Topic: Honey and Cinnamon, Reference 2009 Message

Since the forum has had very little traffic this year I am sure there will not be any response to this subject but I will post anyway on the chance someone may benefit from this subject.

Recently I received an E=Mail in regards to the consumption of honey and cinnamon as a health tea and other applications.  While writing this I find that this “recipe” subject has already appeared on the forum in 2009.  Both honey and cinnamon are considered great healthy ingredients and each has certain benefits.  I will add this subject again as a new addition with the reference to 2009,

What I want to address is the subject of cinnamon.  Today, what we get in most grocery stores is not “cinnamon” but is actually cassia or “cinnamonum cassia” which is a tree/shrub genus under the same genus.  The true cinnamon is Ceylon Cinnamon.  The problematic item between the two is the content of coumarin.  It seems that coumarin is toxic to many people when using it in a healthy way or diet in relatively large quantities.  Reading one subjects story using the combination of honey and “cinnamon” after a few days he started getting swollen legs/ankles and as soon as he stopped the swelling went down.  It can also be hard on the liver and has been proven in rat studies and acts as an anticoagulant in rats and humans.  In humans it is recommended to use sparingly such as baking or oatmeal dishes but not in teas which are consumed regularly and often.  The Ceylon Cinnamon is supposed to have about 1250 times less coumarin than Cassia,

The forum content from 2009 is the same I got on my recent E-Mail and that is what sent me on this research, I am very interested.  Anyway on my checking on my source for “organic cinnamon” I find that it is listed as Cinnamomum Cassia J.  So with this in mind I will not be using that “cinnamon” in my tea and will order me another “true” (Ceylon) cinnamon.  It is relatively more expensive but with the possibilities listed I will pay the little difference.  By my calculations what I have is a 2.45 ounce bottles and the Ceylon Cinnamon is sold by the pound at $32 - $36 per package.  The calculation of my purchase at $4.69 per 2.45 ounce comes to $30, so the $2 - $6 will not break me to get the “real thing”.  Also be careful on some sites the price is about half that, they most likely are the Cassia.

Hope this will help or aid others in their quest for good health,