Topic: So happy I could cry! It's the freakin SPLENDA!

I had the biggest Aha! moment of my life today. I've been using Splenda for like 7 months doing the low carb thing. I have also been complaining of abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, and aweful gas (sorry). I'd mention it here and there to my family "something is just not right" and such. Bad pain. I was at the dr. yesterday for routine blood work and happened to mention it. She asked a bunch of questions and asked if I'd changed my diet but I couldn't think of anything I'd done different. The ton of Splenda I put in my coffee every day never occured to me. She said she'd check my blood for some bacteria (can't remember the name) and told me to rule out lactose intolerance by illiminating lactose. So today I eat my normal healthy food and then a few hours later, have a cup of afternoon coffee with splenda and there's the gas and pain and bloating. I was like what the hell! I haven't eaten anything for hours. Then there was my AHA moment. It's the freaking Splenda! All I did was type in Splenda into google and found all this info with all these people having the same problems. My God that shit must be poison. So, like I said, I just put two and two together after 7 months of pain, gas and bloating. Working out like crazy and have this bloated looking belly that won't go flat. Anyway, no more splenda for me. I'll update as to whether my symptoms vanish. Crossing my fingers but I am 99% sure Splenda is the culprit. Thank goodness it's not cancer.

Re: So happy I could cry! It's the freakin SPLENDA!

When using chlorine, research the side-effects of chlorine on human health and then match those up to your Splenda use and side-effects. I am 99% sure the Splenda is the culprit and at the very least, it has made this situation worse - not any better.

Start with eliminating the diet chemicals before you start worrying about cancer. You may find (I so hope) that the solution is easy and inexpensive - SIMPLY REMOVE THE DIET SWEETENERS.