Topic: MoviPrep for colonoscopy

I am having a colonoscopy this coming Friday and have been given a prescription for MoviPrep, a laxative to empty the colon of fecal waste. I was surprised to see that the preparation contains a "maximum of 2.33mg of phenylalanine per treatment". Is this the same as Nutrasweet?
I avoid Nutrasweet like the plague, and am not sure if I want to take this preparation. Do all the laxatives before colonoscopy contain an artificial sweetener?
Do I have any other alternative?
Thanks for your help!

Re: MoviPrep for colonoscopy

I have heard about this from several people. You must ask more questions, and hit it hard - ask if aspartame is in this brew, and if so, refuse it.

Good gads, what ever happened to Castor oil? Maybe a good colon cleanse will do the trick for you. Try cleaning your colon, take a good probiotic, and see if your problems still remain.

Have you done a good Detox? Do you know what's stuck in the colon? Heavy metals or a parasite, maybe??

Re: MoviPrep for colonoscopy

I recently had a colonoscopy and I also asked about the Moviprep. I was given a script for Colyte solution but was not wanting to drink a gallon of stuff so I asked if there was anything else I could take. I was told Moviprep was the only other thing they used and I asked if it contained artificial sweetner and was told YES. I relented and took the Colyte. It was salty but it did the trick. I do feel alot better since I actually had to cleanse my colon for the test. I would recommend it just to get the toxins out of your system. Not a fun way to do it but it does help.

Re: MoviPrep for colonoscopy

dkay, Hat's Off to you! Good move. BUT, next time do a cleanse once a year, and this may prevent ever having to go through this experience, ever again.