Topic: Account Information and New Order

When I placed my first online order I am sure I opened/created an account on  When I tried to place an order today I am directed right to the Hullistic Market rather than my account information, I tried to access

Re: Account Information and New Order

Hey PatB and thank you for your question. We changed our shopping cart service to Yahoo's network and moved all of Dr. Hull's products to Because Dr. Hull is becoming known world wide we needed to enable a better international shopping cart. Unfortunately, Yahoo does not have the ability to store customer data.

The best solution is to sign up for a PayPal account where you can save your information. Then you can purchase your products from Dr. Hull's shopping cart via your PayPal account, which will also keep track of previous orders and make purchasing new/recurring orders easier.

Let us know if you need some assistance or have any further questions.


- Andy