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I have been diagnosed with pseudo seizures, and I was having them 3 - 4 times a day. I went to Neorologist, ER's, medical Doctors and they keep saying that these are a phsychiatric issue. I did not believe it. My Pastors went on line and gave me information on aspertame from your forum. I had been in the bed for 2 weeks or more because when I got up to move around I would have a seizure. They were bad, anyway my Pastor told me to stop all the diet foods that I was eating. I started eating diet foods when the Dr. started me on insulin about 2-3 months ago. The foods that I was eating contained Splenda. The day that I stopped eating the foods sweetened with splenda, the seizures stopped. I have been seizure free for 6 days now, and I am sure that they are gone for good. I am now trying to gain my strength back.                                             

                                                               Sosha,s Mom

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sosha - diet sweetener chemicals are not healthy for your body at any time, but if you are ill and your body is weak, then these chemicals serve even less of a purpose and make you weaker. The body always needs real food and drink, real nutrition, to maintain health.

I don't think the Splenda would cause the seizures as much as aspartame does. Aspartame has been proven in many studies to cause seizures, so I wonder if you are using products that contain both. It is common for products to have more than one diet sweetener in them.

Avoid all of these diet chemicals from now on, and build your body's strength back. Use stevia and you will discover that your blood sugar will not swing like it did using the diet chemicals.

Re: splenda and pseudoseizures

What do you think of a product that has 9 parts steavia and 1 part sucralose

Re: splenda and pseudoseizures

I would not spend my money in it. I would buy 100% - 10 out of 10 parts - pure stevia. Try NuNaturals stevia. I would not use any sucralose no matter how small, and any company manufacturing a product with sucralose in it is a company I would not support.