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Dr. Hull:  I recently attended a house warming party of a friend of mine.  She was serving mojitos, and knowing of my low-carb lifestyle (I get my carbs from vegetables and fruits, and occasional whole grains) she purchased Splenda to use in my mojito instead of sugar.  I had three mojitos, and before the night was over suffered what I believe to be a severe drop in blood sugar.  (WAY beyond the normal effect of the rum alone!  It is now Monday, and I'm still shaky.)  Prior to the party I had a diet peach tea from a convenience store, sweetened with ??? (my guess is Nutrasweet); also I worked out at the gym before having a dinner of chicken breasts, peppers and green and yellow beans.  Could the Splenda be the culprit which made my blood sugar levels drop so badly, in conjunction with the rum in those three drinks?  I know this is supposed to occur with aspartame.  I have in the past had more mojitos than simply three over a 5-6 hour course of a night, sweetened with normal sugar, and have never experienced this kind of reaction.

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Don't forget you had a chaser with aspartame, prior to the party. You had enough toxic chemicals floating through your system to make any one sick, let alone someone as sensitive as you.

Yes, the two different sweeteners, plus the alcohol, plus a high metabolism from working out all contributed to some serious body imbalances. Well, at least you now know to watch your labels on everything you eat or drink, and you can politely thank your hostess next time for trying to be considerate, but educate her on the fact that a small amount of regular suagr is much healthier than too many toxic chemicals.

Suggest that she try using stevia or agave nectar when serving sugar-free mojitos.

PS - have you checked your chromium/vanadium/zinc levels, lately?

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Hi Dr. Hull!  Thank you so much for your reply; I have now taken myself off the Diet Coke-diet instant fruit tea-anything containing aspartame foods/drinks which I believe have been giving me some really weird and adverse symptoms.  At the moment I am drinking cranberry-pomegranate juice in moderation, some coffee (gotta have my morning coffee) and at least 55+ oz. of water a day to try to regulate my body chemistry (along with vitamins, see below).

I don't know if Splenda had any impact on what I have come to refer to as the "Mojito Affair," but I'm shying away from it as well.  Thank goodness I hadn't really incorporated that very much into my diet (once in a VERY GREAT while I would make a strawberry mousse with real cream, real strawberries and Splenda, but I can easily live without that!).  Maybe it had a chemical reaction with the aspartame?

I haven't checked the vanadium-chromium etc levels, but I do take 2000 IU vitamin D tablet, a B-complex (B6) and a multi-vitamin which gives me 167% of the current FDA recommended daily dose of chromium, and 100% of the zinc.  (It is "1-A-Day Weight Smart")  I can easily supplement this with vanadium as well.

It has been recommended that after a workout I should consume some protein, like a protein smoothie or bar.  Do you recommend anything other than that?

Anyway, thank you again for your explanation.  I will certainly be more careful in the future!  And yes, I'm a label-reader; I follow a lowered carb, enough-protein-for-my-body-mass lifestyle.  But no more artificial sweeteners for me!

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Whenever diet sweeteners are used, I always recommend ditching them; and when health symptoms appear and diet sweeteners are used, I REALLY RECOMMEND DITCHING THEM. The "Mojito Affair" .... THAT is cute!!

To address your other questions, some people load up with protein before a workout, and then others restore their protein afterward. SO what works best for your body type, and your body will let you know if you do something it doesn't like. Your instincts typically drive these patterns. I, personally, never work out on an empty stomach, and I am typically a little hungry after a work out, and make a protein smoothie.

I get my vitamin D from being outdoors a lot in Texas. Try to capture vitamin D from sunshine, and then, I recommend, supplementing with slightly less than what you are taking. It seems a bit high, to me. I typically recommend around 400 IU five times a week + sunshine. If you are in the Pacific Northwest, 1,000 IU is a healthy amount for winter.

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In response, to an old post, "Splenda is no Wonder Supplement", Personal Account.
I have had hypoglycemia, many years.  My experience with aspartame and Splenda, proved to cause a
plunge in my blood sugar, the same as if I had consumed sugar, within 30 to 60 minutes, after ingestion.
Interestingly, Sweet & Low, did not cause this problem, and is not a good alternative.
I stopped aspartame years ago and more recently stopped Splenda.

How long does Splenda take, to get out of one's system?

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Just like aspartame, once you stop using it and detox, then it takes about 6-weeks to detox and then a few months to get your body restored to a normal, healthy state.