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thank you i have been diagnosed with menieries and have fybromyalga (excuse spelling) since leaving off aspartame i have felt better i contacted my consultant and told him and the food regulators but they aren't interested i tell everyone about the dangers but what more can i do i would love to speak to like minded people and maybe get a group together please can you advise. thank you

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kazzy - this is all we can do for now...gather together and help one another as a grassroots movement.

A HUGE red flag for me is when a medical practitioner, who is supposed to be a scientist and an open-minded scholar, is neither! How can anyone with intelligence NOT be open-minded to the common sense of aspartame toxicity, especially when the research has proven it is a carcinogen?? Have humans become so narrow-minded they are not even curious that you may be right??? What does your doc have to gain by thwarting you?

A good medical doctor should remain open-minded to all possibilities, and if one of his patients makes a correlation like this, that doctor SHOULD honor that patient. How dare anyone question your opinion and concerns - that's pure arrogance. He should be willing to work with you.

Search for a real doctor that will listen to you, honor your concerns, and try to do anything it takes to help you get better.

Shop your doc, I say - find a better one. But for now, you have found information that is real, is proven, and will help you get better. You can do this without your doc. Maybe that's the life lesson!

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Thank you for your reply. I will keep shouting from the roof tops about the dangers of aspartame. I put a post on weight watchers site and got rediculed by ignorant people. the comments back were insulting to say the least. Keep up your good work and thanks to your site maybe someone will take notice.

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Well, this is a pattern I have had to put up with for 20 years - negative comments from some mean, unhappy, and angry people who refuse to take their heads out of the sand. Doesn't it amaze you that people who need help getting their weight down, improving their health, and attitudes, back on track, refuse to accept answers that will really help them? The basic problem with people accepting the fact that will have to give up that tasty sugar-free food or drink, is they have to work harder to get control of themselves.

I have more positive comments and wonderful connections with people than the unpleasant contacts, but organizations like quackwatch and industry lobbyists that blog the safety of aspartame, make it hard for people like me. Even though the research is out there, some people refuse to be sensible, logical or just, plain smart about the diet sweeteners. My hope is that they eventually step out of their own way, and figure it out.

Marketing nets billions of dollars for the diet industry by keeping people lazy and apathetic - they convince consumers that they can be irresponsible and eat and drink all they want, without exercise, and drink all the colas they want - diet colas - and they'll lose weight.  NOT! They particularly market to children, who are easy targets.

The solution is to live by example and invest your time with those that DO want to change their lives in the right ways!

That's satisfying, and well worth your time.

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Aspartame is an artificial sweetener such as Equal and NutraSweet. It is also found in many diet foods, sugar free gum and diet sodas. It is also used as a sugar substitute for people with diabetes.

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Do you believe that it is also a toxin?