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Excerpt: Lately, I have been receiving quite a number of emails with questions about shingles. I remember when my mom and dad had "the shingles" over 30 years ago. All they did was "ride it out", but they used old-fashioned treatments from their parents' day to relieve the itchiness and the... Continue Reading Get On Top of Your Shingles from Dr. Hull's free monthly ezine, The Healthy Newsletter.

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I broke out with shingles (in the tailbone area) while I was getting physical therapy for a bad back.  At the time, I had a 6 month old, and was nursing.  My doctor wanted me to stop nursing and take steriods.  He handed me a prescription, and I said I wouldn't do it.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  I went home, looked in my vitamin book and found a vitamin regimen for shingles.  I took beta carotene,  a B-complex, bioflavinoids, and vitamin D.  It called for Lysine, but I didn't have any at the time.  Even without the Lysine, my shingles were gone in five days.  I continued to nurse my daughter thru it all.  When she finally did get chicken pox at 18-months, she had a very mild case.

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I always refuse to take the prescriptions my docs give me, too. They look at you like you are an alien or something.

Why do docs just push drugs these days, and never listen to you when you want to find other routes to take?

Do they get kickbacks, maybe??

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It doesn't like sound like "shingles", really. If you were working on your back, and the break-out occurred in this specific area, it appears to me that you had some toxins concentrated in this area, and the therapy worked them up to the surface and out of your body.

You obviously are healthy because they came all the way out the skin. This is great.

Your common sense served you well, and refusing the drugs and even the isolated amino acid, lysine, was very smart to do at any time, but especially when breastfeeding.

It is so nice to know there are really smart, intuitive healthy people (and their babies) out there!!

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I have recently developed itching throughout my entire body.  I have finally narrowed this down to drinking 32 ounces of green tea sweetened with Splenda.  Do you think this is correct?  It also has ginseng in it, but I'm betting on the Splenda.  I also have yogurt with Splenda and Tapioca sweetened with Splenda.  And I also drink Diet Coke with aspartame, but that in the past has only caused me stomach burning if I get too much of it.  Thank you.

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Sorry - I'm new to this.  I didn't mean it to be a reply to the posting.  I meant it to be a question to Dr. Hull.

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karolynn, Both aspartame and Splenda contain toxic chemicals that can come out of the skin in order to excrete. The skin is the largest organ in the body (well, actually ON the body).

The chlorine in Splenda is known to irritate the skin. And after aspartame had been on the market less than 5 years, severe cases of skin rashes and irritations became more rampant, such as eczema and rosacea.

If your skin is trying to shed the toxins, then this is actually a sign of good health. If toxins go in,  your body is trying to get them out. This is good.

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I am a newly-turned vegan and I had chickenpox as a pre-teen. I am looking into prevention of Shingles. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on eating foods that are high in lysine and low in arginine. Foods that are high in arginine seem to be nuts, seeds, whole wheat, soybeans, wheatgerm and oats. I looked online and sometimes there isn't a consensus..some place it says to stay away from whole wheat or whole grains and others, it says to include them. 

How important is it to stay away from arginine-rich foods in order to prevent Shingles. Most of these arginine-rich foods are healthy otherwise like nuts, whole wheat etc.

Also, I couldn't find the link to your 75/25 diet - the link that gives the names of plants high in sterols and sterolins. I am asking because another website suggested that sprouts helps us get sterols/sterolins and we need these for preventing Shingles occurrence.

I really like the idea of detoxifying regularly which will hopefully get rid of the chickenpox/shingles virus for good.

Do detoxifying tea/herbs work equally well? Also do you have any recommendations for a natural colon cleanse?

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Hey Neen,

Is the following link what you are looking for?

pH Balance Testing

- Andy

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neen - it is good that you are preventing the possibility of having Shingles, but don't fear this. Shingles can occur for many reasons when the body's immune system is unable to take care of itself. Not everyone who had the chicken pox gets Shingles.

Keep your diet clean of toxic chemicals, detox regularly, as you mentioned, maintain a balanced vitamin intake, and if you want to supplement with extra amino acids, use a complex form - this has at least eight of the most essential amino acids and the body will know what to do.

Messing around with isolated amino acids or combinations that "we think" will help our bodies, isn't what nature intended. Nature intended for humans to eat a complex of at least eight in one intake, to have a balanced diet, lots of water, deep sleep, and relaxation.

Live a healthy life with a positive attitude, and you should be fine; let your body take care of this if you are doing all these good things for it.

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More to "Natural help for Shingles, Mononucleosis & Co." look here.

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I feel that detoxing regularly and making sure your body is balanced in all nutrients, keeping the immune system strong, detox for microbes once a year, and do your best to keep your body active and in the sunshine a few minutes every day is a great way to prevent shingles.

I rotate my detoxing all the time, and I will do this for the rest of my life. It prevents many things, known and unknown to you. Personally, prevention through a healthy lifestyle is paramount. I do this for myself and all my animals.

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I had shingles in MAR 2010. I used a bacteriostatic soap product to clean the area and the product also took away the pain.  There is SILVER nitrate in the solution and that is what killed the PAIN of the shingles.  The Dr. wanted me on meds but I never used the pain prescription.  The product is good for the whole body too - to cleanse you all over.  I shower with it.  It helps heal any sore on the body.  The product also kills STAPH.  I was lucky to have it with me when the shingles started.

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Thank you for sharing this great information. Yes, colloidal silver is a great antiseptic. For those that use it internally, just make sure you only use it when needed because if used all the time, it can accumulate to toxic levels. Like anything - use sparingly. In your case, it was a saving's grace, and it did make a big difference.

You were also smart to avoid meds and to let your body heal naturally. This really helped your immune system in the long run.