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About two weeks ago, I began itching all over.  I thought first it might be some new cream I was using and quit using that.  Then I thought it might be the Ambien that I take (1/2 tablet nightly about 5 nights a week).  But I went camping and didn't drink my normal 32 ounces daily of green tea sweetened with Splenda and I remember that I didn't itch for 2 days.  After coming home I went back to drinking my tea and the itching began again.  I quit drinking the tea two days ago and I feel so much better.  The itching is almost gone, so I think it must have been the Splenda.  I also eat yogurt sweetened with Splenda, as well as Tapioca sweetened with Splenda.  I am going to stop eating these too.  Has anyone else had these symptoms?  There is nothing else unusual that I am eating or using on my body at the present time.  I've been trying to stop anything new and resort to using things I know have never bothered me in the past.  Thanks.

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Both aspartame and Splenda contain toxic chemicals that can come out of the skin in order to excrete. The skin is the largest organ in the body (well, actually ON the body).

The chlorine in Splenda is known to irritate the skin. And after aspartame had been on the market less than 5 years, severe cases of skin rashes and irritations became more rampant, such as eczema and rosacea.

If your skin is trying to shed the toxins, then this is actually a sign of good health. If toxins go in,  your body is trying to get them out. This is good.

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OMG, the same thing are happening to me, itchy all the time,( top of head to bottom of feet)  then recently i began experiencing nerve pain on my right hip when i would stretch to reach for something, dang it would hurt..... i am in early 50's.....  well this concerned me very much...having been spending time searching for symptoms on the matter.... then a light bulb went off in my head... to check the Hawian Punch drink that i loved even as child.... however, i bought the Hawaiian punch light.....
well, I drink alot of this from time to time... i looked in the fridge and saw the word "SPLENDA " I said OMG... thats it.. this is causing the nerve pain and itching... i looked up the word  splenda and came across this web page and am so glad i have you , that is the connection.... I poured the Juice down the drain TODAY.. called my friend and told him... he too seems to think the same as I and wants me to get better as well. WE all need to get together and put a stop to this crap !!! What about our children, grandchildren, our brothers and  sisters and parents and friends ... we are all affected and yes... slowly being poisened.... we must fight the fight to put this killer to a complete stop....  mad

I pray this pain and itching will stop now that the awareness is raised and will keep you updated.
Thank you and Bright Blessings to All !!!

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