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I am a relatively healthy 54 year old female.  The only medication I was taking was Nexium for GERD.  I have been using Splenda for many years.  Late last year I got a blood blister on the roof of my mouth.  I had never had one before...but it went away.  Then, I got one on the inside of my mouth's right cheek.  Then, I got one on my tongue AND my tongue felt burned on the back half.  YIKES!  My GI doc thought the Nexium had "stopped working."  He switched me to Zegerid.  Anxious to feel better, I stopped drinking coffee at the same time...thinking it was just too acid-y for me for some reason (hormones?).  I missed the coffee but I was much improved.  This March, I was away from home for a week caring for my mother-in-law (age 92).  I did not want to leave her alone so I didn't go to the grocery store for items I usually ate at home (WW yogurt and AZ diet peach tea).  When I got home, wanting a little comfort food, I drank a cup of coffee and ate some yogurt...and BAM...a few hours later I got two blood blisters on the inside of my left cheek.  Thinking about the good ole days when I drank coffee while taking Nexium...and the present...not being able to drink coffee on Zegerid...I realized the other variable was sucralose/Splenda.  Immediately, I cut out the Splenda (yogurt and diet tea) and drank a morning coffee with sugar.  I have not had any problems in my mouth.  After reading the anecdotes on internet sites, I think I have broken the code on my mouth problems.  ALSO, there are reports of sucralose lowering the effectiveness of orally taken medications.  HMM???  I wonder, now, about the Nexium not working.  I also wonder if sucralose is the cause of my need for Nexium in the first place.  UGH!  Other web surfing has pointed me to Angina Bullosa Haemorrhagica (ABH).  Apparently, I'm the average age of those diagnosed with this uncommon problem.  For me, I seriously think there is a link between my mouth symptoms and sucralose.  AND there may be some GI related issues, for me, with sucralose, too.  Maybe someone else reads my post and can connect the dots with their own symptoms.

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Re: mouth problems and more from sucralose?

Do this - cleanse your body of all unnatural chemicals; try to wean from the meds if you can and replace the body's need with natural and homeopathic remedies. I suggest having a hair analysis done to see if you have some toxins that the chemicals in both the meds and sucralose are exacerbating. Maybe some Candida in the mouth? Leaking fillings, possibly? Check your body pH, too. Adjust your diet to match your pH levels. If menopause is starting, any yeast can flair up, too.

Lots to think about, but start with some serious house-cleaning. Then start afresh with a balanced diet, and some good vitamins, too.

Re: mouth problems and more from sucralose?

Today is my 46th Birthday. Your website is my gift. I have had almost all of the symptoms I've read on the other posts and want to cry. I finally found the answer to my suffering the past 6 years! My health was always perfect. Never had antibiotics. Never needed any prescription drugs.  I have 5 children ages 13 to 19.
All born vaginally and in perfect health.

My nightmare started with agonizing hip and back pain. Progressed to include sinus infections, dibilitating constipation, extended bloating, depression, very moody, sleepy, eye pain, excessive weight gain, muscle aches and pain everywhere. My skin looked dark and wrinkled. Nails brittle. Hair broken. I felt very toxic. Excessive mucous.  I've started with a family practitioner who seemed to dismisss my symptoms with physical therapy. ( didn't work). I decided to be more proactive and moved on to an endocrinologist and rheumatologist. Both agreed I was hypothyroid and prescribed synthroid. I now have been taking synthroid for two years but always felt it hadn't made a difference.

I noticed my symptoms seemed to be cyclical.  I felt worse in the winter months because I drank more tea with splenda.  I also tried a whole foods diet and exercise
which helped with weight loss and did feel somewhat better but never 100% until recently.  I was very sick (diarrhea and throwing up) and hadn't eaten in three days.  When I recovered I felt fantastic! I finally realized it was definitely something I was eating. Besides eating right I still continued to have splenda with my tea and chewed alots of gum. But when I was sick I didn't have any of that.  It took so long to figure out the artificial sweetners were making me sick.

Reading the testimonials on your forum have totally confirmed everything! Thanks
for being there.

Re: mouth problems and more from sucralose?

Happy birthday, and welcome to a future of wellness and self-empowerment. You have found your self again, and now can control your life. Yes, the diet sweeteners are nasty, and they have NO nutritional value or any good use for the body whatsoever. They make us sick and no one seems to want to do anything about it. It's a mega-billion dollar industry. Guess that's why.

But, you are now free, and from today forward, you can live a healthier life without the chemical foods. Good luck, and enjoy your wellness. Stay with us, too. You are an inspiration.

Re: mouth problems and more from sucralose?

Remember, doctors are just people and some are better than others. I don't think anyone knows your body better than you. Doctors are there to guide - not to take you over. They should take the time to work with you and to find the causes of illness. Most don't take the time and have no clue as the causes. I find DOs and homeopaths are the best.

Re: mouth problems and more from sucralose?

After finding this website I did feel somewhat better but still not quite right.  I know its something in my diet and just can't seem to pinpoint what it is.  I was recently at my rheumatologist for my regular 6-month visit and asked her to include a gluten intolerance test with my regular blood work for hypothyroid. She said, "that's a good idea".  The test came out a strong positive for Celiac Disease.  tomorrow I go to the gastroenterologist. Finally I have some answers.

Re: mouth problems and more from sucralose?

Keep searching for the cause of this, though. Something has created this situation, and in order to truly heal it, you must determine what has caused it. Keep searching until you are satisfied.