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Okay so I have been on the detox program for a week now, and I have still yet to have the desired stool effect with the detox pills.  The dosage on the bottle says that the daily amount is 8 tabs, and I have increased daily hoping to get to the desired effect.  I am up to 17 tabs, and this seems a bit much.  Am I doing something wrong?  Not doing something?  Should I keep going up?  Is there a maximum?  Someone has suggested "drinking"  olive oil to help it along as well.

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I actually found the answer to to my above question in a past post, so I will keep going with upping the dosage.  I do have another question that hopefully someone can answer though.  I have been reading about Candida, and was wondering if this detox program addresses this problem?  Does anyone know?  I saw the yeast-ex product and wondered if it was needed.  Should I just wait until my detox is finished, and then see what is needed or can this be started on know as well?

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where do I find a list of aspartane free foods?

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JASD - one disadvantage of not having a hair test done before detoxing, is that other issues that might be present are unknown to you, or to me, so we are somewhat guessing at what else is happening here. But, if you think Candida is an issue, this does explain why the system isn't flushing through the bowels. You may have an overgrowth of yeast in the lower GI, and that needs to be cleansed, as you have mentioned.

The Yeast-Ex is one of the best, and strongest, yeast eliminators I know. It works. A colon cleanse taken at the time of the detox will help clean the bowels, too. Also, drinking more water, using more natural oils such as flax seed oil, coconut oil, or olive oil (! teaspoon daily), will help grease the system. Fish oils from cold water fish are always good, too.

Take this detox slower; if yeast has blocked your intestines, the detox will work, but it needs to be done over a longer period of time so the yeast can excrete with the toxins. Removing toxins too fast if the system isn't eliminating efficiently can accumulate the toxins in the lower intestines. This may be why elimination isn't responding.

Many times people want to remove toxins quickly, and this can be done with some people, but it takes a longer time with others. Patience, and lifestyle changes that are permanent, are the keys - this isn't just a 6-week thing for you, it appears. This is a slower more dedicated program that will allow your body to eliminate more than just one toxin, and yeast takes a longer time to rid from the body.

And yeast wraps around metals like a barancle sticks to a ship, so they are piggy-backing on one another. This makes the mass heavier and harder to slide through the system.

Don't stop, though!  You have begun to pull toxins out, whatever they may be, and if yeast is there, this exacerbates the toxic load. Stay dedicated and patient; take your time because the body needs to be able to metabolize and eliminate the toxins you are pulling out in its own time.

How many years do you feel it has taken to reach this point of toxic load?  Give it 1/2 that time to remove it. You may think that is a long time, but that's merely 1/2 the time - that's fast to turn your life around, forever!

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colleen - I have a list of foods and medications with aspartame in my book, Sweet Poison, and a list with Splenda in my book, Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not?

Read ALL your labels on EVERYTHING that you buy to put into your mouth. This is the only way to know because many products hide the fact it is in them, so they add diet chemicals and do NOT label the products as sugar-free, such as the many varieties of Wrigley gum. It's in them and they are NOT labeled sugar-free gum. This is merely one tiny example.

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Ok, I am new and wondering how / where to get the detox program.


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Welcome to the Forum! Go to and you can see the publications and programs I have created to detox. Right now, we are looking for a new supplier for my detox vitamins, but I have the programs outlined for you to do anywhere, anytime. Actually, I really want to find a company with my quality and expectations to market and supply the program supplements, so I can focus on the hair analysis program and my writing.

I am a former college professor, so writing and "teaching" is my gig. I want everyone to learn the why and how and what to do to adopt a new lifestyle change for better health.

Check it out!

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Remove toxins from your body, you will feel better about yourself both inside and outside. Detox is intended primarily to cleanse your body. The goal of detoxification is to cleanse the blood of your body eliminate toxins that can make the functioning of your body in less than optimally.

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A good detox cleanses the water stores in the body as well as the blood.

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My niece is going thru withdrawals. What helps to get her thru it............

I've been hooked on vicodin. The best way for me was come off them slowly. If I was doing 12 a day. Cut it back to six for a couple days, then 4, 2 and then one.

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Well, this is a smart way to wean off medications. You are wise to have done this.