Topic: Splenda causes high blood sugar

I'm pre diabetic. My fasting blood sugar averages about 95 to 105. I can get my fasting blood sugar below 90 without the use of insulin or medication by avoiding all processed carbohydrates and sugar.

However, something is throwing my blood sugar WAY off. My doctor insisted that I go on insulin. I begged him to let me investigate the problem until I found the culprit. For weeks I experimented with fasting and eating or drinking specific foods and drinks. I would take my blood sugar ever 5 minutes following the meal or drink.

Splenda shot my blood sugar off the scale every time!!! After fasting for 12 hours. One 8oz glass of water with 3 splenda packets will shoot my blood sugar up 60 to 80 pts!! What kind of BALONEY is the FDA trying to push here? What special interest group paid everyone off that would have tested this chemical and declared it a fraud or even worse a hazard?

I tested this product on myself several times in total disbelieve with the same results every time. Now, on top of MSG, peanuts, soy (allergic to all 3), starches, and sugar I have to add Splenda to the "I can't eat" list. If the FDA doesn't even know this stuff raises your blood sugar what else do they not know? Are these people complete idiots? What's even worse is that they actually advertise this stuff as not raising your blood suager.

Re: Splenda causes high blood sugar

I, too, have diabetes.  I find that my body tolerates NATURAL sugars pretty well.  See Dr. Hull's September newsletter, RECIPES, for a list of Sugar Substitutes.