, biking, swimming?

Then eat smaller portions at each meal, and eat more often. Like grazing, keep your body's blood sugar at a constant level, and avoid your blood sugar levels from dropping. Then you might want to check into having a hair analysis done to see if you are toxic in metals that may be blocking your absorption of nutrients. Your blood sugar nutrients may be out of balance. Instead of guessing at the answers, let's get some! Go to to see if this will help you.

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Hello...I posted, on anther thread, about the confectionary co. that have just brought out the sugar free lollies made with Stevia instead of artificial sweetners. I was sooo happy and have tried them..they are nice.  I did check the contents though and found that there is still one Is that harmful??  Siiigghhhh!!