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My hope and prayer is this type of ignorance and control will be at its last stitch effort. This is total insanity, and making humans into sterile robots.

I, too, never cease to be amazed at human arrogance and stupidity. Rulings such as this are screaming for a consumer revolution - it's coming if this type of legislation doesn't stop.

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I am no conspiracy nut (had to throw the disclaimer out there) but,I am truely affraid of all of the new laws and regulations heading toward us.It seems that we are headed for a new era of food law and control. it was the United Nations that declared Recently that they can use food as a weapon and we all know that farmers and small producers are in big trouble if this trend continues. Please look into the new House Bill H.R.2749 and see what they have in store for "We The People" now. Plus, please investigate Codex Alimentarius on the web and you will be as alarmed as I am. We are in for one heck of a ride so hold on tight and get the word out. If we are to stop all of this we must inform ourselves and anyone who will listen with an open mind and open heart.For our children.A First the FDA will declare all vitamins and supplment as toxins to aid them in controling what we eat,drink or use as a vitamin suppliment,then our nutrician will suffer and a great loss of life will occur. B-17 was found to have health benefits and the FDA still banned it,WHY? Now B-6  is declared a drug. Something is not right. We all already know that FLUORIDE is one of the most harmful ions on the planet yet,the GOVT> puts it in our public drinking water supply,WHY?

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Aspartame causes KNOWN major health issues yet it was finaaly pushed through the FDA after DONALD RUMSFELD came into power in the govt and REPLACED the FDA director who was restricting it from the market. D Rumsfeld was the CEO of SEARLE Pharmaceuticals when attempting to get Aspertame on the shelves for consumers to be poisoned slowly.(some not so slowly)But poisoned non-the-less. This corrupt practice is a crime against humanity.This poison is used in nearly every sugar free product on the market and it never(perhaps)seen the light of day on the supermarket shelves if not for the retaliation against a FDA director interested in protecting consumers.It is almost as if the govts of the world are trying to conrtrol populations.

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Sorry,nutrition,is vital for healthy living and we all know the outcome for those who dine on fast food and junk regularly. Many suffer alot of negative health as a result yet un-healthy food is so easy and fast not to mention Cheap, unless you look at the adverse health issues and consequent medical care needed. Health foods and foods of the sort are now and have been very expensive historicly making it difficult for the average working stiff to afford any healthy food,we are forced to put terrible food into our bodies and hope we are not hurting ourselves.

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If you think about it the health care industry is just that, an industry. Suppose that one day in some far fetched scenario the entire non-medical world were to suddenly decide to eat an organic diet that included only the required number of calories and the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Now also imagine that we eliminated most of the environmental pollutants out there.

In this day and age how many people actually suffer from real diseases? Probably not enough to maintain a multi-trillion dollar industry. Certainly not enough to fill patient beds in all the hospitals.

Now also suppose that you were the government of a nation like China or Japan who have either just a large population or limited space with a growing population. We don't really have wars with the casualty rates we saw in WWI or WWII. So there's not a periodic decrease in population.

That government is faced with a very real problem, how to feed and sustain its population. People are not going to suddenly stop procreating very willingly. Even with China's strict one child per family edicts, there's plenty of people there who have more than one child despite penalties.

Then there's the food industry. Suddenly they are hard pressed to produce quality food that greatly erodes profits if you maintain the price at a reasonable level.

The pharmaceutical industry would cry foul because the vast majority of their profits isn't on malaria drugs or aspirin but band-aids for the by-products of our Western society way of life. There's lots of money to be made in diabetic drugs, mood regulators, weight loss drugs, etc.

The alternative is to let the population relieve those burdens and keep the cash machine running by playing on vices.

We live in a stressful world. Our society places great emphasis on monetary success (usually at any price), that trade off is physical and mental health. Marketing companies (I used to work for one) play off of people's insecurities and vices by presenting them with quick fixes.

Having a bad day? Indulge yourself with a Krispy Creme doughnut. Want to get more for your money? Spend another quarter and you can have a super-size more than your body needs artery clogging order of french fries and a 300 plus calories corn syrup drink to wash it down with. It's good for us because corn syrup costs up pennies to buy and the oil we cooked your cheap potato fries with was a lot cheaper than a high quality olive oil. And the MSGs we put into all of that meat will stimulate your brain cells to unnatural euphoric levels. Sure we'll be setting you up for diabetes, depression and alzheimers but that won't happen until you're close to medicare age. By that time government tax dollars will be diverted to hospitals via your medical bills. That in turn will employ thousands of people in the health care industry who will spend the paychecks that allow them just enough money to buy a few little extra Chinese made trinkets at Wal-Mart. That in turn keeps the economy going.

Or, you may have a job with a great salary. One that affords you vacations to exotic places with beaches. If that is the case you'll want to look good. The cover of the latest swimsuit magazine has a very svelte model with a dark tan. If you look like that you're sure to gain lots of affirmation from the other tourists and be the envy of the resort. With just one month to prepare there is little time. Spend a nice chunk of your income on a bottle of our latest quick fix pill that will remove unwanted body fat. Sure you'll have heart palpitations, high blood pressure, eye problems and the shakes but it's worth it to look like the cover model our ads help pay for. And get rid of that pasty vampire look on one of our melanoma inducing tanning beds.

But maybe you don't travel or you feel embarrassed having your clothing options limited to the big and tall section of the department stores. That's alright. There is no need for you to feel this way. After all it's your right to enjoy a bag of Doritos and jar of Pancho's cheese sauce. Those MSGs made you feel good and forget all about your stressful day and the fact that every one of your requests on were ignored. There's no reason to feel down now. Just visit your doctor and get the latest prescription of whatever mood elevating drug we have an exclusive patent on at the moment. We need to recoup those millions of advertising dollars we spent in the media that insists you're a total failure because you're boring and overweight.

It's a vicious cycle and unfortunately our society is based upon it. And government entities like the FDA really don't care. It's in their best interest to keep it that way. If you were working for the FDA and paid huge sums of money or offered consulting jobs by private companies after your early government retirement, would YOU be interested in reducing the need for your services?

And if you were the government of a first world country, would YOU be interested in run away population or the dismantling of a huge part of the economy (health care and the prepared food industry)?

The best thing you can do for yourself and those you love is to arm yourself with accurate information and determine what is in YOUR best interest.

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Very, VERY well written and well put! Thank you for taking the time to put this in your post.