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Hi all.

I'm so glad I found this forum & all the info. I've been soo worried there was something really wrong with me.  I've known about the dangers of both Splenda & aspartame for a long time, even though I used them pretty regularly throughout the years. I knew some people had problems, but not I, so I thought it was a YMMV type thing. I had never experienced any symptoms until July...well I *though* I had not experienced any symptoms since July....but now that I look back, I've been having symptoms of...something...for a very long time. 

The first symptom has been a rash--itchy on the back of my scalp that would come & go over time. I can't even say when it first started. The next symptom has been a ringing in my left ear. That started in May. Tinnitus runs in my family, so I just chalked it up to genes. (Still could be, but I read one of the symptoms of aspartame problems can be tinnitus). In July is when everything else came to a head. Since 2001, I've been going low carb. No unrefined carbs at all. July is when I was moving, so I wasn't doing any grocery shopping or cooking of meals, instead going out a lot. Eating more breadded things than I have in a long time (No sugar though...bad stuff. does bad things to me), and drinking a lot of sucralose &/or aspartame-laced tea (I don't drink pops at all. Cut them out two years ago and don't miss 'em at all). I thought I was gonna die. Joint pain everywhere. Ankles swelling up so much my calf & ankle became one if I either sat too long or stood too long. I could hardly walk at times. I thought it was from all boxing of items, lifting etc. I also got frequent headaches, backaches, and the ringing got louder in my ear. Oh, and some bathroom troubles here & there, along with bloating.

Once I was in my new place, and things got back to normal, I was cooking again,  I thought all the pain would subside. And some of it did...but not all of it (I was drinking less aspartame/sucralose stuff, but not cutting it all out. My first thought was I'm getting older, and this is what happens, so I ignored it. But one morning it was so bad, I figured this had to be something else, and I was getting scared. So, I began to google. First item to pop up was gluten intolerance and Celiac disease. My mom has Celiac disease, so I figured this *must* be it. Began cutting out anything with wheat. But the symptoms were still there. Bathroom trouble went away, bloating went away, for the most part, ankles didn't swell as much, so yay! I figured out!...okay, well except for the joint pain. (still drinking tea with either aspartame or sucralose...oh, and coffee with vanilla sucralose sweetener in it)

Last week was the beginning of the Eurika! moment. I didn't have any sweetened coffee, or tea.  And the pain began to go away...until the weekend when I baked some cookies with Splenda, ate some (okay, a lot of) dough, and had some tea with a sweetener in it (Not sure what sweetener it was. Didn't catch the ingredients..oh well) and the pain started all over again later in the day. Monday I began googling again, this time with the idea that it might be the sweeteners. Been reading up on the symptoms for both sucralose & aspartame for the past few days, and have cut them out completely since Tuesday. And all the pain is pretty much gone. Except for one wrist, and the back of my neck, I feel normal again. The rash on the back of my scalp has lessened in itchiness, but the ringing in the ear is still there.

In a few weeks, I'm going to start testing the sweeteners one by one to see which one causes which symptoms.

I'm using stevia and xylitol now for a sweetener in teas & stuff, although I need to find a good alternative to Splenda for baking. I don't think either stevia or xylitol will hold up in stuff too well. (I can't do real sugar. That's a whole load of another set of problems I don't want to have ever again...)

I'm kind of bummed about the aspartame & sucralose problems. Of course I'm even more angry at the idiot companies who allow this stuff into the public.

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Sunshine1970 - just checking in on your progress.

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I agree - what did you come up with?