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I was wondering if anyone knows or experienced anything similar - and if there's a connection between aspartame consumption and elevated triglycerides in the blood.

I've been having issues with high triglycerides since last autumn - ever since my gallbladder attacks started. I then lost my gallbladder, lost 60 lbs, started to eat very healthy..cutting out most of the fat and a LOT of the carbs I used to eat. Despite of this my triglycerides remained unresponsive (they would go down a bit just to jump back up to 400-500's). My cholesterol went down and stayed normal after a matter of few weeks.

I - and my doctor - was puzzled about this issue, they tried to put me on statins but I know how dangerous those are as I refused and hoped my healthy lifestyle would bring a change.

Well, right about now I am wondering what if aspartame makes it high? Considering how alcohol elevates triglycerides and aspartame breaks down to methyl alcohol (amongst others)...

I could not really find any data about this online but perhaps someone else experienced this or heard of this?

I know it could be genetics that my triglycerides are high..however I used to be a young (30) healthy person until a year ago, with no prior health issues whatsoever..

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My cholesterol got higher when I was using aspartame. I think it is the methanol and formaldehyde in it that effects the liver, and that affects the blood.

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silverlily - your doctors should know this. Whenever a toxin is ingested and circulating within your bloodstream, the liver will be damaged, the circulatory system, which means the heart and cardio systems, will be damaged, the capillaries, the skin, the brain - whenever a toxin is ingested and goes blood-borne, then YES, the blood levels will be adversely affected.

Cholesterol, including triglycerides, blood pressure, the viscosity of your blood, liver enzymes - they all go up because of toxins in the blood.

Remove the toxin, and the levels return to normal.

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Well this is the most encouraging "result" of my year-long research about my mysterious health problems, indeed! On some level it felt to me like all my health problems are connected on a level, but all doctors dismissed it and acted like I was hypohondriac or depressed. Most of my doctor visits ended up with them offering me Prozac or something similar to ease my obvious depression..pathetic. I will re-test my triglycerides at home in a week or two and I have every confidence now that it'll be lower than before, if not back to normal. Since my body keeps on producing gall stones even though my gallbladder was removed, I am taking Urso 3x a day - my internist thought it was due to high triglycerides that this problem persists. It's a DIRTY SHAME that noone ever listened to me and insisted on putting me on statins rather than investigate the root of my problems. I wish it was easy to switch doctors in small town AK sad
I am full of hopes now smile And I am feeling much, much better today - 5 days since I stopped Aspartame. Still have withdrawal headache and dizziness but it's been getting better even since yesterday.

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Keep in mind that aspartame has created health chaos for you right now - your pH is probably off balance, your toxic load is upsetting proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and speaking of nutrients - a chemical diet depletes them, so you need to restore your healthy vitamins and minerals.

A chemical diet dominant in aspartame can create exactly what is happenig to you - health trauma that your doc can't "see."  So, that said ...

Take a deep breath, know that you have finally uncovered the cuase of your health issues, know that you know more than your doctor knows - HAHAHAHAHA - and in time, you can detox these poisons, restore the damage done, return to a normal and healthy lifestyle and more natural diet. sleep better, have more energy, feel better, and become your former, healthy self again.

When this happens, join the thousands of people who have recovered from aspartame poisoning and the thousand of people who know more than their docs know about this.

One day, the docs will figure this out - maybe!!??!!?? They certainly won't make as much money when they realize that simply removing aspartame fixes these problems......

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How do you test you triglycerides at home?  Is there a way to check your cholestrol levels without going to the doctor's?

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No, it has to be a blood test run with parameters, etc. But go into a walk-in clinic and ask for just that test so you can avoid all the hoo-ha of the doctor's visit, and avoid their scare tactics, and then avoid their drugs, etc.