Topic: Aspartame cause progressive paralysis?

1) Could aspartame cause progressive paralysis in an 11-year old identical twin when the twin is healthy?

2) How/where is the best testing?


Re: Aspartame cause progressive paralysis?

Mike, I did answer you from my office email, but for our readers' benefit to read my reply, I think it is a good idea to do a hair test so we are not guessing at something this serious. There are pieces to the answer traditional medical tests cannot provide, and looking to see if heavy metals are present is a good place to start.

YES, aspartame has been proven to cause serious affects on the central nervous system, and the research has proven this. At the end of this post, I will add the links to the research studies proving aspartame can be a driving force in this situation.

The medical community will provide some answers for you, of course, like if she is PKU recessive, but they will not step outside of the box to consider every alternative possibility. Keep searching, asking, reading, and probing for her welfare sake, but consider the fact that when the medical community has no answers, they will keep looking and "experimenting for research sake", using her as a pin-cushion and human lab rat. For a child, this can be traumatic, so at some point, you will want to stop all the "experiments" on her. She will be left in trauma, fearful of doctors, and no better for it.

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